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Top 10 Most Expensive Sailboats of All Time

Top 10 Most Expensive Sailboats of All Time

Sailing is an exciting pastime that beckons to the most adventurous of us. But the average single-sail sailboat costs more than $100,000! Still, that’s nothing compared to the most expensive sailboats of all time, many of which cost millions (or hundreds of millions) of dollars.

The most expensive sailboat is the Sailing Yacht A. This vessel is valued at $600 million and once belonged to Andrey Melnichenko, a Russian billionaire. This massive sailing yacht is equipped with three rotating masts, but it’s more of a sail-assisted superyacht than a simple sailboat.

Whether you’re a passionate sailor or curious to learn about high-value sailing vessels, this ranking will fill you in on everything you need to know about the world’s priciest sailboats and sailing yachts!

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Sailboats of All Time:

  1. Sailing Yacht A – $600 million
  2. Eos – $200 million
  3. Aquijo – $100 million
  4. BADIS 1 (Sybaris) – $100 million
  5. Athena – $95 million
  6. The Maltese Falcon – $75 million
  7. M5 (Mirabella V) – $50 million+
  8. Vertigo – $50 million
  9. Sea Cloud – $49.9 million
  10. Anatta (Aglaia) – $35 million

10. Anatta (Aglaia) – $35 Million

photo source: Rick Tomlinson

Sailing is the most expensive sport in the world, and it’s not challenging to understand why. After all, sailboats and sailing yachts are often pricier than multi-bedroom homes!

That’s the case with the Anatta (previously called the Ahimsa or Aglaia), a compact single-mast sailboat worth about $35 million.

At about 216.5ft (66m) in length, this vessel is the tiniest high-value sailing yacht in the world. It’s also incredibly speedy thanks to its aluminum construction.

But despite its smaller-than-average size (at least compared to sailing superyachts), it’s still a luxurious vessel with spacious interior dining areas, massive skylights, and an indoor bar. It’s also equipped with underwater lights to give it a cool ambient glow during the evenings.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Speed and luxury are the two factors contributing to this sailing yacht’s price tag.

The Anatta is also a relatively new vessel, initially launching in 2011. Generally, newer sailboats are worth more than older ones, requiring slightly less maintenance and fewer repairs.

Of course, the next entry on our ranking happens to be incredibly old, proving that age isn’t everything regarding a sailing yacht’s value!

9. Sea Cloud – $49.9 Million

photo source: Sea Cloud Cruises

The four-mast Sea Cloud looks like a modern take on a classic wooden frigate or galleon. It has almost 30 individual sails that catch the wind beautifully, billowing above onboard guests like so many clouds (hence the vessel’s name). Originally launched in 1931, it’s also the oldest sailboat in this ranking!

But this sailing yacht has been updated several times over its long lifespan, making it distinctly modern. It contains 32 guest cabins, ornately decorated suites, and gourmet dinner services.

Why Is It So Expensive?

The Sea Cloud is massive, measuring almost 360ft (about 109.6m). It’s also a historically significant vessel and one of the few from the 1930s still actively used and maintained today.

These qualities help make it a unique (and distinctly expensive) sailing yacht.

8. Vertigo – $50 Million

photo source: SuperYachtFan

A sailing yacht named Vertigo might not sound too appealing, especially if you’re someone who experiences motion sickness. But you might change your mind after discovering just how luxurious this suped-up $50 million sailboat truly is!

Launched in 2011, no one is truly certain who owns this superyacht. But there’s a rumor that Australian-American business giant Rupert Murdoch has the keys.

This 220ft (67m) is a floating paradise. It’s an award-winning masterpiece of boatbuilding with decadent contemporary interiors, a spacious living room with plenty of seating, and multiple garages (one containing a limousine).

Are you thinking of booking a sailing yacht for a private charter? You’ll be glad to know that the Vertigo is available! Still, be prepared to spend a small fortune to charter this massive vessel.

Why Is It So Expensive?

The upscale fittings and fixtures of the Vertigo are what make it such an expensive sailing yacht. The same can be said of many of the sailboats throughout this ranking.

7. M5 (Mirabella V) – $50 Million+

photo source: Boat International

The true value of the M5 (previously called the Mirabella V) is unknown, but most estimates purport that this sailing yacht is worth at least $50 million (but maybe more).

Owned by Rodney Lewis, an oil magnate from Texas, this vessel has a single main mast at its center, with three auxiliary masts at its bow. It was launched in 2004, making it one of the oldest high-value sailboats in this ranking.

But despite its age, the M5 remains an impressive feat of boating technology and engineering. It’s also a luxury vessel. This sailing yacht has seven guest cabins, multiple indoor and outdoor lounges, and dining rooms with lavish hardwood floors.

Why Is It So Expensive?

The M5 is the largest single-mast sailing yacht in the world. This size makes it inherently more spacious, and therefore, more expensive.

Besides, this vessel has a lot to offer guests. For example, it features a sauna, gym, jacuzzi, and enclosed cinema. These features help make the M5 a high-value sailing yacht.

6. The Maltese Falcon – $75 Million

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Named for the 1941 film of the same name, The Maltese Falcon isn’t the typical sailboat.

Considered a superyacht, this vessel measures just over 288ft (88m) long and was launched in 2006. It would have been the longest sailing yacht on the planet if the Eos hadn’t launched the same year!

The value of this massive three-mast vessel is about $75 million, and it costs millions of dollars in annual maintenance. For the price of this sailing yacht, you could afford the world’s most expensive plane tickets (multiple times over).

Still, flying might not be as fun as sailing aboard The Maltese Falcon, as this vessel features multiple dining areas, a speedboat for off-yacht adventures, and an outdoor cinema space.

The best part might be that this sailing yacht is available for private charter, so those with the funds to invest in a thrilling oceanside experience can enjoy this vessel themselves!

Why Is It So Expensive?

The Maltese Falcon is jam-packed with activities and extravagant rooms, all of which contribute to its multi-million-dollar price tag. We’re talking jacuzzis, jetskis, and even a saloon! Only the wealthiest yachting enthusiasts in the world can afford to charter this exclusive vessel.

5. Athena – $95 Million

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The Athena might be a controversial addition to this ranking, as it’s considered a sailing yacht and a schooner. Still, because it has masts (to support sails), it also qualifies as a sailboat.

And it’s a pricey sailboat, too, selling for $95 million in 2012. That said, it was initially launched in 2004. During the same year, it won the Show Boats International Award for Best Sailing Yacht over 40 Meters.

Unlike other high-value sailing yachts, the Athena is available for private charter. So, if you’re considering booking a private sailing yacht for a fun getaway, this vessel could be the right choice!

If you book the Athena, you can look forward to its full kitchen, onboard gym, inflatable water slide, and elegant wood-lined living room (complete with satellite television).

Why Is It So Expensive?

As with many of the world’s most expensive sailboats, luxurious features and fittings help make this vessel incredibly valuable. But it’s worth noting that the most recent asking price (as of 2019) was only $45 million, a fraction of the original sales price.

This price difference might have something to do with the fact that the Athena isn’t nearly as modern or cutting-edge as it was in 2004.

4. BADIS 1 (Sybaris) – $100 Million

photo source: Boat International

The BADIS 1 (previously called the Sybaris) is a superbly lavish sailing yacht with three masts and almost a dozen cabins (six for guests and five for crew members). It’s 230ft (70m) long, making it about six times longer than the average competition-ready sailboat.

In 2017, this vessel was named the Sailing Yacht of the Year. A year later, the King of Morocco purchased the BADIS 1 for about $100 million, making it one of the priciest sailboats owned by royalty.

If you owned this sailing yacht, you could easily sail to some of the most expensive places to vacation, including Musha Cay, Laucala Island, and Bora Bora. Still, convincing Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, to part with this vessel might be challenging!

Why Is It So Expensive?

Images of the BADIS 1‘s interiors are challenging to find, likely because the vessel belongs to royalty. Consequently, it’s unavailable for hire as a private charter, so only a select few have gotten a peek at the inside of the sailing yacht.

Still, this vessel wasn’t the only $100 million sailing yacht released in 2016.

3. Aquijo – $100 Million

photo source: Boat International

The Aquijo is a Dutch-made sailing yacht completed in 2016. With a length of 282ft (86m), it isn’t the longest sail-equipped vessel in the world, though it’s definitely one of the biggest.

This $100 million sailboat belongs to Jürgen Großmann, a German businessman worth at least $1 billion. As you might imagine, anyone with that kind of wealth is bound to outfit their sailing yacht with the best furniture and features money can buy.

As such, this three-mast sailing yacht has a partially-enclosed “beach club” area, an aft-facing master bedroom cabin with a private balcony, three bars for onboard drinks, and a private hammam spa. That’s not to mention the multiple full-size bathrooms and additional bedrooms for guests!

Why Is It So Expensive?

The Aquijo was made for entertaining. It’s a far cry from sporting sailboats or simple fishing sailboats.

Not only is this vessel equipped with enough bars to entertain a flotilla of wealthy guests, but it’s also equipped with multiple stylish bedrooms and bathrooms that wouldn’t look amiss in a modern mansion.

These features don’t come cheap, and neither does the Aquijo!

2. Eos – $200 Million

photo source: SuperYacht Times

In 2011, the Eos was the largest sailing yacht on the planet, with a total length of about 305ft (93m). It was also the most expensive sailing yacht at the time, costing an impressive $200 million.

But because it’s owned by Barry Diller, an American businessman with a net worth in the billions, only a handful of people have stepped foot inside this luxurious vessel.

That said, the Eos is rumored to have six full bedrooms (capable of housing 16 guests), an onboard jacuzzi, a multi-floor library, and a glass staircase!

Why Is It So Expensive?

Size, technological innovation, and luxury features are why the Eos is so valuable. Although this sailing yacht is no longer the largest in the world, it’s still a massive vessel with extravagant features.

When you think about sailboats, you likely don’t think about a four-mast yacht with its own library. Still, the Eos was dwarfed in size and value in 2015 with the creation of the Sailing Yacht A.

1. Sailing Yacht A – $600 Million

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The most expensive sailboat is the Sailing Yacht A, a futuristic-looking 468.5ft (142.81m) sailing yacht designed by Philippe Starck. This vessel is valued at about $600 million, making it three times pricier than the Eos.

The Sailing Yacht A is equipped with three towering rotating masts, though it’s primarily motor-powered. It has a three-tier aft that smoothly links together at the bow, resulting in elegant angles that give the vessel its uniquely modern aesthetic.

Although this sailing yacht once belonged to Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, it was seized by Italian authorities in 2022. It’s unclear whether Sailing Yacht A will be returned to Melnichenko or pass into another wealthy sailor’s hands.

You can learn more about this boat’s construction and features by watching this video:

Why Is It So Expensive?

It’s almost impossible to get more luxurious than the Sailing Yacht A.

This vessel has a submerged observation pod that allows guests to peer into the water surrounding the vessel while relaxing in sumptuously padded surroundings. It also has the following:

  • A helipad
  • An onboard submarine
  • A swimming pool
  • Multiple indoor and outdoor dining areas
  • A docked speedboat

And these are only a few features and add-ons that come with the Sailing Yacht A!

All-in-all, this sailing yacht is expensive because of its innovative design, size, and luxurious touches.

What’s the Difference Between a Sailboat and a Sailing Yacht?

If you’re interested in traditional sailboats, some of the vessels included in this ranking might be a little surprising. After all, aren’t some of the most expensive sailboats actually sailing yachts? And what differentiates these types of vessels?

The answer is length. Technically, any sailboat longer than 40ft (12.19m) is a sailing yacht.

Still, so long as a vessel has sails (or a single sail) to help it navigate, it can technically be called a sailboat.

What’s the Most Expensive Sailboat of All Time?

The most expensive sailboat of all time is the Sailing Yacht A. This massive 468.5ft (142.81m) vessel is more of a superyacht than a simple sailboat, and its $600 million price tag reflects this.

Originally built for Andrey Melnichenko, a Russian billionaire, the Sailing Yacht A was seized in Trieste, Italy, in 2022. Though the future of this luxurious sailing yacht is uncertain, its opulent features and strikingly futuristic design are undeniably extravagant.

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