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Top 10 Most Expensive Pizzas of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive Pizzas of All Time

Pizza is one of the most affordable and popular snacks in North America. After all, most pizzas only cost between $5 and $20! But if you’re in the mood for a decadent treat, you might want to spend a little more to enjoy one of the world’s most expensive gourmet pizza pies.

The most expensive pizza of all time is the Pierchic Pizza, a $180,000 pie originally made to satiate the appetite of the House of Maktoum, Dubai’s ruling royal family. This pizza’s decadent toppings, including white and black truffles, are partially responsible for its tremendous cost.

When you’ve finished browsing this ranking of the costliest pizzas, your stomach will growl for a taste of pizza-flavored luxury!

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Pizzas of All Time:

  1. Pierchic Pizza – $180,000
  2. The $70,000 Golden Pizza – $70,000
  3. Louis XIII Pizza – $12,000
  4. Triple Gold Pizza – $12,000
  5. Trump Pizza – $10,000
  6. Pizza for Lovers – $8,180
  7. Pizza Royale 007 – $3,321
  8. White Truffle 24-Karat Gold Leaf Pizza – $2,379
  9. Industry Kitchen’s 24K Gold Pizza – $2,000
  10. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza – $1,000

10. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza – $1,000

photo source: Barcroft USA

New York City is the home of the $1 pizza slice. But while touring the Big Apple, why not treat yourself to a luxurious pizza from Nino’s in Manhattan? It’ll only cost you about $1,000!

This decadent pie is called the Bellissima Pizza. It features several high-quality, costly ingredients, including lobster and six kinds of caviar.

It’s also a rich pizza (pun intended), thanks to the added creme fraiche. And a dash of wasabi complements this dish’s salty, savory flavor combinations.

This pizza is the ultimate luxury treat for individuals or couples exploring the Upper East Side, and its reputation continues to draw in high-paying customers from around the globe.

Why It’s Expensive

Manhattan is the most affluent and expensive area in New York City, and many restaurants in this neighborhood cater to the wealthiest people in the world. As such, it’s no surprise to find one of the priciest pizzas in this area.

Still, the true reason why the Bellissima Pizza from Nino’s is so expensive has nothing to do with location and everything to do with ingredients. This pie is smothered in six types of high-quality caviar and features buttery slivers of lobster.

9. Industry Kitchen’s 24K Gold Pizza – $2,000

photo source: Thrillist

New York City’s Financial District is home to some of the most influential and powerful businesses on the planet, but it’s also home to one of the most expensive pizzas; the 24K Gold Pizza from Industry Kitchen. Each of these sparkling pies costs a jaw-dropping $2,000!

Upon first glance, you might mistake this pie for a disc-shaped piece of jewelry, as it has a golden glitter accentuated by the dark dough and heaping spoonfuls of black caviar. However, this work of culinary art is entirely edible and undeniably lavish.

In addition to the caviar sitting atop each slice, you’ll find that the 24 Gold Pizza is smothered in (you guessed it) 24-karat gold leaf. It also features foie gras, truffles, and rich Stilton cheese.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, why not wash down each slice with a sip of the most expensive beer in the world?

Why It’s Expensive

The incredible amount of 24-karat gold leaf used to make each of these pizzas is the main reason the 24K Gold Pizza is so expensive. But its additional ingredients, including caviar and foie gras, also contribute to the final $2,000 price tag.

The location might also influence this pizza’s price. After all, Industry Kitchen is located within the Financial District, so the most successful businesspeople (and their heavy wallets) are right around the corner!

8. White Truffle 24-Karat Gold Leaf Pizza – $2,379

photo source: Restaurants and Food Blog

If you’re taking a trip to the Mediterranean, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the island nation of Malta. This historic city isn’t only one of the most beautiful places to explore but also where you’ll find Margo’s Authentic Neopolitan Pizza.

This popular restaurant serves up mouthwatering morsels, including a lavish $2,379 pizza called the White Truffle 24-Karat Gold Leaf Pizza. This pie is sized to satisfy a single diner, and why it might not feature quite as much gold leaf as the 24K Gold Pizza from Industry Kitchen, it’s just as sumptuous.

Why It’s Expensive

These pizzas are made using high-quality organic ingredients, including stretchy, golden-baked mozzarella made from Italian and Mediterranean buffalo milk. Still, as the name of the pizza suggests, the main toppings that make this pie so costly are the white truffles and gold leaf squares.

Truffles and gold leaf aren’t cheap, and this pizza’s price reflects that. It’s also worth noting that part of the final price stems from the skill of Margo’s chefs. These artisans know how to make delicious pizza, and their labor isn’t free.

So, when you order one of these pies from Margo’s in Malta, you’re paying for the taste, the quality, and the luxurious ingredients.

7. Pizza Royale 007 – $3,321

photo source: Luxurylaunches

Many people order pizza by calling or visiting their favorite restaurant, and ordering online has become even more popular in recent years. But in 2007, one very special pizza changed hands via an auction on eBay.

Introducing the infamous Pizza Royale 007, a $3,321 meal created to celebrate the premiere of Casino Royale. According to the Guinness World Records, this is the most expensive pizza ever sold at auction.

It’s worth noting that this pizza’s creator (Domenico Crolla) lives in Scotland but is Italian-Scottish. In a perfect twist of fate, the person who purchased this unique pizza was Italian, connecting the British James Bond films and this delicious Italian cuisine into a perfect loop.

Why It’s Expensive

The Pizza Royale 007 was fit for an elegant secret agent, featuring toppings like champagne-scented caviar, cognac-marinated lobster, and whiskey-marinated steak.

These marriages between high-quality alcoholic drinks and luxury-grade ingredients are the primary reason behind this pizza’s staggering auction price.

Of course, this pizza was also a one-of-a-kind item, made specifically to commemorate the release of the 2007 film Casino Royale. So, though it can be recreated, creating a precisely identical pie is impossible.

6. Pizza for Lovers – $8,180

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, but in February of 2008, Favitta’s Family Pizzeria decided it was also a day for pizza. This pizza restaurant in Rochester, New York, decided to branch out and create a unique ring-topped pie called Pizza for Lovers.

This pizza, priced at $8,180, was shaped like a heart and came with a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. Still, the most extravagant aspect of this pie was the diamond engagement ring placed on top.

It’s unknown whether Favitta’s Family Pizzeria ever sold the one-of-a-kind Pizza for Lovers. Still, considering the fact that the restaurant has since gone out of business, there’s a good chance that this gimmicky pie failed to impress local customers.

That said, Pizza for Lovers and Favitta’s Family Pizzeria will forever be remembered for crafting one of the costliest pizzas of all time.

Why It’s Expensive

Pizza for Lovers wasn’t smothered in caviar or gold leaf like other high-priced pies. Instead, it was just a normal sauce-and-cheese pizza. The only thing truly unique about the pie was its shape; a heart!

But the added touches, primarily the vintage champagne and diamond ring, helped boost this pizza’s price tag past the $8,000 mark.

5. Trump Pizza – $10,000

photo source: New York Post

Before we delve into this unique New York pizza, it’s crucial to clarify that it’s not a pizza released by one of the restaurants in Trump Tower. However, this pizza’s golden sheen and high-priced toppings are reminiscent of the former president’s love for luxurious things.

Initially created in 2017 to celebrate Trump’s presidential election win, the Trump Pizza was an eight-slice pie covered in seven types of cheese, white truffles, and caviar. The face of each pizza spelled out the word “TRUMP” in bold gold leaf letters, adding even more opulence to the pie.

While the base cost for this pizza (only briefly available from the Lower East Side’s Champion Pizza) was only a mere $5,000, those looking for the ultimate luxury dining experience could pay double and enjoy double the toppings.

Why It’s Expensive

When you combine high-priced ingredients into a single dish, you’re sure to come away with an expensive meal. That’s certainly the case with the Trump Pizza, which featured everything from edible precious metal to imported white truffles.

Still, the diverse array of mouthwatering gourmet cheeses might be the tastiest part of this pie.

4. Triple Gold Pizza – $12,000

photo source: FaZe Rug

One of the simplest ways to elevate the price of a food item is to cover it in an edible gold leaf. When YouTuber Brian Awadis (FaZe Rug) and his friend Shyon Q decided to make one of the world’s most expensive pizzas in 2022, one of their go-to ingredients was gold.

This duo created a pie featuring three types of gold (hence the name, the Triple Gold Pizza) worth an estimated $12,000!

The Triple Gold Pizza also had a dash of truffle salt and gouda. But the combination of edible white, rose, and yellow gold squares are what truly made this pie a luxurious snack.

Would you like to see this pizza’s creation process from start to finish? Watch this video to learn more!

Why It’s Expensive

The base cost of the ingredients and the labor required to create the dough (17 hours) are the primary reasons why this pie is so pricey.

3. Louis XIII Pizza – $12,000

photo source: Renato Viola

Nothing says “you’ve made it,” like having a professional chef enter your home to prepare dinner. But if your tastes gravitate more toward common fare, like pizza, the opportunity to enjoy such an experience might be hard to come by.

That’s why the most affluent pizza lovers should consider ordering the $12,000 Louis XIII Pizza. This pie is more of an experience than a dish, as Chef Renato Viola and his catering team will travel to your home to prepare, cook, and serve this pizza to you.

While the pizza isn’t the most massive meal you could order for yourself, its ingredients are distinctly elegant and filling. When you order the Louis XIII Pizza, you can enjoy bites of:

  • Three types of rare caviar
  • Prawns
  • Lobster
  • Organic buffalo mozzarella

The Louis XIII Pizza experience also includes a sommelier, and diners can enjoy sips of Louis XIII Remy Martin Cognac, French champagne, and Spanish brandy while munching on their salty-yet-savory personal pizza.

Why It’s Expensive

Where to begin? Firstly, this pizza is covered in some of the most expensive types of caviar, including rare Beluga caviar.

It’s also decked out in high-quality seafood and expensive buffalo mozzarella.

But when you order this pie, Chef Renato Viola will come to your home and make this pizza on your behalf, then include a sommelier service to boot. That level of personalized service is one of the major reasons the Louis XIII Pizza is such an expensive treat.

2. The $70,000 Golden Pizza – $70,000

Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast) is one of the most popular and financially successful YouTube creators ever. But he wasn’t born into wealth and affluence.

Instead, he’s made millions by creating unique videos focusing on expensive experiences. With each video he releases, he makes back at least some of his invested money, resulting in a rolling-ball scenario of cash influx.

But did you know that MrBeast financed (at least partially) the creation of one of the most expensive pizzas ever made?

That’s right, in February 2020, this YouTube phenomenon (alongside fellow creator David Dobrik) paid a private chef to create a decadent, gold-leaf-covered pizza featuring:

  • Ten-year-old parmesan bechamel sauce
  • Top-quality Japanese beef
  • Hudson Valley foie gras
  • Imported Italian white truffles
  • Rare albino caviar

Notably, the two types of meat included in this pie (beef and foie gras) were marinated and seared in luxury fruit juices that cost several thousands of dollars. The final value of this shared meal was an impressive $70,000!

Why It’s Expensive

This decadent pizza was created by a personal chef who’s accustomed to working for the world’s wealthiest diners. It was also crafted using only the finest ingredients money can buy.

But the full gold leaf coverage (directly on the dough) might be one of the most significant contributors to this pie’s final cost. While many influencers and swanky restaurants have added a few squares of gold leaf to their pizzas, this one featured enough gold to make anyone swoon.

1. Pierchic Pizza – $180,000


The most expensive pizza is the Pierchic Pizza. This pizza costs a whopping $180,000 and is created by world-class chefs at Pierchic (an Italian restaurant) in Dubai.

As of 2019, the restaurant has only created three of these pies, one of which was served to Dubai’s royal family. So, if you’re looking to add Pierchic Pizza to your list of gourmet dining experiences, you might want to reserve a table at this restaurant.

Of course, it’s probably best to call the restaurant ahead of your arrival to let them know that you’re in the mood to try a slice of this lavish pizza, as it’s not the most commonly ordered food item at Pierchic.

Why It’s Expensive

The Pierchic Pizza is the creation of one of the most stunning fine dining restaurants in Dubai, Pierchic. It’s created by world-class chefs and served in an elegant dining room (unless you’re part of Dubai’s royal family, in which case you choose the dining location).

But this pizza’s toppings and notoriety might be the most influential aspects in terms of price. After all, the Pierchic Pizza features a wealth of imported ingredients, including white and black truffles, French foie gras, Kashmir saffron, and almonds from Iran.

Still, it’s worth noting that the Pierchic Pizza isn’t nearly as costly as the most expensive burger ever created!

What’s the Most Expensive Pizza in the World?

The most expensive pizza in the world is the Pierchic Pizza. This savory snack costs $180,000 and features some of the costliest ingredients in the world, including imported truffles, saffron, and foie gras.

As of 2019, Pierchic (an Italian restaurant at Jumeirah Al Qasr in Dubai) has only crafted three of these pizza pies. The first of this trio was served to the royal family of Dubai, so you know this pizza is made to impress!

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