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Top 10 Most Expensive Bentleys of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive Bentleys of All Time

W.O. Bentley founded the Bentley automobile company in 1919, making this British brand more than a century old. Since their creation, Bentley vehicles have been created with two focal points in mind⁠—high-quality parts and luxury. Naturally, these qualities aren’t cheap, making most Bentleys far more valuable than the average sedan.

The most expensive Bentley of all time is the 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail,” an antique racecar nearing its 100th birthday. Despite its age, The Bobtail is in top-notch condition due to decades of careful maintenance. This Bentley is valued at $7.5 million, though it hasn’t yet sold.

The Bentley brand is one of the most well-established automakers in the world, and many Bentley vehicles sell for top-dollar prices. But this ranking will reveal which sleek and stylish Bentleys fetch the highest prices.

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Bentleys of All Time:

  1. 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail” – $7.5 million
  2. Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin’s 1932 Bentley “Blower” – $7 million
  3. 1931 Bentley Supercharged Two-Seater – $4 million
  4. 1930 Bentley Speed Six Sportsman’s Saloon by Corsica – $3.4 million
  5. 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback – $2.98 million
  6. 1931 Bentley 8 Litre Coupe Sportsman Gurney-Nutting – $2.97 million
  7. 1931 Bentley Open Tourer by Harrison – $2.2 million
  8. 2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – $1.9 million
  9. 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by H.J. Mulliner – $1.87 million
  10. 2022 Bentley Speed Six Continuation – $1.8 million

10. 2022 Bentley Speed Six Continuation – $1.8 Million

photo source: Bentley

Plenty of high-priced Bentleys are models from yesteryear, but a handful of modern options have broken the mold by featuring incredible prices. The 2022 Bentley Speed Six Continuation is one such outlier, with an initial price tag of $1.8 million!

It’s a recreation (or revisioning, depending on who you ask) of the original Bentley Speed Six, released from 1926 until 1930. As such, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But for those passionate about British racing history and the Bentley brand, the Speed Six Continuation could be a worthwhile acquisition.

The only trouble is that Bentley only made 13 of these antique-looking roadsters!

Why It’s Expensive

Officially, Bentley only made a dozen of these cars. This low production volume means buyers hoping to add one to their garage will likely need to outbid other auction guests. At the most exclusive car auctions, prices can quickly jump into the millions!

And though this revisioning of an antique classic might be at the lower end of our ranking, it’s still about four times costlier than the most expensive Lexus!

9. 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by H.J. Mulliner – $1.87 Million

photo source: RM Sotheby’s

This baby-blue 1954 Bentley R-Type is dripping with mid-century style, resembling a commuter car that James Bond would be proud to drive home. It has a Bond-appropriate price as well—$1.87 million.

Its small cabin, a popular feature of luxurious sedans during the 1950s, sits back against the elongated front end, replete with a tall chrome grille. This extra touch of opulence differentiates it from lower-end, budget-friendly cars released at the time.

Despite its age, this Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback is a left-hand-side car built to take on highways and side streets throughout the United States. That’s a rare feature, as Bentley didn’t officially begin selling vehicles in the United States until 2002.

Why It’s Expensive

Understanding why this Bentley sold for almost $2 million isn’t challenging. First, it’s a rare left-handed antique Bentley released long before the automaker opened lots in the United States. Secondly, it’s in near-flawless condition.

Any Bentley loyalist or car collector would adore having this blue sedan waiting on the front drive for them! But, all told, this isn’t the most expensive Bentley Continental to hit the market.

8. 2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – $1.9 Million

photo source: Motor Trend

You may hear the 2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar brought up in whispered conversations between diehard sportscar collectors. Once you’ve set your eyes on this sleek coupe, you’ll understand why.

Available in several designs, each offering bright pops of color to accentuate your vehicle’s interior cabin, wheels, and cockpit, the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar looks like a neon-lit dream brought to life.

Why It’s Expensive

Like a handful of other costly Bentleys (notably the 2022 Bentley Speed Six Continuation), this sports car only enjoyed a limited release of 12 vehicles. And like other vehicles available in extremely limited numbers, this exclusivity helped boost its price.

If you want to own this car one day, you can expect to spend at least $1.9 million.

7. 1931 Bentley Open Tourer by Harrison – $2.2 Million

photo source: RM Sotheby’s

If you’ve ever dreamed about driving the English countryside in an extravagant antique Bentley, the 1931 Bentley Open Tourer by Harrison can help you turn those fantasies into a reality! This coach-built touring car is a five-seat wonder with plush emerald bench seats that match the exterior paint.

This eye-catching antique convertible sold for $2.2 million in 2008, making it pricier than the most expensive Cadillac! But for those hoping to wander back in time and enjoy the classic wonder of a vintage automobile, the experience of owning this Bentley far outweighs its multi-million-dollar price.

Why It’s Expensive

Sadly, few Bentleys survived World War II. Instead, many personal vehicles, even luxurious ones, were transformed into scrap metal to build weapons and aircraft.

But this 1931 Bentley Open Tourer survived, making it a rare and historically-significant artifact from the past. Thanks to its exceptional condition and scarcity, it’s one of the costliest antique Bentleys of all time.

Still, as you’ll soon see, Bentley vehicles from 1931 often sell at premium prices that are significantly higher.

6. 1931 Bentley Coupe Sportsman Gurney-Nutting – $2.97 Million

photo source: Artcurial

The 1931 Bentley Coupé Sportsman Gurney-Nutting isn’t the last 1931 Bentley to earn a spot on this ranking, but it’s one of the pricier examples. This antique hardtop sold for €2.19 million (about $2.97 million) in 2014 to an unknown buyer in France.

While there isn’t a wealth of detail available on this vehicle, it’s more than twice the price of other 1931 Bentley eight-liter coupes. The most noticeable difference between this particular version and others is the presence of a well-maintained hardtop that includes a modern-looking sunroof.

Why It’s Expensive

The true story behind this Bentley’s incredible price is shrouded in mystery. That said, we can guess that its antique status, high-quality condition, and skillful restoration contribute to its immense value.

5. 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback – $2.98 Million

photo source: Gooding & Company

Remember when we mentioned that the 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by H.J. Mulliner wasn’t the priciest version of the model and year?

This 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback, painted in a rich navy blue, is the most expensive Continental Flashback released in 1954, selling for $2.98 million (one million dollars more than the previous example) in March of 2022.

But why did this particular vehicle outsell a near-identical other?

Why It’s Expensive

If you were the fortunate top bidder who got to bring this Bentley home, you’d find that it’s the closest thing to picking up a genuine, mint-condition 1954 Bentley from a dealership in the 1950s.

This car has been restored to meet the original specifications, making it a driveable piece of British automotive history. Though its age and attractive appearance would be enough to keep buyers interested, its historical value might be the primary thing driving its price (pun intended) close to the $3 million mark.

4. 1930 Bentley Speed Six Sportsman’s Saloon by Corsica – $3.4 Million

photo source: RM Sotheby’s

This coach-built black Bentley screams Art Deco, with sweeping wheel molding and squat, rectangular passenger windows. Though this antique vehicle looks like it could belong to a silver screen villain, there’s an alluring charm to its devlish style.

But the value of this vintage Bentley is anything but angelic. After all, the 1930 Bentley Speed Six Sportsman’s Saloon sold for $3.4 million when it went to auction in 2017.

Why It’s Expensive

Early Bentley Speed Six vehicles suffered from tiny fuel tanks. Still, this particular item features a six-liter tank (technically six-and-a-half), about twice the fuel capacity of similar Speed Six Bentleys released during the same period.

The superior fuel capacity and the car’s undeniably elegant design and styling make it a durable and rare example of British automotive ingenuity and excellence. $3.4 million might be a little bit of an underestimate!

3. 1931 Bentley Supercharged Two-Seater – $4 Million

photo source: RM Sotheby’s

We’ve explored several 1931 Bentleys thus far, but the priciest of these vintage vehicles is the 1931 Bentley Supercharged Two-Seater.

This two-seat roadster has a compact rear end and an elongated coach-built front. In short, it was designed for speed and control, two aspects that surely made it a popular investment when it was released in 1931.

However, those who paid the original price for the 1931 Bentley Supercharged Two-Seater would likely feel their jaws hit the floor upon discovering how much one of these well-maintained beauties sells for nowadays.

When this vehicle went up for auction in 2015, it sold for $4 million! But, of course, part of that high selling price might have something to do with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) paperwork that comes with the car.

Why It’s Expensive

This speedy Bentley is worth millions due to its antique status, original components, and document-backed history. Though it would look sumptuous alongside other 1920s roadsters, it would also make for an irresistibly captivating exhibit at any automotive museum.

The 1931 Bentley Supercharged Two-Seater’s value also benefits from the car’s rarity, as few models survived the passage of time. The costliest Bentley cars are almost exclusively vintage and scarce.

2. Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin’s 1932 Bentley “Blower” – $7 Million

photo source: Motor Trend

The most expensive Bentley is Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin’s 1932 Bentley “Blower.” This racecar sold for around $7 million in 2012, almost earning it the title of the priciest Bentley of all time.

Still, this vehicle deserves endless accolades. After all, it set a new record when it lapped the Banked Circuit at Brooklands, reaching a genuinely jaw-dropping speed of about 138mph (about 222kph).

Additionally, this race-friendly Bentley was owned by famed British racecar driver Sir Henry “Tim” Birkins. Thanks to generations of maintenance and restoration services, this beloved car was in fantastic condition when it hit the auction, a factor that also helped it sell for millions.

Why It’s Expensive

This particular 1932 Bentley “Blower” is pricier than others due to its historically-significant feats, famous ownership, and top-notch condition. In short, though you could replicate it, you could never replace it!

Still, while this vintage racecar is the costliest Bentley of all time, the most expensive Jaguar car (another British brand) costs about 3x more!

1. 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail” – $7.5 Million

1928-Bentley-The Bobtail
photo source: RM Sotheby’s

The 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail” was built with aircraft ingenuity and with a larger fuel tank to help accommodate longer tracks and higher speeds. Though it’s not quite as luxurious as other, more modern Bentleys, it’s a masterpiece in its own right due to its age and racing history.

This antique Bentley would make the ideal period-accurate prop for an extravagant Hollywood movie, though its incredible price tag might deter even the best-backed producers. Valued at up to $7.5 million, this gorgeous Bentley is still on the market.

So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable antique vehicle to add to your collection, you’re in luck! But you might want to act quickly, as vintage Bentley roadsters tend to sell fast.

Why It’s Expensive

This 1928 Bentley vehicle was released when the automaker was less than ten years old. Few Bentleys produced before the 1930s have survived to today, but The Bobtail is a rare exception.

But this vehicle isn’t only valuable due to scarcity. Unlike consumer-friendly Bentley sedans from your local dealership, The Bobtail has competed in several racing events. This history makes the vehicle a historically significant find that appeals to collectors and museum curators.

Why Are Bentley Cars So Expensive?

Some luxurious sedans only cost about $50,000, but every Bentley featured in this ranking costs well over $1 million! As such, you might find yourself wondering, “Why are Bentleys so expensive?”

In short, these decadent vehicles are pricier than others due to:

  • Brand reputation
  • Supply and demand
  • High-quality components
  • Vehicle history

Let’s delve deeper into these factors to discover they influence a Bentley vehicle’s enormous price.

Brand Reputation

Bentley automobiles have been around for more than a hundred years. That time has allowed them to build a stellar international reputation for themselves, as well as make a foothold with the global automotive community.

Bentley cars are associated with only the wealthiest buyers and drivers, making them sought-after luxury commodities that age like fine wine. Though some of the most expensive Bentleys are relatively new models, many are antique speedsters and coupes with storied histories.

Vehicle History

Several of the costliest Bentley vehicles have unique histories that make them particularly valuable.

For example, the most expensive Bentley (“The Bobtail”) raced in multiple 24 Hours of Le Mans events, and it’s one of the oldest still-functioning Bentley vehicles from the pre-1930s. It’s such a priceless treasure that it comes with its own historical documents!

Many other high-priced Bentleys also have unique or notable pasts, which can significantly boost their values. After all, a vintage ride that functions as driveable eye candy and a conversation starter is hard to come by, making it a rare find.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand influence the prices of nearly all items, including Bentleys. And the vehicles that are one-of-a-kind due to their limited production or unique history are typically the costliest Bentleys.

The chances of owning one of these distinct cars are incredibly low, making them attractive treasures for those with expansive garages or a lifelong love of the Brentley brand. However, it’s also crucial to note that Bentleys are expensive due to their high-quality components.

High-Quality Components

The Bentley brand name wouldn’t be as powerful as it is today if Bentley didn’t spend decades designing, building, and selling high-quality cars.

This automaker’s dedication to using only the highest-quality materials and elements when building new sedans, SUVs, and convertibles is one of the most significant reasons these vehicles cost more than others. After all, creating an item with stainless steel and gold will be more valuable than an item made of thin paper.

That’s because, no matter the item, the resources used to produce it have widespread value. The same is true of Bentley vehicles. These cars feature top-of-the-line electronics and innovative, high-performance engines—not to mention luxurious interiors that exude convenience and charm.

Still, the priciest Bentley lacks nearly all the modern accouterments that make brand-new models costly. But, as we’ve established, its high cost stems from its rarity and unique history.

What’s the Most Expensive Bentley?

Bentleys are iconic luxury cars. The brand name is so closely associated with wealth and influence that when most people hear it, they imagine millionaires cruising in their finest attire.

Several of these magnificent machines have enjoyed values well above the $1 million mark, but what is the most expensive Bentley? The answer may be the 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail,” as it has an estimated value of $7.5 million.

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