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The 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World You Should Try

The 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World You Should Try

Cacao beans were used for hundreds of years in Mayan society, and since the invention of the modern solid chocolate bar in 1875, the popularity of chocolate has never died.

Chocolate has become a true art form in countries all over the globe. Today’s chocolatiers study for years to master the balance of good chocolate, and the result is some very expensive chocolates. 

High-quality chocolates can sell for a lot of money in today’s world. 

The most expensive chocolate in the world is La Madeline au Truffle, at $250 for a single piece of chocolate. 

These are the top 10 most expensive chocolates available to try today:

  • 10- Amedei Porcelana Bar ($18.50 for 1.75 ounces)
  • 9- Pierre Marcolini Four Drawer Box (around $150 for 133 pieces)
  • 8- MarieBelle Ganache Cien Blue Box ($77 for 25 pieces)
  • 7- Michel Cluizel Plantation Ganaches (around $150 for 70 pieces)
  • 6- Teuscher Prestige Assortment ($304 for 108 pieces)
  • 5- Vosges Chocolate Meditation Collection ($110 for 16 pieces)
  • 4- Debauve & Gallais Le Royale 54 Collection ($285 for 35 pieces)
  • 3- Delafee Gold Swiss Chocolate Box (around $500 for 8 pieces)
  • 2- To’ak Chocolate Company Bar ($300-$600 for a 50 gram bar)
  • 1- La Madeline au Truffle ($250 for one piece)

These chocolates are expertly crafted by master chocolatiers, and each is a completely different experience than the others. In addition to being the most expensive, they are also some of the most unique and rare chocolate experiences in the world. 

10. Amedei Porcelana Bar


Amedei is an Italian chocolate company that is popular for its artisanal chocolate bars. The most expensive of these bars, Amedei’s Porcelana bar, is a dark chocolate bar made exclusively of the Criollo cacao. The bar comes in at $18.50 for just 1.75 ounces of chocolate. 

Why the Amedei Porcelana Bar Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

This bar is made exclusively of cacao from the Criollo pod, a rare, pure-bred cacao tree. Criollo is naturally less bitter than other cacao. There are only 3,000 kilograms of Criollo cacao harvested each year, which makes the production of these bars limited. 

Production of bars containing exclusively Criollo cacao is rare and is very luxurious, as the cacao itself is hard to come by and is expensive to source. 

This exclusive chocolate bar is considered to be very aromatic and well-rounded and makes for an incredible taste of luxury chocolate. At a more affordable price-point than some luxury chocolates, this bar offers a taste of exclusive chocolate without breaking into triple digits.  

9. Pierre Marcolini Four Drawer Box


The Pierre Marcolini Four Drawer collection creates separate levels for each type of chocolate within the container. Each shelf of the box holds a different truffle made by the Belgian chocolatier. This large size Pierre Marcolini set costs just over $150 for a total of 133 chocolate pieces. 

Why the Pierre Marcolini Four Drawer Box Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

The four-tiered assortment of chocolates contains 25 heart-shaped chocolates, 36 Pralinés Anciens d’Aujourd’hui, 36 Truffles, and 36 Grands Crus. One will be able to sample many of the different chocolates produced by Pierre Marcolini.

The chocolate at Pierre Marcolini is sustainably sourced, with a focus on ethical growth and farming practices. Cacao plantations around the world are held to a strict set of standards that protect workers and their families and ensure the highest quality of cacao produced. 

The Pierre Marcolini Four Drawer collection showcases the beauty of these ethically sourced chocolates. The best way to try them is with a variety collection. 

8. MarieBelle Ganache Cien Blue Box


From MarieBelle New York, this chocolate ganache collection features an assortment of fine flavors. The Blue Box comes in either 16 or 25 piece boxes, exquisitely packaged in the signature blue box. Just 25 chocolates cost $77, but the chocolates themselves are a work of art. 

Why the MarieBelle Ganache Cien Blue Box Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

These chocolates are a work of art. Each piece is individually decorated with different paintings and scenes, and the finished box is an array of colors and patterns. The attention to detail in the art is incredible.

Different artists have collaborated on the designs of the chocolates and the iconic blue box completes the product. Each set of designs is unique.

Each chocolate is handmade and flavored with a variety of different flavors, including pistachio and passion fruit. This unique assortment of fine chocolates is well worth the splurge. 

7. Michel Cluizel Plantation Ganaches


This assortment is very large and very diverse. The Michel Cluizel Plantation Ganaches assortment comes with 70 pieces of unique dark chocolates and will cost $150. The ganaches give a taste of chocolates from plantations in various countries where the cacao is grown. 

Why Michel Cluizel Plantation Ganaches are Expensive and Why You Should Try Them

The Michel Cluizel chocolate company utilizes cacao plantations all over the globe, and this assortment of ganaches will provide the grand tour. The box contains chocolates made from the cacao grown in each of the plantations—Guatemala, Brazil, São Tomé, Columbia, Mexico, Santo-Domingo, and Madagascar. 

Each of the unique ganaches are decorated to represent the plantation they come from. The chocolates are beautiful and showcase the variety of cacao around the world. 

6. Teuscher Prestige Assortment

The Orangerie Prestige Assortment from Teuscher comes with a wide assortment of the finest chocolates the Swiss chocolatier makes. The Prestige assortment comes in either 72 pieces or 108 pieces, the latter of which costs $304. 

Why the Teuscher Prestige Assortment Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

Teuscher chocolatiers have been in business for over 80 years, based out of Zürich, Switzerland. Teuscher does not add any additives or preservatives and allows the natural chocolate to shine. 

This collection showcases the range of Teuscher’s chocolates. Each bite has a different blend of fruits, chocolates, nuts, and other additions that compliment the chocolate. The Teuscher Prestige Assortment comes packaged in a beautiful yet simple orange and gold box.

This tasteful assortment is perfect for trying a range of classic Swiss chocolates. 

5. Vosges Chocolate Meditation Collection


This collection of truffles is unlike any other. Vosges uses a blend of exotic ingredients to create unique flavors, and the packaging puts relaxation at the forefront. The Vosges Meditation Collection has 16 pieces of chocolate and costs $110, and the limited edition Grateful Dead version costs $350. 

Why the Vosges Chocolate Meditation Collection Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

The Meditation Collection brings fine chocolate and relaxing mindfulness together. The ingredients in the truffles are specifically picked for their relation to meditation and are paired with a corresponding crystal. The collection also includes a deck of affirmation cards to guide your chocolate meditation. 

The packaging and design of the collection is rich and violet. Each truffle is a completely unique taste, unlike traditional truffle flavors. The collection includes exotics such as chilies, matcha, and curry masala. 

The Grateful Dead limited-edition brings themed packaging and additional crystals to the Meditation Collection. The collection intends to infuse the chocolates with the healing energy of the crystals, all packed in a limited-edition Grateful Dead box. 

The presentation and thoughtfulness of the collection make it worth the extra money to try it. 

4. Debauve & Gallais Le Royale 54 Collection


This collection of fine French chocolates contains 35 of the highest quality chocolates available, all packed in Debauve & Gallais’ signature blue and grey royal box. The Le Royale 54 costs $285 per box of 35 chocolates.

Why Debauve & Gallais Le Royale 54 Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

The chocolatiers Debauve & Gallais have a long history in France. First started in 1800, the chocolate company became the official chocolatier for French Royalty in 1819. They have served Louis XVIII, Charles X, and Louis Philippe. 

The company has also been a chocolate supplier to the Russian courts. This chocolate has won over royalty and nobility alike in Europe, and now it is available to the public. This chocolate is the royal standard and is best sampled in an assortment. 

The blue and grey packaging with the coat of arms on the La Royale 54 was the exclusive packaging of the French royal family until 1913. Today’s assortment contains traditional and more modern chocolates for all consumers. 

3. Delafee Gold Swiss Chocolate Box

Swiss company Delafee is best known for its gold products, and its Swiss Chocolate Gold Box is no exception. Primarily a gold product company, Delafee’s chocolate box comes with some unusual items for a chocolate box. 

Each Swiss chocolate is wrapped in a 24 karat edible gold leaf. The box of eight chocolates costs more than $500, or more than $60 per piece. 

Why Delafee Gold Swiss Chocolate Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

This chocolate collection is very unique. Delafee is a gold company first, and the chocolate is intended to showcase the beautiful 24 karat gold leafing that Delafee makes. The chocolate itself is crafted by master Swiss chocolatiers before being blanketed in edible gold. 

In each box is an antique collectible coin from the Swiss bank, originally manufactured between 1910-1922. The collectibility and exclusivity of the gold coin makes every box unique. 

The exquisite gold-wrapped Swiss chocolate is a must-try for any chocolate lover. The gold itself is artisanal, specially curated for the chocolates, and the antique Swiss coin makes a unique collectible souvenir from your experience. 

2. To’ak Chocolate Company

To’ak Chocolate Company produces the second most expensive chocolate in the world, coming in at $300 or more for a 50-gram bar. Recent bars have seen pricing above $600. This bar does not come with any expensive packaging or additions, it is just a pure chocolate bar with a solitary cacao bean in the center. 

Why To’ak Chocolate is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

The high price point comes from the cacao beans themselves.

The To’ak bar is exclusively made from Nacional Cacao, which is widely considered to be the rarest cacao bean in the world. The Nacional Cacao is so rare, many scientists believed it to be extinct for the last century until the trees were discovered again in a valley of Ecuador. Today, only 15 Nacional Cacao trees stand in Ecuador. 

The rarity of this chocolate makes it a must-try bar. The beans are well known for their complex, floral flavor profile and lack of bitterness. Chocolates that use these beans are exceptionally rare and bars made exclusively of Nacional Cacao are rarer yet. 

The bar is designed to be a work of art, beautifully showcasing a singular Nacional cacao bean. This bar does not try to bring you in with gaudy packaging or extravagant ingredients. Rather, the To’ak Chocolate Company lets this rare cacao be the star of the show. 

1. La Madeline au Truffle

Photo source: House of Knipschildt

La Madeline au Truffle is considered by Forbes to be the most expensive chocolate available for sale today. Created exclusively by Knipschildt Artisan Chocolates in Connecticut, this singular truffle will run you $250. 

Why La Madeline au Truffle Is Expensive and Why You Should Try It

There is nothing else like the La Madeline at Knipschildt. The master chocolate team enrobes a whole French Perigord truffle in a rich Valrhona dark chocolate and truffle oil ganache, then delicately rolls the truffle in cocoa powder.

This singular truffle may be expensive, but the rarity of the Perigord truffle and the quality of the ingredients makes the La Madeline au Truffle well worth the cost to try it.

This creation is truly one of the most extravagant chocolates on the market. The packaging is exquisite, and the truffle is rich and completely different from any chocolate you’ve had before. 

Indulge in the Most Expensive Chocolate in the World 

Each of these most expensive chocolates in the world is a one-of-a-kind experience. Some are composed of very rare cacao, such as the To’ak and the Porcelana bars. Others contain luxury ingredients, such as the French Perigord in La Madeline au Truffle, the most expensive chocolate in the world.

Whichever indulgent chocolate experience you choose, be sure to enjoy every bite. Check out more of the most expensive items in the world at our blog.