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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida

Hawaii and California are well-known for having some of the most expensive residential properties. But these sunny destinations aren’t the only states with high-priced homes! Florida, the Sunshine State, also boasts quite a few expensive properties, many of which cost millions.

The most expensive house in Florida is the property found at 2000 S Ocean Blvd in Lantana. This 16-acre property consists of several buildings, bringing the total number of bedrooms to 21. Each building is luxuriously decorated, which is partially why the property sold for $173 million in 2022.

Are you thinking of making the Sunshine State your new home? If so, you might want to consider moving into one of these lavish Florida houses!

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Florida:

  1. Gemini, 2000 S Ocean Blvd, Lantana – $173 million
  2. 18 La Gorce Cir, Miami Beach – $170 million
  3. 1980 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach – $150 million
  4. 535 N County Rd, Palm Beach – $122.69 million
  5. 1840 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach – $109.62 million
  6. 3031 Brickell Ave, Miami – $106.87 million
  7. 1000 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan – $106 million
  8. 1020 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan – $89.93 million
  9. 854 S County Rd, Palm Beach – $79 million
  10. 8 Star Island Dr, Miami Beach – $75 million

10. 8 Star Island Dr, Miami Beach – $75 Million

photo source: Zillow

Miami Beach is home to some of the most opulent mansions in Florida, and it’s home to several celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone and Cher. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that one of the most expensive homes in the Sunshine State are in this part of Miami.

This includes the gated property at 8 Star Island Drive. This home sold for $75 million in 2021 and features nine bedrooms and almost a dozen bathrooms.

The interior is an impressive 14,785 square feet. That’s enough to contain almost six average-sized US homes!

The house has a distinct Colonial Spanish style that was a popular choice for early California mansions, and its glimmering white exterior shines beautifully beneath the hot Florida sunshine.

For the price of this home, you could afford to buy several of the most expensive Rolls-Royce cars!

Why It’s Expensive

This mansion-sized home is located in one of the most affluent areas of Miami, Miami Beach. This part of town is home to several celebrity homes, so anyone currently living at 8 Star Island Drive likely has world-famous actors and musicians as their neighbors.

Of course, the home’s gorgeous design, excessive bedrooms and bathrooms, and gated perimeter also make it distinctly valuable.

9. 854 S County Rd, Palm Beach – $79 million

854-S-County-Rd-Palm Beach
photo source: Home Max Realty International

The home found at 854 S County Road in Palm Beach looks more like a private estate from the height of the 1920s than a modern-day mansion. That might have something to do with the fact that it was built in 1936!

That said, it’s outfitted with all the modern amenities and luxuries anyone could hope for, including a private golf course and boat dock, open-concept living spaces that invite coastal breezes, and a fully updated kitchen with high-end appliances.

Every inch of this home exudes wealth and luxury, from the massive horseshoe driveway to the billiards room (complete with floor-to-ceiling French doors). All told, this property has nine bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and more than 10,000 square feet of living space.

If you’d like to make this home yours, you’ll only need to invest $79 million. That’s a true steal considering this property’s history, elegance, and size.

Why It’s Expensive

This classic Florida mansion is far more refined than modern versions, a quality that is sure to attract old-money buyers. Though the property’s elegant driveway and stylized swimming pools might not appeal to younger entrepreneurs, it’s impossible to deny the elegance and allure of this massive home.

Overall, this home is expensive due to its size, amenities, and unique history. Of course, many of the high-priced Florida homes included in this ranking are costly for exactly the same reasons!

8. 1020 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan – $89.93 Million

photo source: Zillow

As you’ll soon see, S Ocean Blvd in Manalapan/Palm Beach features some of Florida’s most luxurious and expensive homes. This includes the property found on 1020 S Ocean Blvd in Manalapan.

This lot sold for $89.93 million in 2021, even though it didn’t yet feature a home when it sold. That’s right, this plot of land was empty when it sold. But it won’t be for long!

The current plans for this property include the construction of a massive U-shaped Spanish-style mansion, complete with a T-shaped swimming pool in the back. If old homes don’t pique your interest, and you have plenty of money to build a home, why not opt for a multi-million-dollar mansion like this one?

Why It’s Expensive

Even though this one-acre lot was empty when it sold, it’ll soon be home to one of the most opulent modern Florida mansions. Still, only time will tell whether 1020 S Ocean Blvd will become one of Manalapan’s most sought-after luxury properties.

7. 1000 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan – $106 Million

photo source: Sotheby’s International Realty

When the world’s wealthiest are searching for something, one of the first places they turn is Sotheby’s. This international corporation not only acquires and auctions off some of the most expensive paintings, antiques, and jewelry items; they also do the same for residential properties.

The home at 1000 S Ocean Blvd in Manalapan is one of many Sotheby’s properties offered to affluent buyers. Priced at $106 million, it’s also one of the costliest in the Sunshine State!

The interior features more than 17,000 square feet of living space, and with nine bedrooms and ten full-sized bathrooms, there’s no lack of room to enjoy your favorite activities. Built in 2017, this home is one of the newest modern mansions located south of Palm Beach in the affluent Manapalan area.

The guest house has its own swimming pool, the lawns are verdant, and the backyard swimming pool butts against the seashore. This single-family home is one of the most spacious, bright, and modern Florida properties, making it a must-have for discerning buyers.

Why It’s Expensive

This two-story modern mansion offers the best of everything, from amenities to interior spaces. The only things it’s lacking are private golf courses and other high-end outdoor features.

But considering the fact that this home is a beachfront property, it’s not surprising that it’s listed for more than $100 million.

6. 3031 Brickell Ave, Miami – $106.87 Million

photo source: Zillow

Miami is one of the most populated areas of Florida, and living in this city can be extremely expensive. If you’d like to live within the city limits but outside of the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, the cost of living gets even higher.

The property at 3031 Brickell Ave is a fantastic example. This 12-bedroom home is within eyeliner of the towering Miami downtown area, but it’s far enough removed to remain fairly quiet and peaceful. But this peace and convenience come at a cost.

Though this Miami home was listed for $150 million, it sold for a slightly less impressive $106.87 million in August 2022. Still, with almost 20,000 square feet of living space, there’s nothing unimpressive about this modern mansion.

The gorgeous green lawns lead to a private fishing dock that abuts deep blue coastal waters, the Spanish Colonial-style exteriors are charming, and the quaint swimming pool comes with an elegant fountain.

But the true glory of this home becomes evident as soon as you step inside. The foyer features a chandelier that illuminates a spiral staircase leading to the second floor, and the flooring is marvelously decadent, featuring polished marble and travertine.

Investing in high-priced appliances like the most expensive toilets could make this home even more valuable!

Why It’s Expensive

This home features all the hallmarks of a classic mansion, from multiple chandeliers to gilded mirrors. Every part is elegant and ostentatious, so it’s bound to be pricey.

Besides, this home has a dozen bedrooms. You could turn this home into a hotel with that number of bedrooms!

5. 1840 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach – $109.62 Million

photo source: Zillow

The home found at 1840 S Ocean Blvd in Palm Beach is a palatial palace fit for royalty. The price reflects this fact, as this house sold for $109.62 million in 2021.

The entire property extends almost the length of the island it’s situated on, with only a small strip of space at the front for the access road. As such, this home’s private dock faces toward the mainland, making it ideal for fishing and boating.

But it’s the roomy interior spaces that make this home a treasure. There are open-concept rooms marked with alabaster columns, precious paintings, tapestries, and statues, and decadent white-tiled bathrooms with massive bathtubs and built-in vanity areas.

The ceiling-covered outdoor swimming pool is also a nice touch, as it lets you get a few laps in, even when the weather is rainy. This home even has its own private gym!

Why It’s Expensive

With nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms, this home is ready to pamper families of any size. It’s also located in one of the most high-value parts of the Sunshine State, Palm Beach. These qualities make it an extremely pricey piece of property.

4. 535 N County Rd, Palm Beach – $122.69 Million

photo source: Zillow

Palm Beach has a population of less than 10,000, and yet it’s one of the most expensive and affluent areas in Florida. The incredible homes in this area significantly contribute to the area’s wealth.

The house at 535 N County Rd in Palm Beach is one such property, selling for $122.69 million in February 2021. This home looks more like a five-star hotel than a family home, with nine spectacular bedrooms and a dozen full bathrooms.

This sprawling 15,350-square-foot property is the definition of modern luxury, with a stark white exterior that features plenty of dramatic lines and angles. The outdoor walkway straddles two pools and both the interior and exterior areas are covered in high-quality marble tiles.

Everything in this house seems to shimmer thanks to the modern hanging lights and polished flooring, all of which are brightened by a multitude of tall windows that let natural light into every space. This home also comes with a professional bar, complete with a restaurant’s worth of bar seating.

The outdoor theatre (with a modern gas fireplace) is the ideal spot for spending time with friends and family, but you can also take things easy by taking a dip in this home’s jacuzzi.

Why It’s Expensive

This home shines as brightly as a diamond, but its understated and modern exterior is distinctly classy. Every room in this home (and there are many) is unique and designed for comfort.

Still, the outdoor theater, interior dance studio, and fantastical living spaces are some of the primary reasons this property sold for $122.69 million.

3. 1980 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach – $150 Million

photo source: Zillow

S Ocean Blvd strikes again with this incredible Florida property.

Located at 1980 S Ocean Blvd in Palm Beach, this lot is sandwiched between the calm intercoastal waters and the foamy, azure blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s partially hidden from public view by a miniature forest of oak and palm trees, and these also act as an on-site nature reserve for homeowners.

Still, priced at $150 million, these 2.28 acres aren’t the most affordable. But considering how exclusive and desirable this property is, you might want to take out a mortgage to make it yours.

Why It’s Expensive

Even though this is an empty lot, it’s expensive because of its location and potential. After all, 1980 S Ocean Blvd is firmly situated in Billionaire’s Row, the most affluent and influential part of Palm Beach.

Still, this isn’t the priciest property on S Ocean Blvd! But we’ll reveal that home in just a moment.

2. 18 La Gorce Cir, Miami Beach – $170 Million

photo source: Zillow

The collection of grand buildings at 18 La Gorce Circle in Miami Beach technically qualifies as a single-family home, but you wouldn’t know that just by looking at this property. After all, with three individual homes and a private park, this property is more like a self-contained neighborhood than a single dwelling.

All told, this property is about 125,000 square feet, with outdoor and indoor spaces included. That’s about 50 times larger than the average home in the United States!

Of course, this space doesn’t come cheap, especially in the affluent Miami Beach neighborhood. This massive lot and its luxurious buildings are listed at $170 million.

But for this steep price, you’ll get almost three acres of private Miami paradise.

We’re talking multiple swimming pools, Spanish-Colonial-style digs, fully-equipped sprawling kitchens, and elegant dining rooms fit for heads of state. If private docks, manicured gardens, and Renaissance-inspired ceiling murals are your idea of home sweet home, look no further than this property.

Still, for the price of this Miami Beach property, you could afford to invest in several of the most expensive pieces of jewelry. Of course, jewelry won’t keep you warm and safe like a home can!

Why It’s Expensive

This property includes three separate homes, each of which would be worth several million on its own. But in addition, it’s a waterfront lot with a private park!

This property also comes with a classic-style home cinema (complete with red theatre chairs) and a statue-filled garden that will transport your mind and soul to the most elegant European destinations. It’s so chock-full of features and amenities that we’d have to spend hours listing them to mention them all.

That kind of luxury isn’t cheap.

1. Gemini, 2000 S Ocean Blvd, Lantana – $173 Million

The most expensive house in Florida is found at 2000 S Ocean Blvd, Lantana. This property sold for $173 million in 2022.

Technically, 2000 S Ocean Blvd in Lantana is far more than a house, as it’s a 16.61-acre lot featuring multiple buildings. If you add these buildings together, you end up with 28.5 bathrooms, 21 bedrooms, and more than 80,000 square feet of living space.

This oceanfront property has passed through the hands of multiple billionaires and features some of the most sumptuous spaces and amenities of any modern home. The outdoor spaces are also impressive, with different areas for:

  • Golfing
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Boating

There’s also a basketball and tennis court, a butterfly garden, and an on-site bird sanctuary! A property like this is hard to come by, and it’s so special that it’s earned its own name: Gemini.

As of 2022, it belongs to Larry Ellison, one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world.

Why It’s Expensive

The average home in the United States offers about 2,500 square feet of living space. This property has more than 30 times that amount of living space! That alone would make it expensive.

But this property is essentially a compound full of luxurious buildings and high-quality outdoor amenities. How many homes do you know of that have their own sports complex, their own beachfront access, and personal aviary?

Unless you’re a billionaire with multiple properties around the globe, these amenities are likely well out of reach. Overall, this property was built by billionaires for billionaires, which is why it’s so costly.

How Much Does the Average Florida Home Cost?

The average house in Florida only costs about $407,000. Naturally, prices vary depending on the precise location.

Houses in high-population centers and metropolitan areas tend to be the priciest, while those in more rural areas are often more affordable. If you’re looking to invest in an expensive Florida home, you’ll likely want to choose one in the following cities:

  • Miami Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Manalapan
  • Tampa
  • Jupiter

What’s the Most Expensive House in Florida?

The most expensive house in Florida is found at 2000 S Ocean Blvd in Lantana. This property sold for $173 million in June 2022 and consists of several buildings.

This massive swath of land (16.61 acres) consists of 21 bedrooms and more than 28 bathrooms. Notably, this property is only a short drive south of many other high-value Florida homes, including those in Manapalan and Palm Beach.

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