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Top 10 Most Expensive Gaming Chairs of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive Gaming Chairs of All Time

Whether you’re a serious gamer or a burgeoning streamer, having a high-quality gaming chair at your desk is a must. But while some of these high-backed chairs might only cost about $100, others retail for thousands! Still, what’s the most expensive gaming chair?

The most expensive gaming chair is the Emperor 200, a futuristic-looking throne that costs $44,750. While this might seem like a lot to spend on a chair, it’s crucial to note that the Emperor 200 comes with three display screens and a desk-like platform. It’s an all-in-one gaming solution.

Are you looking to take your gaming performance to the next level? If so, you’ll want to check out these high-quality, high-priced gaming chairs!

Here are the top 10 most expensive gaming chairs:

10. Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series – $749

photo source: Secretlab

Secretlab is among the most popular gaming chair creators, and several of the most popular gaming streamers own a Secretlab chair. So it should be no surprise that the Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series is one of the most in-demand (and pricey) options, costing $749.

While this chair might not be as colorful as other Secretlab products, its sleek black aesthetic is ideal for those hoping to keep viewers’ eyes on gameplay. The sumptuous leather exterior is also uniquely elegant, setting this chair apart from similar models.

If you feel like taking your gaming experience to a more luxurious level, you can also invest in some comfortable yet lavish clothing. For example, you could snap up one of the most expensive hoodies!

Why It’s Expensive

This gaming chair is expensive because it’s one of the most in-demand gaming products.

Secretlab chairs are some of the most visible and popular options among streamers and gamers. This visibility allows the company to charge higher prices, as many customers are willing to pay more thanks to the brand’s stellar reputation.

Additionally, the TITAN 2020 Series comes in several styles, including a leather-covered one. The high quality of this material and its higher value results in a heftier price tag.

9. Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody – $1,795

photo source: Logitech

Logitech produces some of the most popular budget-friendly gaming and streaming accessories, including webcams, microphones, and (on rare occasions) gaming chairs! But their collaboration with Herman Miller, a furniture company, has resulted in one of the priciest gaming chairs of all time—the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody.

This jet-black chair (accented with white or cyan elements) costs $1,795 and features a wide seat base. Though the back might not be equally wide, which can be problematic for those who spend consecutive hours at their gaming station, it features a curved design that offers a greater level of lumbar support than standard office chairs.

Why It’s Expensive

The primary reason why this gaming chair is pricer than most is its advanced design. This chair can flex to support gamers of almost any size, resulting in a more comfortable experience that’s less likely to fuel backaches.

8. Roto VR Chair – $2,399

photo source: Roto VR

Though VR headsets have come a long way within the last decade, many people continue to suffer from motion sickness when using these hi-tech gaming accessories. This phenomenon might stem from the fact that VR headsets display motion, but the body remains stationary despite the illusion of movement.

The Roto VR Chair seeks to change all that. It can rotate, vibrate, and flex to match the motions of your gaming experience, making the experience more engaging. This movement may also reduce feelings of motion sickness! The price for this cutting-edge chair is a whopping $2,399.

Why It’s Expensive

In many ways, the Roto VR Chair looks identical to standard gaming chairs. But its ability to emulate the motions you experience while gaming with a VR headset makes it a hi-tech alternative that could be well worth its comparatively hefty price tag.

7. Yaw2 ARCADE Edition – $3,775

photo source: Yaw VR

Though the Yaw2 ARCADE Edition might be one of the oddest-looking gaming chairs, it also happens to be one of the most technologically complex. For example, this chair features built-in sensors that detect when a user sits down. These sensors can also activate gaming systems, allowing you to sit and begin playing immediately.

Besides the $3,775 price tag, the only potential downside of this chair might be its low-to-the-floor monitor stand. Despite the chair’s luxuriantly comfortable materials, this stand could make it challenging for gamers to maintain proper posture during longer gameplay sessions.

That said, it’s hard to ignore the smart-tech elements of this chair or their potentially beneficial impact.

Why It’s Expensive

Outfitting a gaming chair with pressure-detecting sensors that can activate gaming systems is no easy feat. All-in-all, this chair is expensive because of these technological features.

6. Emperor XT Fire Engine Glossy Red – $6,740

photo source: MWE Lab

Many of the chairs we’ve discussed thus far aren’t exactly the most captivating in terms of style. They’re generally made of all-black materials and don’t exhibit any truly novel design features or eye-catching colors.

The Emperor XT (in Fire Engine Glossy Red) is a break from this trend, featuring an eye-catching red exterior that perfectly complements the solid-black seat and foot support.

Besides, this chair is an all-in-one gaming solution, consisting of a comfortable chair, a suspension arm that supports three display monitors, and a compact tray that’s large enough to accommodate almost any keyboard and mouse setup.

The only catch? This gaming “chair” costs $6,740!

Why It’s Expensive

This gaming chair is fully equipped with almost everything you could want from your gaming area. It has a built-in chair and footrest (both adjustable) and a wraparound support system that can accommodate up to three monitors.

Though this model will set you back by more than $6,000, it could actually be a cost-effective alternative to complex gaming desks and chairs.

5. Atomic A3 Race/Flight Motion Simulator – $7,700

photo source: Atomic Motion Systems

Not all gamers are predisposed to playing shooting games. Some prefer the majestic and calming nature of flight simulators or the adrenaline-pumping competitive nature of racing games.

This chair is a fantastic option for those who enjoy such games, as it’s essentially a comfy motion simulator. Poised atop a flexible arm, this gaming chair can tilt and rotate to match your gameplay, helping your virtual flight or car race feel more realistic and exciting.

But at $7,700, the Atomic A3 Race/Flight Motion Simulator chair isn’t for casual players.

Why It’s Expensive

This is the type of chair you might find at an exclusive arcade. It’s capable of producing up to 71° of velocity per second, ensuring that simulation games (particularly racing and flight simulators) feel more interactive and engaging.

Its technological prowess is the main reason it costs thousands of dollars.

4. IW-J20 Pro Gatling Gun – $7,999

photo source: Imperator Works

As you’ve likely noticed, several of the costliest gaming chairs are cockpit-styled creations that essentially function as all-in-one gaming stations. The IW-J20 Pro Gatling Gun follows this trend, but it takes things to a whole new stylistic level!

Shaped like a futuristic Gatling gun (complete with tank-tread supports), this chair could be ideal for gamers who prefer PvP games focused on militaristic pursuits or weaponry. Of course, with a price tag of $7,999, it might only be suitable for the most financially successful gamers.

Why It’s Expensive

What do you get when transforming a standard reclining chair into a rotating all-in-one gaming station shaped like a futuristic weapon? If you guessed a costly commodity, you guessed correctly!

This chair’s price is entirely the result of its unique appearance, exceptional features, and included components, including multiple platforms for gaming accessories and a suspended arm for keeping your monitor perfectly positioned.

3. DOF Reality P6 Professional Motion Simulator – $8,500

photo source: DOF Reality

While the DOF Reality P6 Professional Motion Simulator might not be the most attractive gaming chair, it is one of the most advanced (and expensive) motion simulator chairs.

Priced at $8,500, this bright red chair is supported by multiple metal arms that can extend and shorten to generate motion. When paired with a driving simulation game, this chair can make you feel like you’re truly in the game’s world, making this chair ideal in terms of immersiveness.

Why It’s Expensive

This chair’s high price is inextricably tied to its exceptional technological capabilities and included components. For example, few other motion simulator chairs have a built-in steering wheel and foot pedals. But this one does!

2. Predator Thronos Air – $14,000

photo source: Acer

The Predator Thronos Air is almost its own room, with a sphere-like design that makes each gaming session more immersive and comfortable.

Like other all-in-one gaming stations, it’s equipped with:

  • A reclining chair
  • An adjustable monitor support arm
  • Surfaces to keep keyboards, computer mouses, and controllers within easy reach

But unlike other similar models, this $14,000 gaming chair also has a built-in massager, a working cabin door for easy entry and exit, and an aesthetically pleasing LED exterior with color-changing lights. It’s one of the most capable gaming stations available.

Why It’s Expensive

It’s challenging to find fault with the Predator Thronos Air. After all, this chair combines practical elements (chair comfort and massage functions) with purely aesthetic ones (LED lighting). Few other gaming chair setups can boast the same qualities.

1. Emperor 200 – $44,750

photo source: MWE Lab

The most expensive gaming chair is the Emperor 200. This futuristic-looking gaming device (which comes with three wraparound display screens and a desk-like surface) costs $44,750.

Initially released in 2012, this all-in-one gaming interface has enjoyed some changes and upgrades over the last several years. Created by French company MWE Lab, the original Emperor 200 has inspired several newer versions, including the four-screen Emperor ROS.

Because each of MWE Lab’s complex gaming “chairs” is customized to meet the client’s needs, estimating the prices of these newer versions is almost impossible. That said, they may be even more valuable and expensive than the Emperor 200.

Without ordering one for yourself, it’s impossible to know!

Why It’s Expensive

This gaming chair is much costlier than other options due to its size, features, and bespoke nature.

Unlike standard gaming chairs, which are about the same size as high-quality office chairs, the Emperor 200 functions as an all-in-one gaming station, with multiple built-in display monitors that hang above the luxuriously padded seat. This chair also has a built-in surface for keyboards, a computer mouse, and multiple controllers.

Each Emperor 200 gaming chair is tailored to meet the buyer’s needs, which is also something you don’t often see with mass-produced, budget-friendly gaming chairs. Still, this chair’s price pales in comparison to the prices of many of the world’s most expensive video games!

What Makes Gaming Chairs Expensive?

If you’ve ever shopped for gaming chairs, you might be surprised to find just how expensive these chairs can get. After all, most gamers don’t spend more than a few hundred dollars on their chair, so why do some cost thousands?

Generally, the priciest gaming chairs are more valuable due to:

  • Materials and labor
  • Visibility and demand
  • Technical complexity

Let’s briefly touch on these factors to understand how they affect gaming chair prices!

Materials and Labor

Like high-quality office chairs, gaming chairs can consume more materials and require more labor to complete. That’s because these chairs tend to feature higher backs than standard dining or office chairs; they’re also outfitted with more cushioning, higher-quality fabrics, and more complex mechanisms (such as balanced reclining).

The costs of these materials and labor are passed onto customers via higher prices.

Additionally, the visibility of some gaming chairs can significantly impact their popularity, resulting in higher demand. If you’re familiar with the law of supply and demand, you can predict how this increased demand impacts gaming chair prices.

Visibility and Demand

If you’re fond of watching gaming streams and videos on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, you’re likely familiar with several gaming chair brands. After all, many gaming chair brands gift their products to top-tier streamers to raise the visibility of their products and attract more buyers.

But while this increased visibility is beneficial to the companies producing and selling these chairs, it can result in an increased price.

When a popular gamer receives or invests in a new gaming chair, and that chair is visible during their streams, the demand for that specific brand and model of gaming chair can dramatically increase. This increase in demand contrasts with the limited supply of such chairs, resulting in a higher price.

Still, the abnormally high cost of some gaming chairs doesn’t come solely from materials, labor, and demand. For some, the most significant factor affecting price is the complexity of the chair.

Technical Complexity

Some gaming chairs are far more than a comfortable place to sit. For example, the IW-J20 Pro Gatling Gun is a usable work of art with a built-in monitor and keyboard surface!

This highly complex all-in-one gaming “environment” likely took hundreds of labor hours to complete. Because of its technical complexity, being a piece of furniture with an adjustable suspended monitor, it’s bound to cost far more than a standard high-backed gaming chair.

The same is true of other highly complex gaming chairs, including the most expensive of all: The Emperor 200.

What’s the Most Expensive Gaming Chair?

The most expensive gaming chair of all time is the Emperor 200 Gaming Chair. This massive desk-chair hybrid costs $44,750, making it about twice as expensive as a brand-new compact sedan.

This chair has three suspended displays that form a wraparound gaming environment and a built-in surface for your keyboard, mouse, and controllers. It’s an all-in-one gaming solution that could be well worth the higher-than-average cost.

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