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Top 10 Most Expensive BBQ Grills of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive BBQ Grills of All Time

A high-quality BBQ grill can make it easy for grill masters to whip up mouthwatering dishes. But some grills cost more than a brand-new car! Still, what are the most expensive grills ever made, and what qualities make them so expensive?

The most expensive grill of all time is the BeefEater Golden Grill. This gilded item was created in Australia and is a fully-functional BBQ grill with six burners and a quartz ignition system. It’s plated in 24-karat gold and holds the official title of the World’s Finest Barbecue.

Let’s dive deep into the world’s most luxurious (and costly) BBQ grills to discover which high-priced options might help you take your grill game to the next level.

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive BBQ Grills of All Time:

  1. BeefEater Golden Grill – $165,000
  2. Kalamazoo K1000HS Hybrid Fire Grill – $36,545
  3. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill – $18,998
  4. American Made Grills Encore Hybrid Gas Grill – $18,617
  5. Sunstone The Hill Country Grill – $18,064
  6. Alfresco Standard Cart Grill ALXE-56BFGR – $17,749
  7. Hestan Freestanding Citra Liquid Propane Grill – $16,128
  8. Tagwood Argentine Wood Fire & Charcoal Grill – $15,000
  9. Summerset American Muscle Freestanding Grill – $14,529
  10. Viking Freestanding Natural Gas Grill – $13,539

10. Viking Freestanding Natural Gas Grill – $13,539

photo source: Appliances Connection

Viking home appliances are well-known for their minimalistic designs and hi-tech features. The Viking Freestanding Natural Gas Grill is an excellent example, with a sleek stainless steel construction and simplified backlit controls.

This BBQ grill also features one of the most expansive internal cooking spaces, offering up to 1,555 square inches of cooking surfaces that make it easy to cook almost any meal.

Even better, this natural gas grill comes with a built-in smoker box, allowing you to imbue your favorite ingredients with a mouthwatering smoky flavor without having to purchase a separate smoker.

Why It’s Expensive

This grill is more expensive than traditional models due to its range of attractive features and superior cooking surface area. Other 54-inch grills tend to top out at 1,000 square inches of cooking space, making this the better option for those who prefer grilling multiple items at once.

9. Summerset American Muscle Freestanding Grill – $14,529

photo source: Appliances Connection

It’s challenging to find a BBQ grill with more than five or six burners, but the Summerset American Muscle Freestanding Grill features eight burners! This higher-than-average number of burners allows it to reach 110,000 BTUs, which is far more than the average model.

This grill is also compatible with virtually every fuel type, including charcoal, wood, propane, and natural gas. So, no matter how you like to grill your favorite meats or veggies, this model has you covered. Still, at $14,529, this model is far from cheap.

Why It’s Expensive

The primary reason why this grill is so expensive is its eight high-quality burners and multi-fuel system. These features aren’t standard and help set this freestanding grill apart from competitors.

8. Tagwood Argentine Wood Fire & Charcoal Grill – $15,000

photo source: Vanir Outdoor Kitchens

At first glance, you might not instantly recognize this appliance as a grill. After all, it features an unconventional design that relies on height more than width.

But if you’ve been searching for a high-quality wood and charcoal grill, this model won’t disappoint. The Tagwood Argentine grill comes equipped with meat hooks (which double as tool hooks), six grilling surfaces, and a warming rack.

The bottom is lined with firebricks to maintain temperatures, a unique touch you likely won’t find with many other BBQ grills.

Why It’s Expensive

This model’s distinct design and multitude of grilling surfaces make it one of the best BBQ grills for those who prefer to cook with wood or charcoal. These qualities make it comparatively expensive, as it’s hard to compete with this grill’s practical features and durable construction.

7. Hestan Freestanding Citra Liquid Propane Grill – $16,128

photo source: AjMadison

Hestan produces some of the costliest home appliances, including this colorful freestanding grill. But in addition to being comparatively pricey, Hestan grills are also noticeably attractive and luxurious.

Though this grill might not offer as much cooking area as other options (it has a 782-sq. in. cooking surface), its more compact size makes it an ideal choice for smaller outdoor spaces.

Besides, despite its portable sizing, it’s no less capable than larger grills, with a built-in rotisserie, a double side burner, and a warming rack. If you’d like to see what the Hestan Freestanding Grill can do for you, you’ll need to spend $16,128.

Why It’s Expensive

This is one of the most stylish grills available, coming in a dozen eye-catching colors that can match any decor. It’s also surprisingly capable, considering its size. These qualities contribute to its incredible price.

6. Alfresco Standard Cart Grill ALXE-56BFGR – $17,749

photo source: The BBQ Depot

There’s a common misconception that BBQ grills are only for meat-eaters. But vegetables taste a thousand times better when cooked on a capable grill, like this one.

The Alfresco Standard Cart grill is spacious and packed with valuable features, with a simple button-based start-up and electronic ignition system. So whether you’re a grilling pro or a beginner-level grill master, creating delectable dishes with this grill is a cinch.

To upgrade your grilling experience, you’ll want to consider investing in some of the most expensive vegetables. After all, high-priced veggies are sure to pair well with this high-priced grill, which costs $17,749.

Why It’s Expensive

This grill’s high price stems from its exceptional cooking surface capacity (998 square inches) and high-quality construction (it’s made of stainless steel). It also offers several attractive features, including a rotisserie function, a smoking tray, and interior lighting.

5. Sunstone The Hill Country Grill – $18,064

photo source: Vanir Outdoor Kitchens

The Hill Country grill has everything—including the kitchen sink! It’s essentially a complete outdoor kitchen, as it comes with a mini-fridge, multiple preparation surfaces, lots of underneath storage, and three distinct cooking areas.

The four-burner grill is the star of the show, but it’s flanked by a circular burner (ideal for woks or pizza stones) and an exposed two-burner range. Using this grill, you can prepare a feast’s worth of meals simultaneously, and the included sink makes quick clean-up simple.

But you’ll need to spend $18,064 to fire up this note-worthy BBQ grill.

Why It’s Expensive

It’s not hard to understand why this grill is so pricey. It comes with everything you need to prepare any meal, from seared steaks and savory soups to wok-fried rice and noodles.

The included mini-fridge makes it convenient to prepare meals quickly, as you can store ingredients within arm’s reach. Post-meal clean-up is just as convenient, thanks to the deep sink built into this massive appliance!

4. American Made Grills Encore Hybrid Gas Grill – $18,617

photo source: Woodland Direct

This hybrid grill works with propane and natural gas, but you can also load it up with charcoal, wood pellets, and chunks of dried wood. This feature makes it an all-around top option, no matter your preferred fuel type.

But this grill is also quite powerful, producing up to 110,000 BTUs of heat. In addition, the built-in thermometer in the hood makes keeping track of internal temperatures a breeze, so you’ll never need to guess how hot your grill chamber is.

To bring the American Made Grills Encore Hybrid home, you’ll need to spend $18,617. But why is this model so pricey?

Why It’s Expensive

The main reason behind this grill’s incredible price tag is its multi-fuel compatibility. However, its powerful heat output also contributes to its comparatively high value.

3. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill – $18,998

photo source: Vanir Outdoor Kitchens

Though the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill doesn’t contain diamond gemstones, it costs about as much as a premium-quality loose diamond—$18,998, to be exact. Though it’s far pricier than the average grill, it also offers far more in terms of capability, cooking area, under-grill storage, and preparation surfaces.

This massive grill may not be as large as The Hill Country grill, but it is more than eight feet long, with 1,056 square inches of cooking surface. It also comes with a rotisserie kit, a digital thermometer, and a smoker basket that can hold charcoal.

The viewing window makes it easy for grill masters to keep an eye on simmering meats and grilled veggies, and the interior halogen lights are ideal for nighttime cookouts. There’s a lot to love about this Fire Magic grill.

Why It’s Expensive

This grill’s hi-tech features, expansive storage spaces, and top-quality materials make it one of the priciest grills of all time. Its materials also add to its hefty price tag, as it’s made of stainless steel, ensuring it’ll never rust.

Additionally, this Fire Magic grill is backed by a lifetime warranty, one of the best and most comprehensive warranties available.

2. Kalamazoo K1000HS Hybrid Fire Grill – $36,545

photo source: Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo is one of the top luxury-grade grill manufacturers, making them an ideal choice for those looking to prepare gourmet meals during their next BBQ party. The K1000HS Hybrid Fire Grill is their priciest model, and it’s not hard to understand why.

This grill features four stainless steel burners (and a gorgeous stainless steel exterior), a built-in rotisserie system, two cooktop burners, and customizable grill grates. Besides, each of these grills is made to order, making this model one of the few bespoke BBQ grills ever made. Maybe that’s why this grill costs a whopping $36,545.

Whether you enjoy cooking with wood, charcoal, or propane, this grill could be the perfect addition to a lavishly-styled yard or home garden. But, of course, for the ultimate meat lover’s experience, you’ll want to stock up on the most expensive steak cuts!

Why It’s Expensive

Few BBQ grills are bespoke, but this model is an exception.

It’s made-to-order, allowing buyers to customize several features, including personalized grilling surfaces. Consequently, each of these grills is one-of-a-kind, which is one of the primary reasons it’s so expensive.

However, this grill also accepts multiple fuel types, is made of superior-quality stainless steel, and offers more than 1,000 square inches of cooking space. These features make the Kalamazoo K1000HS a capable and durable grill that’s well worth the price.

1. BeefEater Golden Grill – $165,000

photo source: World Record Academy

The most expensive BBQ grill of all time is the BeefEater Golden Grill. This grill is the picture of luxury, with every exterior inch featuring 24-karat gold plating.

However, unlike other gold-plated items (often purely decorative), this grill is fully-functional. This means that you can cook a juicy steak or several delicious veggie kababs with ease while soaking up all the lavishness this grill effortlessly exudes.

Due to the grill’s gold exterior, you’ll never need to worry about the outside developing unsightly rust. After all, gold doesn’t rust.

Released by the Australian grilling company, BeefEater, this golden BBQ grill is sure to make your backyard barbecue parties unforgettable. The only catch is that it costs $165,000!

Why It’s Expensive

This grill is a gilded version of the BeefEater SL4000, a six-burner grill that typically costs thousands. But the addition of 24-karat gold plating is the primary reason this grill costs as much as a small home.

It’s also crucial to mention that this grill can become more valuable over time. After all, gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world, and it tends to appreciate.

Because this grill contains so much gold, it’s a practical investment that produces top-notch meals. But, of course, you can’t say that about gold bullion or coins!

What Makes Some BBQ Grills So Expensive?

Now that we’ve revealed the most expensive grills of all time let’s take a moment to discuss the qualities that separate these grills from standard store-bought options. After all, if you’re hoping to outfit your backyard or deck with the best possible BBQ grill, you’ll want to know what features to look for!

Several factors impact the quality and price of a grill, including:

  • Multipurpose functions
  • Size
  • Brand name
  • Quality materials
  • Included accessories

Multipurpose Functions

Budget-friendly grills tend to be pretty straightforward. They have a chamber for fuel, a grill grate, and a lid, but not much else. This makes them single-purpose appliances.

But the costliest grills are far more capable, often featuring built-in smokers, multiple grill grate levels, a varying fuel sources. For example, the Kalamazoo K1000HS has a built-in rotisserie system, grilling drawers that can accept charcoal and wood, and customizable grilling surfaces that allow you to sear a personalized emblem into meats.

These features allow grill masters to prepare an astounding range of dishes on a single grill, making it far more multipurpose than the classic saucer-shaped charcoal grill.


In most cases, the larger the grill, the higher the price. After all, expansive BBQ grills tend to feature more burners, allowing them to cook tons of ingredients simultaneously.

For perspective, a simple charcoal grill might have an internal cook area of about 330 square inches. But many of the priciest BBQ grills have cooking surfaces of 1,000 square inches or more!

Still, capability and size aren’t the only factors influencing grill prices. The brand name can also impact pricing.

Brand Name

A product’s brand can influence its price in several ways. Generally, the more trusted and recognized the brand name is, the higher the price of its products! For example, brand recognition is one of the reasons Gucci items are expensive.

Some of the top grill brands include:

  • Kalamazoo
  • Alfresco
  • Hestan
  • Fire Magic

So, if you’re looking to purchase an expensive grill, you’ll want to start by shopping for these brands. Not only are you bound to be satisfied by the luxury-grade price of these BBQ grills, but you’ll also appreciate their high-quality materials.

Quality Materials

The best BBQ grills are made of durable, easy-to-clean materials.

For example, stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used to craft superior-quality grills. This material doesn’t rust (making it perfect for outdoor environments) and is resistant to stains. Even better, it can withstand high temperatures without melting or warping.

Compare this construction to low-quality grills, many of which are made of aluminum or painted metals. These can rust away or flake paint chips into food, making them both dangerous and short-lived.

Included Accessories

The average BBQ grill comes with a few standard accessories, including a grill cleaning brush and tool hooks. But the most expensive grills often come with hi-tech accessories and add-ons that are far superior.

The Hill Country grill from Sunstone is a top-notch example. It’s an all-in-one outdoor cooking station with multiple cooking surfaces, countertops, and a mini-fridge. This grill even comes with a sink!

These additional items might not be part of a traditional BBQ grill, but their presence is what makes this option such a luxurious option. Many other high-end grills also come with unique accessories, helping make them more valuable.

What’s the Most Expensive BBQ Grill?

The most expensive grill is the BeefEater Golden Grill, a gold-plated grilling machine worth upwards of $165,000! Due to the ever-increasing value of gold, there’s an excellent chance that this grill will only grow more expensive with time.

Unlike other gold-plated luxury items, many of which are purely decorative, this grill is fully-functional. So, if you’ve ever wanted to impress the neighbors at a BBQ get-together, this might be an ideal investment.

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