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1941 Quarter Value: How Much Is It Worth and Why?

1941 Quarter Value: How Much Is It Worth and Why?

Coin values change over time, with some coins becoming exceptionally valuable with the passing decades. Quarters are no exception, and many U.S. quarter coins are worth far more than twenty-five cents.

The 1941 quarter value varies between about $6 and $16,800, depending on the specific coin’s mint mark and condition. This guide will explore the diverse values of the 1941 Washington quarter, making it easier for collectors to understand how much their 1941 quarters are worth.

1941 Washington Quarter Value Chart

1941-P Quarter$74$247$12,000
1941-D Quarter$101$585$11,200
1941-S Quarter$115$468$16,800
1941-P Proof Quarter$122$208$3,750

1941 Washington Quarter: History

The quarter coin has a long and celebrated history, first appearing as part of official U.S. coinage in 1796. But this coin (like all other denominations) underwent several changes after its release, most notably changes in size, weight, material, and design.

By the time the Washington quarter was created in 1931, the U.S. quarter coin had enjoyed six iterations. None of these lasted as long as the Washington quarter design, which enjoyed a virtually unchanged lifespan of 66 years.

The 1941 Washington quarter is almost identical to the Washington quarters released in 1932 (the first year of the Washington quarter). That said, there is one notable aspect about the 1941 Washington quarter that differentiates it from the Washington quarters that came before: mintage volume.

Until 1941, the U.S. Mint’s quarter production was limited to less than 100 million per year, with some years seeing no quarter strikes. 1941 changed all that.

This year heralded the first time the U.S. Mint would strike over 100 million quarter coins in a single year, a feat that wouldn’t be trumped until 1964 (when U.S. Mint facilities produced more than a billion quarters in a year).

While this comparatively high volume makes the 1941 Washington quarter slightly more common than its predecessors, it doesn’t mean the 1941 quarter isn’t more valuable than quarters struck today. In fact, 1941 Washington quarters are worth several times their original denomination of $0.25, regardless of their condition.

1941 Washington Quarter: Design

The design for the 1941 Washington quarter is based on a bust of George Washington. This bust was made by Jean-Antoine Houdon in 1785, four years before Washington became the first President of the United States of America.

Still, the U.S. quarter coin’s design wasn’t created until 1931, about 132 years after Washington’s death. But because it was based on a sculpture created while Washington was alive, it’s considered a faithful and fairly accurate depiction of Washington.

John Flanagan, a celebrated American sculptor, created this design. It competed against Washington quarter designs created by fellow American sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser, whose design became the “updated” version of the Washington quarter obverse (front) face in 2022.

1941 Washington Quarter Obverse

photo source: NGC

The 1941 Washington quarter’s obverse (front) side has the following features:

  • The year date (1941) on the bottom of the coin
  • The motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the bottom left portion of the coin
  • The raised image (device) of George Washington, face in profile looking left
  • The legend “LIBERTY” at the top of the coin, arching downward above Washington’s head

1941 Washington Quarter Reverse

photo source: NGC

The 1941 Washington quarter’s reverse (back) side has the following features:

  • The issuing nation “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” at the top of the coin, arching downward
  • The motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” beneath the issuing nation
  • The raised image (device) of a perched eagle with outstretched wings, sitting above an olive branch
  • The mint mark (D or S) beneath the olive branch
  • The coin denomination “QUARTER DOLLAR” at the bottom of the coin, arching upward

1941 Washington Quarter: Features and Specifications

Both regular and proof strike 1941 Washington quarters share the same obverse and reverse designs. But design isn’t the only aspect that connects all quarters struck in 1941.

These twenty-five-cent pieces also share several features and specifications. For example, all 1941 Washington quarters:

  • Have reeded (ridged) edges
  • Are 24.3 millimeters (about 0.96 inches) in diameter
  • Weigh 6.3 grams (about 0.22 ounces)
  • Are made of 10% copper and 90% silver

Notably, Washington quarters struck from 1965 onwards don’t contain silver, making them inherently less valuable than those produced between 1932 and 1964.

How Much Is a 1941 Washington Quarter Worth?

According to the CPG values derived from Greysheet, a 1941 No Mint Mark Washington quarter in circulated condition is worth between $6.49 (G-4, good condition) and $8.10 (AU-50, about uncirculated condition). This coin can be worth $12,000 or more in uncirculated (MS-68) condition.

1941 Washington Quarter: Value Comparison

Because the value of 1941 Washington quarters varies between a few bucks and several thousand dollars, it can be challenging to determine the precise value of any given 1941 quarter. Still, by analyzing how mint marks, strike type, and coin condition (coin grade) influence the values of these coins, we can better understand why some of these coins sell for less than $10 while others sell for more than $10,000.

If you’re unsure how much your 1941 Washington quarters might be worth, this value comparison will offer useful insight. Naturally, you’ll want to ensure your coins are graded by a reputable grading service (like PCGS and NGC) before estimating the value of a 1941 Washington quarter.

1941-P No Mint Mark Washington Quarter Value

photo source: PCGS

Quarters produced by the Philadelphia Mint don’t have a “P” mint mark on their reverse sides. As such, you can identify these coins by their lack of mint marks.

Out of all 1941 Washington quarters, the 1941-P No Mint Mark quarter is the most common. The Philadelphia Mint produced about 79 million of these coins, about 7.9 million of which still exist today.

The value of the 1941 No Mint Mark Washington quarter starts at about $6.49 (G-4, good condition). Pieces in about uncirculated condition (AU-50) are worth about $8.10.

The most valuable 1941-P Washington quarters are those in uncirculated (mint-state) condition. These coins have grades ranging from MS-60 to MS-68. For perspective, the highest coin grade a regular strike coin can earn is MS-70.

While an MS-60 1941 No Mint Mark quarter is only worth about $10.80, one with a grade of MS-68 is worth $12,000 or more.

In 2013, an MS-68 1941 Washington quarter (No Mint Mark) sold at auction for $23,500. Few other 1941 quarters have sold for such a high price.

1941-D Washington Quarter Value

photo source: PCGS

If you see a small capital letter “D” on the reverse side of your 1941 Washington quarter (below the perched eagle), you have a coin struck at the Denver Mint.

The Denver Mint struck about 16.714 million Washington quarters in 1941, about 1.6 million of which survive today. Regarding rarity, the 1941-D Washington quarter is equally as rare as those struck at the San Francisco Mint.

The 1941-D Washington quarter is worth about $6.49 when in good condition (G-4). In about uncirculated condition (AU-50), this coin is worth about $14.85. A 1941-D Washington quarter with a grade of MS-60 is worth about $47.25, while one with a grade of MS-68 is valued at $11,200.

Still, this Washington quarter could sell for much more. For example, in 2008, an MS-68 1941-D Washington quarter sold for $20,700.

1941-S Washington Quarter Value

photo source: PCGS

The San Francisco Mint struck about 16 million Washington quarters in 1941, making the 1941-S Washington quarter the rarest regular strike quarter from 1941.

Or, at least, it was the rarest quarter upon its release. With an estimated survival volume of about 1.6 million, this quarter is just as common as the 1941-D Washington quarter.

Consequently, the estimated value of the 1941-S Washington quarter is comparable to that of the 1941-D Washington quarter, but with some notable differences.

A G-4 (good condition) 1941-S Washington quarter is worth about $6.49, just like other 1941 Washington quarters. A 1941-S quarter in about uncirculated condition (AU-50) has an estimated value of $12.15.

However, uncirculated condition 1941-S Washington quarters (those with a grade of MS-60 or higher) can be worth far more. For example, an MS-68 1941-S Washington quarter is worth about $16,800. No other regular strike 1941 quarter is worth as much!

1941-P Proof Washington Quarter Value

photo source: PCGS

Unlike regular strike coins, proof strike coins aren’t designed for circulation. Instead, they’re made solely for collectors.

In 1941, all proof strike quarters were struck at the Philadelphia Mint. For this reason, you won’t find a mint mark on these coins.

All told, the Philadelphia Mint produced about 15,000 proof strike Washington quarters in 1941. At least 12,000 of these exist today.

Despite the higher quality of these coins (and their comparative rarity), the estimated value of a proof strike 1941 Washington quarter is generally lower than that of regular strike quarters from the same year.

True, a PR-60 1941 Proof Washington quarter is worth about $68, more than regular strike coins with the same grade. But a PR-68 piece is only worth about $3,750. That’s only a fraction of the estimated value of regular strike 1941 Washington quarters of the same relative grade (MS-68).

1941 Washington Quarter: Rare Errors

The coin-striking process has undergone several changes since the Coinage Act of 1792 and the founding of the U.S. Mint. For example, from the Industrial Revolution onwards, U.S. Mint facilities have relied heavily on machines to produce coins. These machines are generally precise and trustworthy, producing few error coins.

That said, mistakes do happen from time to time. As a result, a few error-ridden coins make their way into circulation (or private collections) each year. These error coins can be far more valuable than their non-error counterparts, making them worthwhile investments for numismatists.

When discussing the 1941 Washington quarter, there are three primary errors to take note of:

  • 1941-D Washington Quarter Doubled Die Obverse (DDO) Error
  • 1941-D Washington Quarter Doubled Die Reverse (DDR) Error
  • 1941-S Washington Quarter Large S Error

Let’s explore each of these error coins to discover what features make them unique and what they’re worth!

1941-D Washington Quarter Doubled Die Obverse (DDO) Error

Doubled die obverse (DDO) errors are comparatively common. Many coins, regardless of their denomination or strike year, feature the DDO error.

This error is identifiable via a doubling of design images on the coin’s obverse (front) side. This doubling can be very subtle or apparent, with more obvious doubling tending to increase the value of the error coin.

The value of a DDO 1941-D Washington quarter varies between $16 and $3,400. As with non-error coins, coin condition significantly impacts a DDO quarter’s estimated value.

1941-D Washington Quarter Doubled Die Reverse (DDR) Error

The doubled die reverse (DDR) error is essentially the same as the DDO error, but the doubling occurs on the reverse (back) side of the coin instead.

This doubling is typically most noticeable along the issuing nation “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” at the top of the coin. However, any of the reverse side’s design elements can appear doubled in a DDR 1941-D Washington quarter.

DDR 1941-D Washington quarters are generally less valuable than DDO ones. The estimated value of these error coins varies between $10 and $1,300.

1941-S Washington Quarter Large S Error

The mint mark on some of the 1941-S Washington quarters is unusually large, consuming more space beneath the perched eagle device than it should. This larger-than-usual mint mark gives affected coins the name “Large S” error coins.

These coins have a value ranging between $20 and $500. As you might imagine, coin condition significantly impacts the final value of a Large S error quarter from 1941.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have additional questions about the 1941 Washington quarter? If so, check out these frequently asked questions (and their answers) to learn more about this unique twenty-five-cent piece.

How Many 1941 Washington Quarters Exist?

About 11.182 million 1941 Washington quarters exist. 1941-P No Mint Mark quarters are the most common regular strike 1941 quarter, with about 7.9 million of these coins still around today.

What’s the Most Ever Spent on a 1941 Washington Quarter?

The most expensive 1941 Washington quarter ever sold at auction was an MS-68 1941-S Washington quarter. This coin sold for $28,750 in 2022.

What’s the Rarest 1941 Washington Quarter?

The rarest non-error 1941 Washington quarter is the proof strike 1941 quarter. Only about 12,000 of these coins (across all grades) exist.

But in terms of the rarest regular strike (for-circulation) 1941 Washington quarter, the 1941-S Washington quarter. Only about 1.6 million of these quarters exist today.

Final Thoughts

The 1941 quarter value varies depending on the mint mark, coin condition (grade), and coin type (proof versus regular strike). That said, all 1941 Washington quarters are worth more than their original listed denomination ($0.25).

A 1941-P No Mint Mark Washington quarter is worth $6.49 in good (G-4) condition and $8.10 in about uncirculated (AU-50) condition. But in uncirculated (mint-state) condition, a 1941 No Mint Mark Washington quarter can be worth up to $12,000 (MS-68).

There’s a lot more to learn about coins. Check out these related articles to discover more about coin values!