Top 10 Most Expensive Jackets of All Time


Jackets can keep you warm and dry during cold and rainy weather, but they’re also fabulous fashion accessories that can complete any ensemble. But if you’re looking to rock the most stylish jacket, you’ll need to be prepared to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. In fact, the most expensive jackets often cost millions!

The most expensive jacket of all time is the Farrah Gray and Peter Marco Diamond Jacket. This jacket is made of gleaming python leather and features 460 carats of diamonds. These jewels adorn the collar and pockets, and they’re the primary reason this jacket features a $10 million price tag.

This ranking will explore the priciest jackets of all time. So whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or hoping to buy one of the planet’s costliest jackets, this article can help you find exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Jackets of All Time:

  1. Farrah Gray and Peter Marco Diamond Jacket – $10 million
  2. Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket – $1.8 million
  3. Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour Jacket – $298,000
  4. Stephen Hawking’s Bomber Jacket – $52,133
  5. Jean Paul Gaultier Matte Black Crocodile Jacket – $35,400
  6. Barneys New York Custom Leather Jacket – $22,500
  7. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mink Three-Quarter Sleeves Jacket – $17,400
  8. Louis Vuitton Reversible Sleeveless Mink Jacket – $16,700
  9. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mink Bomber Jacket – $16,100
  10. Dolce & Gabbana Camouflage Bomber Jacket – $14,000

10. Dolce & Gabbana Camouflage Bomber Jacket – $14,000

photo source: FARFETCH

Dolce & Gabbana has created some of the world’s most expensive pairs of jeans, but they’ve also released some of the priciest jackets known to man. This camouflage bomber jacket is a fantastic example.

Though the camouflage pattern of this jacket isn’t particularly unique, the style is distinctly fashionable. For example, the front zipper is oversized, as are the front pockets.

Additionally, the bottom portion of the jacket body and sleeves features stretchy cotton fabric that fits the wearer’s body like a glove. But one of the most attractive aspects of this jacket is the lamb skin material comprising part of its exterior.

This distinct type of material is one of the reasons this jacket costs $14,000!

Why It’s Expensive

This camouflage jacket is partially made of lamb skin, a costly material. However, this high-priced fabric isn’t the primary reason this jacket costs thousands. Instead, this piece’s brand is likely behind its incredible price.

Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most reputable Italian luxury brands in the world. Many of the brand’s products cost thousands of dollars, including this jacket. These higher-than-average prices ensure the brand only appeals to the wealthiest buyers.

9. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mink Bomber Jacket – $16,100

photo source: Louis Vuitton

Like Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton is known for producing high-quality luxury items. But its selection of jackets is often pricier than the previous brand’s jackets, in no small part due to their extravagant materials.

For example, this high-fashion bomber jacket is made of lamb skin and mink fur, two expensive fabrics that aren’t often found in standard department store jackets. It’s also covered in the Louis Vuitton monogram, making it a noticeably fashionable accessory that can help anyone look more stylish and affluent.

If you’d like to make this bomber jacket yours, you’ll need to be willing to spend $16,100. You may also want to act fast, as Louis Vuitton consistently updates its inventory, meaning that this jacket is only available for a limited time.

Why It’s Expensive

This jacket’s high-cost materials and branding are the primary reasons it costs thousands of dollars. After all, Louis Vuitton clothing is highly coveted, making it some of the most in-demand products on the planet.

Additionally, the exceptional quality of the materials used to create Louis Vuitton clothing makes each item a valuable and durable investment. When maintained properly, this brand’s clothing could last a lifetime.

But it’s worth noting that this jacket also features the Louis Vuitton monogram. As such, it’s a visible status symbol that can boost any wearer’s social standing.

8. Louis Vuitton Reversible Sleeveless Mink Jacket – $16,700

photo source: Louis Vuitton

Some jackets are designed to cover your shirt or sweater, but this jacket is a sleeveless model that can accentuate your top! It’s made of incredibly soft mink and nylon satin, and it’s reversible.

Both sides feature neutral colors (gray and black), so you could pair this jacket with any outfit and look stunning. Still, this jacket costs $16,700, making it far costlier than other reversible sleeveless jackets.

Why It’s Expensive

Like other Louis Vuitton items, this jacket’s high price partially stems from its brand reputation. However, the mink fur exterior undoubtedly adds to its value. Besides, this jacket is reversible, so wearers can wear it in multiple ways!

Still, while this soft gray jacket is quite attractive and valuable, it’s not the priciest Louis Vuitton jacket available.

7. Louis Vuitton Monogram Mink Three-Quarter Sleeves Jacket – $17,400

photo source: Louis Vuitton

We’ve discussed full-sleeve and sleeveless Louis Vuitton jackets, but now it’s time to touch on the three-quarter sleeves jacket available from this Italian luxury brand.

Designed with comfort and style in mind, this slightly baggy jacket has a cushioned collar that almost functions as a hood. It also features a jaw-dropping $17,400 price tag that rivals other jackets from luxury brands.

This is the most expensive jacket that you could purchase today. So, if you’re looking to make waves by wearing one of the costliest accessories ever made, you’ll want to act quickly and invest in this stylish piece before it’s gone.

Why It’s Expensive

Louis Vuitton clothing items are some of the most expensive products in the world. Yet, they’re comparatively scarce, as the brand only creates a limited supply of each item, and the rotating product lineup ensures that all items are rare and valuable.

The soft mink material of this jacket also contributes to this high price, as mink is one of the priciest fabrics. But this jacket also features the Louis Vuitton logo, so it can function as a status indicator.

When you wear this jacket, you’re letting everyone know that you’re the sort of person who can afford the highest-quality clothing items.

6. Barneys New York Custom Leather Jacket – $22,500

photo source: Christie’s

When people travel around the world, they tend to buy souvenirs to help them remember their travels. These souvenirs range from tiny spoons to fabric patches. The latter option completely covers this custom leather jacket, making it a jet-setter’s dream come true.

Produced by the now-defunct luxury brand Barneys New York, this leather jacket features patches with dozens of distinctly French patches.

It was created by designer Dries Van Noten in 2016, only four years before Barneys New York ceased operations. As such, it’s likely one of the last customized items produced by the brand. This jacket sold for $22,500 when it went to auction in 2016.

Why It’s Expensive

When a high-end brand closes shop, products with that brand’s logo instantly become more valuable. Consequently, this leather jacket’s branding is one of the primary reasons it sold for thousands.

But this is also a one-of-a-kind designer-made jacket. There will never be another jacket precisely like it. This rare quality makes it desirable to wealthy buyers who want to show off unique clothing.

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Matte Black Crocodile Jacket – $35,400

photo source: Christie’s

High fashion and high prices often coincide, so it should be no surprise that this Hermès crocodile skin jacket costs $35,400. After all, it’s one of the most stylish designer jackets ever released by the French luxury brand.

The overlong sleeves are accentuated by the bodice-like shape of the jacket, all of which are made of black crocodile skin. It was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, a French fashion designer with a knack for creating one-of-a-kind haute couture clothing.

This jacket would look stunning if paired with one of the most expensive t-shirts, particularly the Hermès crocodile shirt. But if you’re looking to purchase this item, you might be disappointed to learn that it sold at auction in 2016.

Why It’s Expensive

This designer jacket is made of crocodile skin, one of the costliest fabrics on the planet. It was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, one of the most in-demand French fashion experts.

The branding (it’s a Hermès product) also contributes to its high price. This crocodile skin jacket is also exceptionally rare, and it’s potentially the only one that exists. This rarity only makes it more valuable.

4. Stephen Hawking’s Bomber Jacket – $52,133

photo source: Christie’s

Stephen Hawking was one of the most celebrated physicists in human history, and his name is synonymous with modern science. As a result, any items that once belonged to Hawking are historically significant treasures bound to fetch incredible prices.

This bomber jacket is no exception. Not only did it belong to Hawking, but it was also featured in the 2016 documentary, Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places.

In 2018, this jacket sold for $52,133 (initially £40,000) at a Christie’s auction.

Why It’s Expensive

This jacket is made of black and blue nylon, a common material that isn’t worth much. But it was owned by Stephen Hawking and debuted in a widely viewed documentary, making it a valuable item.

Because this jacket is worthy of both a museum and a film memorabilia collection, it’s far more valuable than everyday nylon bomber jackets.

But though this jacket belonged to one of the most influential physicists of the last few centuries, its value pales compared to the clothing worn by one of the world’s premier pop artists—Michael Jackson.

3. Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour Jacket – $298,000

photo source: Luxurylaunches

When Michael Jackson’s 1987 album Bad hit the airwaves and store shelves, it became a near-instant hit. Five songs on that album hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it one of the musician’s most influential and popular albums.

So, when Jackson went on a world tour to promote the album, millions clamored for the opportunity to see him perform live. Those lucky enough to score a ticket to one of his many shows likely saw the artist wearing this distinctive black jacket.

Covered in zippers, straps, and buckles, this jacket represents the height of 1980s fashion and is one of the world’s most recognizable articles of clothing. So, it should be no surprise that this jacket sold for $298,000 in 2018 at The Icons & Idols: Rock-N-Roll auction.

Why It’s Expensive

Michael Jackson, also known as the King of Pop, was incredibly popular. His songs are still played on radio stations worldwide, even though he passed away in 2009.

Like Jackson’s music, his clothing is iconic. So not many buyers would pass up the opportunity to own one of the pop star’s most recognizable accessories, including this black jacket.

In short, Michael Jackson’s continuing fame is the primary reason why this jacket sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Still, this jacket isn’t the most expensive Michael Jackson jacket ever sold.

That honor goes to the next entry on our list, the Thriller Jacket.

2. Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket – $1.8 Million

photo source: AFP/Getty Images

The video for Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller” is one of the most infamous music videos of all time. One of the most noticeable aspects of this video (besides its horror theme) was the bright red jacket Jackson wore throughout it.

This jacket, colloquially known as the Thriller Jacket, became a pop culture icon in and of itself, being featured in several parodies and tributes to the song and the artist. But in 2011, this red-and-black 1980s-style jacket also became one of the most expensive jackets of all time.

The Thriller Jacket fetched a whopping $1.8 million when it went to auction in Beverly Hills, exceeding the estimated maximum auction price of $400,000. Guinness World Records says it’s the most expensive jacket ever sold at auction.

Why It’s Expensive

Items that once belonged to the most famous musicians and celebrities almost always sell for millions when they go to auction. So it should come as no surprise that items owned by Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, would sell for big bucks.

However, this jacket rivals many of Jackson’s other belongings in terms of popularity. It was featured heavily in the 1983 music video for the song “Thriller,” ensuring that millions of people could instantly recognize it.

Owning this jacket is similar to owning Marilyn Monroe’s dress from The Seven Year Itch, which happens to be one of the most expensive dresses in the world.

1. Farrah Gray and Peter Marco Diamond Jacket – $10 Million

photo source: Luxurylaunches

The most expensive jacket of all time is the Farrah Gray and Peter Marco Diamond Jacket, valued at $10 million. This incredible designer jacket features dozens of high-quality diamonds, bringing the piece’s total to a stunning 460 carats.

These gemstones are attached to the jacket’s collar and pocket lapels, drawing the eye to the wearer’s neck, abdomen, and hands. However, this jacket’s incredible number of diamonds isn’t the only notable aspect.

Unlike most standard store-bought leather jackets, which are made of cow’s leather, this jacket is made of python skin. As you might imagine, this type of animal skin is hard to come by, making it quite pricey.

The python leather material also gives this jacket a unique pattern and unmatchable shine, making it a must-have item for the world’s most affluent and fashionable individuals.

Why It’s Expensive

This is one of the few clothing items produced by Farrah Gray, an American entrepreneur from the South Side of Chicago. Consequently, it’s a rare piece that anyone could feel proud to own.

But this jacket’s luxurious materials are the primary reason it costs millions. After all, it’s made of sumptuous black python leather and features hundreds of carats of top-notch GIA certified diamonds.

These materials alone cost millions. But when they’re gorgeously combined to create a one-of-a-kind jacket, their individual value is instantly trumped by the collective value of the piece.

What Is the Most Expensive Jacket of All Time?

The most expensive jacket of all time is the Farrah Gray and Peter Marco Diamond Jacket. This diamond-studded jacket is valued at $10 million, making it about as expensive as a small mansion.

Still, this black python leather is exceptionally fashionable, so those with the money to spend on it can feel confident that they’ll look like a million bucks (or $10 million) while showing it off.

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