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About Us

As Thornton Wilder said, “The future is the most expensive luxury in the world.” We believe the most expensive luxuries in the world today also reflect the future of living. Just like air travel used to be a luxury in many parts of the world in the past few decades, but is now generally accessible to middle-class families.

Exploring the world’s most expensive luxuries today is sometimes like getting a sneak peek of the future world. Some of the most expensive luxuries we can barely afford today (e.g., flying cars, space travel) might become the new norm in the future. However, some of the most expensive things will never become affordable or accessible due to their rarity, collectability or desirability.

At, we aim to curate and create lists of the most expensive things you may encounter around the world and help you understand why they are so expensive.

Whether you are searching for the most expensive things to get a taste of the future, researching before buying expensive products, or simply browsing the most expensive things online to get motivation, you’re at the perfect place to find the answers!

While something being the most expensive can be subjective and vary between persons, we have tried to be objective by supporting our research with evidence, studies and references. All our articles go through a rigorous editorial process and review before publishing so that we provide the best and most accurate information to you, our reader.

We’d love to hear if you agree, disagree, or have some insights to add, please feel free to contact us to share your thoughts and ideas.