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Top 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners of All Time

In the year 2017 alone, retailers around the world sold approximately 19 million fidget spinners. These simple plastic doo-dads made up 17% of all American toy sales that year. The humble fidget spinner may have been a basic concept, but it helped net the toy industry an additional $30 million that year alone.

The average fidget spinner costs about $4.99, making them a cheap enough indulgence for kids with piggy banks. Companies quickly sought to latch on, producing unique, high-end iterations of the simple device. The zeitgeist would ultimately give way to the most expensive fidget spinner in the world.

All that to say, there is nothing particularly luxurious about the concept of a fidget spinner itself. Essentially, it’s just a ball bearing surrounded by colorful prongs. When manipulated, it spins in a satisfying way.

The status symbol often launched collections, with kids seeking to buy the coolest fidget spinners and stand out among their peers. Today, the toy is nearly obsolete. In its prime, however, this toy took the elementary set by storm, making expensive, unique, and over-the-top spinners possible.

Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners in the World:

  1. Caviar Solid Gold Fidget Spinner
  2. Steel Flame Ring Spin
  3. The iPhone 7 Fidget Spinner Mod
  4. The Bathgate Artifact Spinner
  5. The Rotablade Stubby Spinner
  6. The Pepyakka SNECX S Spinner
  7. TiSpin Prop G5 Titanium Propeller Spinner
  8. Weihang 925 Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner
  9. Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver Spinner
  10. Metal Worn Turbine Spinner 3.0

10. Metal Worn Turbine Spinner 3.0 – $399

photo source: WorthPoint

The tenth most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Turbine Spinner 3.0, originally produced by Metal Worn. The company’s first two titanium models were so popular that they went back to the drawing board to perfect the design. The Turbine’s final form cost $399 back in 2018, at the tail end of the spinner craze.

Why It’s Expensive

Though the turbine is one of the thickest and heaviest spinners you’ll find, it spins like a dream. It features a unique wheel-inspired design crafted from pure grade 2 titanium. Spinner fans love it for its original aesthetic and its smooth spin, which is unlike the more conventional spoked spinners on the market.

The third-generation spinners had to be pre-ordered, and Metal Worn only produced a limited quantity. Since then, the company has ceased production. Today, spinners in this unique style are rare and fetch even higher prices.

9. Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver Spinner – $411

photo source: Yurich

The ninth most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver Spinner, a 3D printed spinner retailing for $411. The body of the fidget spinner is jewelry-quality sterling silver. Customers could choose to customize their spinner with a preferred color or finish.

Why It’s Expensive

The technology that allows a fidget spinner to spin might be simple, but the technology used to create it can be far more complex. Such is the case with the Black Lotus Tri-Spinner, which begins as a custom 3D printed wax mold. They pour the highest quality sterling silver available into the mold, then set it with a ceramic R188 bearing.

The designers took inspiration from the Black Lotus racing car. In addition to its high-class materials, its design is second to none.

8. Weiheng 925 Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner – $459

photo source: Luxatic

The eighth most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Weiheng Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner, which retailed for $459 in 2017. It features silicon nitride bearings and can spin for up to six consecutive minutes. The spinner’s body is 925 sterling silver.

Why It’s Expensive

The Weiheng fidget spinner contains 99.1 grams of 925 sterling silver, a pure and durable jewelry-quality metal. Those who love it claim it’s one of the most well-balanced commercially produced fidget spinners available. The high price comes from its material value, as there isn’t anything else particularly special about this fast-spinning fidget!

7. TiSpin Prop G5 Titanium Propeller Spinner – $475

photo source: Titan Ring Designs

The seventh most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the TiSpin Prop G5 Titanium Propeller Spinner, a professional-class spinner geared toward both children and adults. It is one of the world’s first titanium fidget spinners and fetches $475 for the most expensive model. The dynamic design allows the propeller to spin for five minutes straight.

Why It’s Expensive

Titan Ring Designs was one of the first companies to produce a Grade 5 titanium fidget spinner. Their propeller has a polished, aesthetic look, so business executives and school children alike can enjoy it.

Each spinner is a limited edition. Only 25 of the $475 models were ever made. Each has a unique serial number and accompanying certificate of authenticity.

The scarcity of this design makes each spinner a rare and unique work of art.

6. The Pepyakka SNECX S Spinner – $580

photo source: WorthPoint

The sixth most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Pepyakka SNNECX S Spinner, a rare spinner from Russia, produced in collaboration with the Custom Knife Factory (CKF).

The spinner was originally available for approximately $425 by pre-order only, but the window was so brief that their demand only grew. Today, the rare fidget spinner is only available second hand and has a value of $580

Why It’s Expensive

When a fidget spinner works well, it can help people with ADHD or Autism to focus and transform their productivity. When a fidget spinner works poorly, however, it becomes a source of frustration for anyone who tries to use it. The SNECX company had enough of unbalanced, unsatisfying spinners and chose to engineer the smoothest model on the market.

While the S Spinner is not particularly aesthetic, its double-bearing design spins like a dream. SNECX designed the toy with the lowest possible center of gravity. It offers a smooth spin that’s difficult to find, even among the more expensive models on the market.

Ultimately, this spinner’s price is due to its function: it spins well, which is all a fidget toy has to do! For those who need a quality fidget toy to function at its best, the smooth, complex design is worth the extra expense!

5. The Rotablade Stubby Spinner – $680

photo source: Rotablade

The fifth most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Rotablade Stubby Spinner, part of a luxury DIY fidget spinner kit. The large filament deep etched model kit retails for £560.00, or $680. In addition to working as a spinner, the fidget is also a functioning cigar stand.

Why It’s Expensive

Fidget spinners marketed toward children don’t need to have too many frills, but what about those marketed toward adults? Although most saw fidgets as children’s toys, others noted their practical utility. Thus, companies marketed some fidget spinners as “desk toys,” aimed at office workers and high-level executives, who spend lots of time spinning their wheels in the office setting.

If a top executive is going to have a toy on their desk, it has to be aesthetically pleasing and, ideally, multi-functional. This executive fidget spinner has a classy machined body and hybrid ceramic bearings. It comes in a fancy acrylic cigar box and, inexplicably, is also a cigar holder.

4. The Bathgate Artifact Spinner – $700

photo source: Twitter

The fourth most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Bathgate Artifact Spinner, a high-end fidget toy crafted by sculptor and machinist Chris Bathgate. Bathgate designed the oddly-shaped spinner with aesthetics and function in mind, using materials traditionally found in the aerospace industry. Each spinner in the collection was a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

Why It’s Expensive

Before fidget spinners made it into the hands of every child under twelve, engineers found themselves riveted. That’s what happened to Chris Bathgate, who latched on to the trend before there was a trend to latch on to. At the time, many designers found themselves delighted by the challenge of designing the aerodynamic toys for their amusement.

Thus, the Bathgate Artifact Spinner is less of a child’s toy and more of an art object. He designed his bespoke spinners for adult collectors. The $700 model was a collaboration between Bathgate, master mechanic Mike Hogarty, and product designer Callye Keen.

The goal was to create “an aesthetic object,” and that meant using the finest materials available. The piece consists of stainless steel, brass, and hybrid ceramics. The most priceless component, however, is the skill and artistry that went into its unique, dynamic design.

3. The iPhone 7 Fidget Spinner Mod – $700

photo source: Insider

The third most expensive fidget spinner in the world is a DIY hack made from an iPhone 7. A YouTuber called EverythingApplePro created the “Fidget Spinner Mod” when he transformed his $700 iPhone 7 into a functional fidget spinner. This fidget was purely a status symbol, as the phone-turned-toy no longer worked as a phone after the modifications.

Why It’s Expensive

Apple released its iPhone 7 in September 2016, making it the latest and greatest model during the peak of the fidget spinner craze. While most kids could count up their pennies and pick up a fidget spinner at the toy store, you needed some serious savings to afford the new iPhone. That’s what made this iPhone spinner hack such a strange and costly indulgence.

In his popular video, YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) drills into the center of a new iPhone 7, cracking the screen and destroying the handheld device. From there, he installs a ball bearing. After messing with the balance, he demonstrates the capabilities of his new, $700 spinner.

Ultimately, the phone spinner balanced poorly on a flat surface and was awkward to spin in his hands. It proved that the most expensive spinners are not always the best!

2. Steel Flame Ring Spin – $1,500

photo source: Steel Flame

The second most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Steel Flame Ring Spin, an art object created by LA-based master jeweler Derrick Obatake. Although Obatake made several custom spinners at the peak of the fidget craze, his most expensive model was resold for $1,500. Each of his original designs is a handcrafted art product forged from the finest materials.

Why It’s Expensive

While you don’t ordinarily equate fidget spinners and art, jewelry designer Derrick Obatake saw the possibilities. He began crafting his custom metal spinners in 2017 when the world was still fidget-crazy. Each was an original design, cast from pure and solid metals such as bronze.

Obatake combined his passion for design with his love of technology. He used old school and new school techniques to design a unique spinner that would produce satisfying, smooth results. Each spinner is unique and ornate, and no two are alike.

The artist is no longer making Steel Flame spinners, so they fetch high prices due to their scarcity. The art objects are not merely toys, but collector’s items.

1. Caviar Solid Gold Fidget Spinner – $16,855

photo source: Caviar

The most expensive fidget spinner in the world is a solid gold fidget spinner sold by Russian company Caviar in 2017. It was the most expensive model in their line of luxury fidget spinners and retailed for $16,855. The body of the spinner is 18-karat yellow gold.

Why It’s Expensive

The Russian company Caviar goes out of its way to produce accessories for anyone looking to show off their wealth. It makes sense that they’d capitalize on the 2017 fidget spinner trend to produce a must-have item using precious, high-end materials. Their goal was to produce the most expensive fidget spinner ever and they were successful.

Their top-of-the-line fidget spinner consisted of 3.52 ounces of solid, 18-karat yellow gold. The company’s logo is hand-engraved at the center of the fidget spinner. All three spokes are diamond-plated, and the central logo features a ring of forty gem-quality diamond chips.

The high price tag is a result of the materials, which are costly on their own. The company did offer another gold fidget spinner: a gold-plated version of the $16,855 model retailed for a tenth of the price.

The Most Expensive Fidget Spinner in the World

While the fidget spinner zeitgeist of 2017 may be far behind us, many individuals continue to benefit from the toy’s brief but intense popularity. These spinners are still in use in special education classrooms, think tanks, and office cubicles around the world. In most cases, a standard plastic spinner will do the trick—now we can save the most expensive fidget spinner in the world for the museum!

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