Top 10 Most Expensive Hoodies of All Time


Hoodies are some of the most popular and modern forms of casualwear, and most are quite affordable. But if you’re looking to dress up (while dressing down), you might want to consider investing in an expensive hoodie from a luxury brand.

The most expensive hoodie of all time is The First Edition, a unique piece created by the Overpriced brand that’s tied to a digital non-fungible token (NFT). It features a scannable V-Code that allows the wearer (or others) to view the NFT. This garment sold for $26,000 in 2021.

Are you looking to rock a high-priced hoodie? If so, this ranking can guide you in the right direction!

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Hoodies of All Time:

  1. The First Edition NFT-Powered Hoodie – $26,000
  2. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mink-Fur Hoodie – $25,900
  3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mineral Mink-Fur Hoodie – $25,300
  4. Louis Vuitton Night Sequin Hoodie – $6,250
  5. Zegna Cotton Zip Hoodie – $6,100
  6. Louis Vuitton X Supreme Hoodie – $6,000
  7. Signed “Rocky Balboa” Dolce & Gabanna Hoodie – $5,760
  8. Philipp Plein Camouflage Zip-Up Hoodie – $5,000
  9. Prada Studded Panel Zip Hoodie – $4,400
  10. Louis Vuitton Staples Edition Hoodie – $3,100

10. Louis Vuitton Staples Edition Hoodie – $3,100

photo source: Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Staples Edition lineup isn’t a collaboration between the fashion giant and the office supply company. Instead, it’s a unique fashion line developed by Virgil Abloh, an American designer who sadly passed away in 2021.

Only a handful of the designer’s Louis Vuttion creations are still available, and the $3,100 Louis Vuitton Staples Edition Hoodie. This soft gray garment is simple-yet-refined and made of the highest-quality wool and cashmere fabrics.

If you’d like to add this valuable hoodie to your closet, you’ll want to act fast, as it likely won’t remain in stock for very long.

Why It’s Expensive

This hoodie’s high price stems from its branding and high-quality materials. After all, nearly all Louis Vuitton clothing is expensive, and there are several reasons why.

One of these reasons is the use of luxurious materials, a few of which are featured in this hoodie. Still, wool and cashmere aren’t the costliest fabrics, and some might find this hoodie’s simple design (and lack of Louis Vuitton monograms) a little uninspiring.

Fortunately, there’s a Prada hoodie that might suit your tastes and satisfy your need for a high-cost hoodie.

9. Prada Studded Panel Zip Hoodie – $4,400

photo source: Farfetch

Prada clothing has fallen slightly out of fashion over the last decade, but the brand name is still associated with wealth, affluence, and innovative fashion. This studded zip-up hoodie exemplifies several of these qualities, with a unique design and a hefty price tag of $4,400.

Thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship and decorative shoulder studs, it’s both punk and high-fashion. Besides, thanks to the addition of the Prada logo on the chest, those wearing this hoodie can flaunt their style and status with ease.

Why It’s Expensive

This black studded hoodie is mostly made of cotton, one of the most affordable materials on the planet. The bulk of its value stems from the Prada brand reputation.

8. Philipp Plein Camouflage Zip-Up Hoodie – $5,000

photo source: Farfetch

The initial purpose of camouflage is to help hunters blend into their surrounding environment. But those fortunate enough to wear this $5,000 camouflage hoodie are more likely to stand out than blend in.

Made of cotton fabric with glass fiber accents, this slightly reflective gray-toned hoodie has everything you could want from a stylish piece of casualwear—except pockets!

Why It’s Expensive

Even the most passionate fashionistas might have no clue who Philipp Plein is. After all, the German designer’s work varies significantly and includes furniture, fragrances, and clothing.

But his reputation for creating top-tier, one-of-a-kind items means that products bearing the Philipp Plein name sell for big bucks. This hoodie is no exception.

7. Signed “Rocky Balboa” Dolce & Gabanna Hoodie – $5,760

photo source: Julien’s Auctions

Dolce & Gabanna is one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world, so it should be no surprise that one of their hoodies would sell for thousands of dollars. But their autographed “Rocky Balboa” hoodie is slightly different from their standard fashion fare.

For starters, it sold at auction instead of selling directly from a Dolce & Gabanna storefront or online store. Secondly, it features the signature of Rocky star Sylvester Stalone. Because of this signature (and the hoodie’s initial branding), this garment fetched an impressive $5,760 when it went to auction in 2021.

Why It’s Expensive

Stalone’s signature is the primary reason this hoodie is so pricey, though the Dolce & Gabanna brand helps boost the value slightly.

6. Louis Vuitton X Supreme Hoodie – $6,000

photo source: Louis Vuitton

Wearing this Louis Vuitton/Supreme hoodie might be one of the best ways to let the world know that you’re a well-off, fashionable person. After all, both of these brands are types of status symbols!

And this hoodie doesn’t skimp on the brand advertising, being covered in the Louis Vuitton monogram and featuring the iconic Supreme logo on the chest. But at $6,000, this hoodie costs far more than the average Supreme clothing item.

Still, can you imagine how stylish this red-and-white cotton hoodie would look rare collaboration between two of the most successful if paired with one of the most expensive pairs of jeans?

Sure, the total price tag for such an outfit might make your bank account tremble with fear, but the final result might be more than worth the cost.

Why It’s Expensive

Branding is the main reason this hoodie is so expensive, though rarity also influences its value. After all, both Louis Vuitton and Supreme only release a small selection of clothing items, and each item might only have a handful of duplicates.

5. Zegna Cotton Zip Hoodie – $6,100

photo source: Farfetch

If you’re unfamiliar with Zegna, an Italian luxury brand focused on fashion, you might be surprised to see this simple zip hoodie’s price of $6,100. After all, it doesn’t look very different from a standard zipped hoodie from nationwide clothing retailers.

Sure, it has more of a track jacket style in terms of size (it’s quite slim), and it has a clean, modern aesthetic, but apart from that, there isn’t a single feature that makes this hoodie stand apart from others. So why does the Zegna Cotton Zip Hoodie cost thousands?

Why It’s Expensive

As any marketing major or advertisement company will tell you, branding is everything. If your brand is associated with low-cost, low-quality items, consumers expect you to produce and sell those kinds of items. Should you decide to switch things up and go in the opposite direction, there’s an excellent chance that consumers won’t buy your products!

Though the Zegna brand might be as popular or well-known as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, it’s a fashion powerhouse that sells many of its products for thousands of dollars. This brand reputation enables Zegna to sell clothing to high-end buyers at equally high prices.

4. Louis Vuitton Night Sequin Hoodie – $6,250

photo source: Louis Vuitton

Though sequins are often considered passé or tacky, they can be high-fashion when used to create luxury-quality clothing. A fantastic example is the Louis Vuitton Night Sequin Hoodie, a sequin-covered black hoodie retailing for $6,250.

It shines and shimmers thanks to its near-complete sequin coverage, making it a stylish casualwear item that could complete any laidback ensemble. Though the exterior of this hoodie doesn’t include any noticeable branding, the inside of the hood features the Louis Vuitton monogram, ensuring that this silk-lined hoodie is a subtle status symbol.

Why It’s Expensive

This hoodie cost thousands primarily because it’s a Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear item. Because Louis Vuitton products are in high demand and cater to only the wealthiest buyers, the brand can charge much higher prices for its clothing items.

The addition of a silk inner lining and the fact that this hoodie was made in Italy also contribute to its higher-than-average cost. After all, silk clothing is more challenging to create, increasing labor costs, and imported goods often cost more due to shipping costs and importation fees.

3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mineral Mink-Fur Hoodie – $25,300

photo source: Louis Vuitton

If you’re in the market for a soft, warming, luxury-quality hoodie, you might want to consider investing in this shimmering black hoodie from Louis Vuitton.

While it’s not decked out in precious metals or celebrity signatures, it does feature the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram, making it a wearable status symbol. Of course, that status upgrade does come at a cost—$25,300, to be exact.

Why It’s Expensive

You might wonder why this particular Louis Vuitton hoodie is almost $20,000 pricier than the previous one included in this ranking. The answer comes down to one major difference: material.

While the aforementioned Sequin Hoodie is an aesthetically-pleasing option from a luxury brand, its sequins are far less valuable than mink fur. Consequently, this black hoodie is inherently more valuable than hoodies made of cotton or polyamide.

2. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mink-Fur Hoodie – $25,900

photo source: Louis Vuitton

50% of the priciest hoodies ever made are Louis Vuitton products, including this $25,900 mink-fur hoodie.

It’s mostly made of white mink fur, but it’s covered in multi-colored Louis Vuitton monograms, giving it a fun and youthful vibe. The lining consists of shirt fabric, ensuring this hoodie doesn’t wrinkle or negatively impact the clothing worn beneath.

Why It’s Expensive

This colorful hoodie enjoys a staggeringly high price thanks to its branding, material, and rarity.

Not only is it a Louis Vuitton item (something that makes it inherently valuable), but it’s also made of mink fur, a pricey material. To top things off, Louis Vuitton produced only a handful of these hoodies, making them a rare find.

1. The First Edition NFT-Powered Hoodie – $26,000

photo source: Overpriced

The most expensive hoodie of all time is The First Edition NFT-Powered Hoodie, a garment that functions as the Overpriced brand’s first-ever NFT.

Though this standard-looking black hoodie might not feature valuable materials like other costly hoodies, it sold for $26,000 in 2021. The First Edition is the first of ten total NFT-related hoodies released by Overpriced.

One can only wonder if the buyer of The First Edition owns the others!

Why It’s Expensive

This hoodie is expensive because it’s the first (and one of less than a dozen) “NFT-powered” hoodies released by Overpriced. This quality makes it historically significant and rare, no matter the fate of the NFT market.

In short, no matter how the value of NFTs rises or falls within the coming years, The First Edition will remain valuable thanks to its groundbreaking features and design.

Why Are Some Hoodies So Expensive?

The average hoodie at your favorite department or clothing store might cost between $20 and $120, so why do some hoodies cost thousands? After all, hoodies are considered casual clothing, which should make them relatively affordable, right?

While most hoodies are budget-friendly garments, those made by luxury brands or with high-quality materials can fetch high prices. Generally, the priciest hoodies are valuable due to their:

  • Rarity
  • Material
  • Branding
  • Unique features

Let’s explore these qualities in greater detail to discover how they impact hoodie pricing. You can also use these qualities as a checklist while shopping for a high-quality, high-priced hoodie to add to your closet!


One of the most devasting fashion faux pas is wearing the same outfit as someone else, which is why many of the world’s most financially successful and fashionable buyers invest in rare, one-of-a-kind clothing.

Because most of the planet’s clothing is machine-made (in bulk quantities), handmade items enjoy limited availability, a quality that almost always makes them pricier than mass-produced clothes.

Of course, a handmade cotton hoodie made by a friend or relative might not retail for hundreds or thousands of dollars. After all, several of the priciest one-of-a-kind clothes are made of exquisite materials you won’t find at your local fabric store.


Hoodies can be made of various fabrics and materials, but the most common include cotton, polyester, and wool. But the costliest hoodies are made of far rarer and more expensive materials like mink fur and glass fiber.

That said, cotton and wool hoodies can sell for thousands, especially if they feature the right branding.


Like any other clothing item, branding can significantly affect pricing. For example, a hoodie purchased from a major nationwide retailer like Walmart or Target is bound to cost far less than one purchased from a high-end retailer like Louis Vuitton.

There are several reasons why items from luxury brands and retailers cost more than those from commonplace ones.

One of the most significant reasons is higher-quality materials and scarcity. Retailers catering to affluent buyers tend to use high-cost materials to create their products, and they typically only create a handful of each item to induce scarcity.

But brand recognition also plays a role.

For example, brands like Chanel, Dior, and Gucci are internationally recognized as luxury brands. Their products cater to only the wealthiest consumers, making them status symbols that the average person can only dream of owning.

Because these retailers and brands appeal to high-paying buyers, they can charge outrageous prices for their goods without suffering lost profits.

Unique Features

Most hoodies exist to keep you warm and help you look more stylish. But a select few come with unique features. Perhaps the best example of this is the most expensive hoodie ever sold, The First Edition.

In addition to being a casual clothing item, this particular hoodie comes with a digital NFT, viewable by scanning the V-Code displayed on the hoodie. Because Overpriced (the brand that released this item) only made a total of ten similar hoodies, this feature is remarkably rare and unusual.

Like hoodies made in small quantities by luxury brands, The First Edition benefits from its comparative rarity, making it far more valuable than similar hoodies sold at department stores.

What’s the Most Expensive Hoodie of All Time?

The most expensive hoodie of all time is Overpriced’s first NFT, a hoodie titled The First Edition. This hoodie sold for an astounding $26,000 in 2021.

While this doesn’t make The First Edition the priciest NFT ever sold, it is the priciest (and potentially the first real-world) wearable NFT worldwide, and the brand only released ten other versions. While many consider the NFT industry dead, The First Edition is bound to appreciate in value due to its historical significance and uniqueness.

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