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Top 10 Most Expensive Keyboards of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive Keyboards of All Time

Whether you use a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet, you’re likely familiar with the typewriter-inspired computer keyboard. Still, not all keyboards are exactly alike, and while the average USB version might only set you back about $20, some keyboards cost thousands.

Are you looking to transform your desktop setup into a luxurious tech destination? If so, you’ll want to check out these exceptionally valuable keyboards.

Here are the top 10 most expensive keyboards of all time:

10. Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard – $249

photo source: Logitech

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard is an ultra-thin gaming keyboard with backlit function keys that allow you to game comfortably, even while playing in the dark! Unlike budget-friendly USB keyboards, this model is fully wireless, so there are no pesky cords to get in the way.

This gaming keyboard is a comparatively affordable, high-quality option that could significantly improve your gameplay experience. Costing $249, it comes in three styles (Linear, Tactile, and Clicky), so you can choose a type that suits your gaming needs.

And if you’re serious about taking your PC gaming experience to the next level, why not invest in one of the most expensive gaming chairs?

Why It’s Expensive

There are quite a few reasons why this Logitech keyboard costs more than the average USB version.

Firstly, this keyboard is wireless, so you can position it anywhere in your gaming room without struggling with a USB cable. It also has programmable G-keys and backlit RGB keys for improved visibility.

This keyboard is also super thin, making it a stylish alternative to clunkier gaming keyboards. Still, we’re only getting started when it comes to expensive computer keyboards.

9. Happy Hacking Keyboard 25th Anniversary Limited Edition – $280

photo source: HHKB

While Logitech makes some of the most expensive gaming mouses in the world, they’re not the top choice for high-value keyboards. That honor might belong to Happy Hacking instead, as this brand features on this ranking twice!

In 2021, Happy Hacking released a special “Snow” version of their Professional HYBRID Type-S keyboard, releasing only 250 to the public (and only buyers in Europe). This compact keyboard is ideal for increased productivity, with close-set keys and a simplified design that makes typing a breeze.

If you’re fortunate enough to find one of these keyboards still available for purchase, expect to spend at least $280 to make it yours.

Why It’s Expensive

This Limited Edition Happy Hacking keyboard is primarily valuable because of its rarity. It was only available to European buyers, and Happy Hacking released fewer than 300 units.

That said, this keyboard also features several notable and practical features. It’s designed for efficient typing, with a compact design and angled back to help your fingers fly across the keys. And speaking of the keys, they’re equipped with Topre silent key switches for quiet performance.

All-in-all, this keyboard is a valuable asset for anyone who uses their PC keyboard for work, making it a worthwhile investment for remote workers and those who work in offices.

8. The Sojourner Keyboard – $899

photo source: Datamancer

The Sojourner Keyboard looks like it was pulled from the distant past, with unique circular function keys featuring calligraphic writing. If you appreciate the steampunk aesthetic, you’ll instantly fall in love with this brass-and-leather computer keyboard.

This keyboard is also reminiscent of antique typewriters, so those who prefer manual word processing are bound to enjoy the feel of this model. Of course, you’ll need to spend $899 to make it yours!

Why It’s Expensive

Even though The Soujourner Keyboard isn’t a hi-tech gaming keyboard, it’s valuable thanks to its distinct design and materials. Few modern keyboards have such an eye-catching Old World design and even fewer feature materials like aged leather and brass.

So while this model might not help you improve your gaming performance or productivity, it could be a worthwhile choice for those hoping to complement a steampunk-themed PC monitor and mouse.

In short, this keyboard is expensive because of its appearance and uniqueness.

7. Custom Keyboard For Sara Dietschy – $1,000

Tiny (tinymakesthings) is a professional keyboard artist and designer, and many of her commissioned keycaps for mechanical keyboards sell for big bucks. But the priciest custom keyboard this artisan has ever made might be the one for Sara Dietschy, as it cost a total of $985 to create but was sold for $1,000.

You can watch the full creation process if you have about ten minutes to spare. But if you’re strapped for time, here’s a quick breakdown.

This custom-made keyboard features:

  • RGB backlighting
  • A peach-cube ESCAPE (Esc) key
  • An included desk mat
  • Tactile Holy Panda switches

Why It’s Expensive

Creating a computer keyboard from scratch is no easy feat. But this keyboard costs $1,000 mainly because it’s made of high-quality components.

If you’d like to own a customized keyboard with adorable keycaps, commission one from tinymakesthings!

6. The Seafarer Keyboard – $1,299

photo source: Datamancer

The folks at Datamancer are the creative minds behind The Soujourner Keyboard. But they’re also responsible for creating The Seafarer Keyboard. So, in terms of companies that produce the priciest keyboards in the world, they’re pretty much tied with Happy Hacker.

As the name of this computer keyboard suggests, it looks like something that would be at home on an old-fashioned sloop or pirate ship. The brass plates are engraved to look like aged wood, and the face plate features a gorgeous antique-style map.

If you love pirate-themed tech items, you might want to splurge and spend $1,299 on this keyboard.

Why It’s Expensive

The amount of time and effort that went into creating this nautical-themed keyboard is evident, and labor is one of the main reasons it’s so pricey. That said, high-quality components and materials also contribute to the comparatively high cost of The Seafarer Keyboard.

Still, the next option on our list costs almost three times as much as this!

5. The Smorgasboard – $3,350

The Smorgasboard keyboard looks like the food emoji menu brought to life. It also happens to be one of the highest-priced custom keyboards ever created by Tiny, with each key costing between $50 and $100.

That’s because each key is a handmade food item, which each tasty treat representing a letter or symbol on the standard QWERTY keyboard. So, if you need to press the ‘M’ key, you’d punch down on the miniature milk carton, and if you need to type ‘B,’ you’d touch the delicious-looking burger keycap.

But the total cost for this keyboard is about $3,350, so it’s not exactly the most affordable food-themed PC accessory.

Why It’s Expensive

Each of the keycaps on this mouthwatering keyboard is handmade and immaculately designed. The labor costs of creating this keyboard are the main reason behind its staggering estimated price.

4. Tfue’s Custom Keyboard – $3,500

Popular Twitch streamers can earn thousands of dollars each month in ad revenue, so it makes sense that successful streamers would invest some of their income into high-quality PC accessories and components.

Tfue, one of the most popular Fortnite streamers of 2020, did just that when he ordered a $3,500 custom keyboard. This one-of-a-kind aluminum and stainless steel keyboard was handmade by fellow Twitch streamer Tae Ha Kim and is designed for high-response gaming.

Why It’s Expensive

This 60% keyboard (missing the number pad) is expensive because it was handmade, it’s unique, and it’s chock-full of high-quality components. It’s one of the best and rarest gaming keyboards in the world, so its incredible price tag is no surprise.

Tfue’s keyboard also features “gasket mounting” that includes strips of poron foam to provide a specific “typing feel” and sound.

3. Happy Hacking Keyboard HG – $4,390

photo source: Engadget

When it comes to gaming keyboards, backlit keys are crucial. But the Happy Hacking Keyboard HG is made for professional typists, and each keycap is essentially blank.

So while you won’t find a single letter on this computer keyboard, you could use it to type a professional email! Of course, this keyboard costs about $4,390, so if you’re learning to type without looking down at each letter on the keyboard, you might want to choose a different model.

Why It’s Expensive

This Happy Hacking keyboard is a limited edition option imported from Japan. These qualities make it quite valuable. But the Wajima lacquer keycaps also make it pricier than the average computer keyboard.

2. Sui President Aluminum Keyboard – $8,607

photo source: Japan Trend Shop

Japan’s technological innovations and consumer-friendly products are some of the best in the world, but they can also be quite pricey. That’s certainly the case with the Sui President Aluminum Keyboard, a hefty-yet-slim professional PC keyboard that costs $8,607.

This keyboard comes in its own fabric-lined gift box and looks stunning when paired with stainless steel or aluminum computer accessories.

It exudes minimalism and is handmade by Japanese artisans. Each one requires almost two months to complete from start to finish, and they’re entirely made to order.

Why It’s Expensive

The craftsmanship required to create this Japanese keyboard is the main reason it’s so pricey.

1. ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard – $10,000

photo source: Anandtech

The most expensive keyboard is the ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard, a gold-plated version of the brand’s XPG Summoner Keyboard. ADATA released only six of these 24-karat gold keyboards, each costing a jaw-dropping $10,000.

It’s not challenging to understand why the Golden Summoner is so expensive. After all, it’s quite literally covered in one of the most precious materials on planet Earth; Gold!

Why It’s Expensive

Anything (and I do mean anything) covered in gold is bound to be expensive. The ADATA Golden Summoner is no exception, with each function key and every inch of exposed face plate covered in decadent 24-karate gold.

But this keyboard is also an impressive gaming tool, as it’s essentially just a gold-covered ADATA XPG Summoner. This base model is one of the most popular among professional gamers.

The Golden Summoner takes things to a new lavish level that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the sumptuous look and feel of gold.

What Makes a Keyboard Expensive?

You can visit your local department store and pick up a USB keyboard for between $10 and $60. So, why do some computer keyboards cost thousands?

The answer often comes down to two factors. For example, the priciest keyboards of all time often feature:

  • Precious materials, or
  • Hi-tech features

That said, scarcity (and high demand) can also make a keyboard more expensive. If you’re in the market for a high-value keyboard or curious to understand more about the costliest keyboards, you’ll want to delve a little deeper into these factors.

Precious Materials

Keyboards that feature precious materials like gold or silver are inherently more expensive than simple plastic models. In fact, the most expensive keyboard of all time, the ADATA Gold Summoner, is primarily expensive because of the 24-karat gold plating covering its keys and top plate.

Still, this golden keyboard wouldn’t be quite so valuable if it wasn’t also technologically impressive. Several of the priciest keyboards have hi-tech features that make them a worthwhile investment to buyers, especially professional gamers.

Hi-Tech Features

The time it takes for your keyboard’s output signals to generate a response can significantly impact your productivity and gameplay. As such, the best (and often costliest) keyboards have lightning-fast response times.

Many of the priciest gaming keyboards also have backlit function keys that add a little ambiance and make keys easier to see and read. Though these features might not seem impressive to the average PC user, they’re crucial to those who enjoy playing fast-paced PC games.

Consequently, many of the world’s most successful professional esports athletes and gamers invest big bucks to own the most responsive customized keyboards.


Scarcity, or how rare an item is, is one of the most significant factors impacting price. Generally, one-of-a-kind or rare items are pricier than common items. But, of course, demand also plays a role.

To understand this concept, imagine that you’re standing in a hot, dry desert, and you’re incredibly thirsty. Now imagine that a bottled water vendor approaches you and offers to sell you a single bottle of water for $100.

Now, that price might be quite steep (unless you’re buying one of the most expensive bottles of water in the world), but if you had the funds to purchase that water, you likely would. After all, you need water to survive, so there’s a high demand for it! But out in the desert, there’d be a limited supply of water.

This relationship between supply and demand informs the prices of nearly every item worldwide, including computer keyboards.

What’s the Most Expensive Keyboard of All Time?

The most expensive keyboard of all time is the ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard. Based on the popular XPG Summoner keyboard, this gold-plated version was originally a bespoke one-off, but in 2020 ADATA turned it into a limited-run product.

The brand has only released six of these lavish gaming keyboards. At a cost of $10,000 apiece, these 24-karat gold keyboards are easily some of the most luxurious and eye-catching available to PC gamers.

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