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Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Strollers of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Strollers of All Time

The most expensive newborn item in the world is the Posh Tots Fantasy Coach crib. This baby “crib” looks straight out of a fairy tale. But giving your newborn the Cinderella treatment will cost you—$65,000, to be exact.

Paying over six grand for a baby crib may sound insane. But the most expensive stroller on the market costs almost as much! Clearly, there must be a market for these luxury baby products.

Whether you are searching for high-end baby strollers or are curious about why they cost so much, you are going to love this guide. Because today, we are comparing baby stroller prices from the most extravagant baby brands around.

Here are the most expensive baby strollers of all time:

10. iCandy Peach Designer Collection Cerium Twin – $2,006

photo source: iCandy

The iCandy Peach Designer Collection Cerium Twin stroller is the tenth most expensive baby carriage of all time. It costs $2,006.

iCandy is a London-based family-owned and -operated company that got its roots in the fashion industry. 90 years after its founding, the company has expanded its reach from the UK to markets around the globe.

Why It’s Expensive

iCandy uses luxury fabrics to swaddle your infant in ultimate comfort. The Cerium comes with uber-soft fleece on the inside and a finely embossed weatherproof material on the outside.

The canopy comes with innovative SPF 50+ protection for your little one. And the high-end mesh ventilation ensures your infant will never struggle to get a breath of fresh air.

Other reasons for this stroller’s high price tag include the 5-year warranty, single-to-double stroller convertibility, and sleek chassis design. This stroller is also highly flexible and suitable for traveling, sleeping, or strolling.

9. Versace Kids Barocco-Print Stroller – $2,645

photo source: Versace

The ninth most expensive baby stroller of all time is Versace’s Barocco Baby Stroller. It costs $2,645.

Versace is an iconic Italian fashion house known more for its luxury apparel and accessories than its baby products. Before 2014, the fashion house was solely owned and operated by founder Gianni Versace’s family.

Why It’s Expensive

The first thing that makes this stroller so expensive is the design house behind it. The Versace name alone commands a high dollar on the marketplace.

But this stroller also features one of the brand’s most recognizable prints: the Barocco print. The gold and black Baroque-esque print is eye-catching and immediately recognizable.

The features of this stroller are also pretty impressive. It offers a reversible seat with three reclinable modes, an adjustable footrest and vented canopy, and a five-point safety belt for ultimate security.

Versace’s Barocco-print stroller also has convenient baby stroller features for mom or dad. Parent-friendly highlights include a telescopic handle with adjustable height.

8. 1950s Mid-Century Italian Baby Stroller by Giordani – $2,692

photo source: 1stDIBS

The eighth most expensive baby stroller of all time is this vintage Baby Carriage by Italian baby brand Giordani. It costs $2,692.

Giordani has been manufacturing and selling baby products since 1975. While you can find its vintage products for sale on sites like 1stDibs, you can only purchase modern Giordani products from Prénatal or Bimbostore in Italy.

Why It’s Expensive

Vintage goods make up a $1 billion market on eBay alone. Vintage product consumers say older goods are better-made and more stylish. They also offer a sense of nostalgia and class that modern goods just can not match.

Due to demand, vintage items can command a high price. And this vintage baby carriage is no exception.

Produced in the 1950s, this carriage also capitalizes on another trend: the obsession with all things Mid-Century Modern. Considering the seller says it is in excellent condition, too, the price may actually be a bargain.

This stroller’s status as a vintage item is the only reason we can think of that it costs so much. After all, the stroller itself is extremely simple, featuring a fabric carriage and simple steel chassis.

7. Silver Cross Balmoral Coach Pram – $4,499

photo source: Silver Cross

The seventh most expensive baby stroller of all time is the Balmoral Pram from Silver Cross. It costs $4,499.

Getting a pram from Silver Cross is like owning a piece of history. After all, the brand’s founder, William Wilson, did invent the very first pram in 1877. Today, Silver Cross boasts that its strollers have carried more than 10 million babies.

Why It’s Expensive

The Balmoral Pram is a vintage-inspired stroller that Silver Cross handcrafts from a luxurious cotton fabric and elegant chrome details in Yorkshire, England.

The design of this classic Silver Cross stroller has not changed in over 140 years, giving the manufacturers an opportunity to focus on quality over quantity.

The chrome-spoked wheels are pretty enough to look at home on a Rolls Royce. The high-gloss finish on the body screams luxury. Silver Cross paints each stroller by hand in their classic colors: navy, pink, and white.

Probably the #1 reason for this stroller’s high price is the patented suspension system. This unique C-spring system provides the ultimate smooth ride for the baby, reminiscent of the finest luxury vehicles.

6. Josi 3-in-1 Stroller – $4,795

photo source: Tadpole Adaptive

The sixth most expensive stroller of all time is the Josi Stroller from Tadpole Adaptive. It costs $4,795.

Tadpole Adaptive is an American family-owned brand based in San Diego, California. While anyone can use Tadpole Adaptive’s strollers, the founder, Andy Huesing, designed these strollers to grow with children with disabilities.

Why It’s Expensive

The reason the Josi Stroller is so expensive is that it is fully customizable. Shoppers can hand-pick almost everything about this stroller, including:

  • Height and width
  • Wheel camber and size
  • Seat height, width, and depth
  • Leg length
  • Back height
  • Back and seat angle

As mentioned, this stroller is also suitable for adults. In fact, this stroller is one of the only adult-friendly carriages on the market. The largest size fits adults up to 5’9″ in height and 187 pounds in weight.

But even the base model alone is worth the high price tag for many new parents. The stroller has one-of-a-kind features like handbrakes, a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, and jogger-friendly 12″ wheels.

5. Dior Oblique Print Stroller – $4,900

photo source: Dior

The fifth most expensive baby stroller of all time is the Oblique Print Stroller from French fashion house Dior. It costs $4,900.

This is the first stroller Dior has ever released from its Baby collection. Dior designed it in partnership with Inglesina, which is an Italian stroller brand that has been in business since 1963.

Why It’s Expensive

Dior is one of the top luxury fashion houses in the world. Its iconic designs include The Smoking Suit, and it is also known for its highly-recognizable monogram pattern.

This stroller combines the classic elegance of Dior’s fashion with the house’s modern and unforgettable monogram print. Both of these features make for a timeless yet of-the-now stroller that is sure to turn heads.

But this stroller is not just beautiful. It is also practical. Its monogram hood is weatherproof and washable, featuring anti-UV fabric with built-in ventilation.

The wheels are really cool, too. They offer 360° movement and a brake locking system. New parents will also rave about the adjustable stroller back, reversible seat, and adjustable leather handle embossed with Dior’s logo.

4. Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition Stroller – $5,500

photo source: Silver Cross

The fourth most expensive baby stroller of all time is the Surf Aston Martin stroller from Silver Cross. It costs $5,500.

Silver Cross is the original creator of the modern pram. For this collaboration, the iconic stroller brand joined forces with another English company that is synonymous with luxury: the luxury vehicle brand Aston Martin.

Why It’s Expensive

This baby stroller is classy enough for a young James Bond. It is expensive because it combines the unparalleled craftmanship Silver Cross is known for with the sleek, unforgettable engineering signature of Aston Martin.

But the true reason for the stroller’s extravagant price tag is that it is part of an extremely limited edition collection. Silver Cross + Aston Martin only produced 600 units of this stroller.

With each purchase, new parents get a certificate of authenticity. Each stroller also has an engraved chrome plaque stating the stroller’s unit number and status as part of the limited edition collection.

3. Dior x Inglesina Bassinet and Stroller Combo – $7,700

photo source: Dior

The third most expensive baby stroller of all time is the Dior x Inglesina Bassinet and Stroller Combo. It costs $7,700.

This stroller is part of iconic French fashion brand Dior’s very first line of baby carriages. To create these strollers, Dior partnered with Inglesina. Inglesina is a well-known Italian stroller manufacturer.

Why It’s Expensive

Parents who want to shout their love of luxury designers from the rooftops will be lining up to buy this stroller. That is because its water-repellent canopy is fully covered in Dior’s exclusive Oblique print.

If that is not enough, the soft-touch leather handle also features the Dior logo, and any purchase comes with a matching Dior-emblazoned diaper bag. Even the wheels scream extravagance with the brand’s logo on the wheel.

But this stroller is not just luxurious for mom and dad. The bassinet’s interior features a natural bamboo mattress for the ultimate comfort. The bassinet is also removable, making this a 2-in-1 purchase.

2. Fendi Kids FF Stroller $9,929

photo source: Fendi

The second most expensive stroller of all time is the Fendi Kids FF Pram. It costs $9,929.

Fendi is an Italian fashion house that has been around for nearly 100 years. Its Kids line is relatively new, and its luxury strollers are even newer. You can check out this stroller in action on celebrity Instagram (hello, Kylie Jenner).

Why It’s Expensive

This vintage-inspired pram is so expensive because it comes in the brand’s classic Fun Fur. The Fendi logo is present on the removable carrycot and UV-proof cover. The emblem is also present on the chrome chassis.

For baby, features include a shock-proof carrycot that is ideal for even the bumpiest of roads and a mom-facing hood. The interior is lined with the softest and dreamiest padded cotton.

The stroller also comes with a chrome basket at the stroller’s base. This thoughtful and unique feature is perfect for storing diaper bags, snacks, and more while you stroll around your neighborhood in this red carpet-worthy pram.

1. Silver Cross Balmoral Pran Rose Gold Edition – $61,000

photo source: Silver Cross

The #1 most expensive baby stroller of all time is the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram in Rose Gold. It costs a whopping $61,000.

Silver Cross is one of the most expensive baby stroller brands around. And that should be no wonder considering this brand’s founder invented the world’s first pram over one hundred years ago.

The company unveiled this stroller all the way back in 2015. Since then, both celebrities and normies alike have lusted after this absolutely unforgettable coach pram.

Why It’s Expensive

Aside from the Silver Cross name, this stroller gets its incredible price tag from its equally incredible and showstopping design.

The durable metal body and matching wheel spokes are literally coated in 18-carat rose gold. The hood is made of buttery English leather. And the interior will cushion your baby in cutting-edge and uncomparably soft Alcantra Italian fabrics.

Additionally, this stroller comes as part of a limited edition line. Each stroller comes with a certificate of authenticity and a plaque engraved with the model’s limited edition status.

Known as the Rolls Royce of baby strollers, there is no better way to transport your baby in style than this uber-classy and one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired stroller.

Would You Buy the Most Expensive Stroller in the World?

Baby strollers may seem like no big deal. But to the wealthiest parents, buying the most expensive stroller from a luxury brand is the best way to stand out from the crowd and advertise their status.

Would you buy one of these types of baby strollers? If not, then maybe you want to learn about some of the other most expensive items in the world. Check out more lists of expensive items on our site!