The 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World and Why


Sunglasses are practical and stylish, protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight while accentuating almost any outfit. But some sunglasses cost more than a brand-new car! Still, what are the most expensive sunglasses, and why are they so pricey?

The most expensive sunglasses in the world are the Gate of Paradise spectacles, a pair of glasses from Mughal, India. These precious shades feature emerald gemstone lenses surrounded by faceted diamonds. Still, you’ll need a few million dollars to purchase these glasses from Sotheby’s.

If you’re looking to own some of the priciest glasses on the planet, this ranking can help you select a pair. Notably, we’ll be examining available sunglasses instead of discussing expensive glasses from the last few decades.

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses:

  1. Gate of Paradise Spectacles – $3,260,000
  2. Rome Luxuriator by Franco – $25,000
  3. Arden Luxuriator by Franco – $4,900
  4. Première De Cartier by Cartier – $3,195
  5. Santos De Cartier by Cartier – $2,495
  6. The Dusk I by Maybach Eyewear – $2,390
  7. Next Generation Mask by Dolce & Gabbana – $2,200
  8. The Diplomat I by Maybach Eyewear – $2,160
  9. Butterfly Sunglasses by Chanel – $1,625
  10. CAPHORN XTREM 04 by Gold & Wood – $1,375

10. CAPHORN XTREM 04 by Gold & Wood – $1,375

photo source: Luxury Eyesite

If you’re planning a vacation to one of the world’s most expensive destinations, you’ll want to travel in style by investing in designer sunglasses. This pair by Gold & Wood is a top-notch option.

They feature colored calfskin frames that cup the eye comfortably. You can choose from gray and metallic options, though the blue-gray lenses are a constant, no matter your preferred style.

Those willing to embrace a luxury lifestyle will find the $1,300+ price tag a bargain, considering this pair’s top-notch materials and design.

Why It’s Expensive

Gold & Wood is quickly earning a reputation for producing some of the priciest eyewear pieces, and this pair is no exception. They’re made of some of the highest-quality components, including anti-glare Zeiss lenses and calfskin.

These materials, coupled with the brand’s stellar reputation, make these sunglasses so expensive.

9. Butterfly Sunglasses by Chanel – $1,625

photo source: Chanel

One of the best ways to complement your Chanel jewelry and handbags is to own several pairs of Chanel sunglasses. However, if you’re eager to own the most expensive pair by the luxury brand, you’ll want to invest in the Butterfly Sunglasses.

Made of metal and calfskin, this pair features a leather chain that gives it a library-friendly look. You can take your outfits to the next level by donning these elegant spectacles, though you’ll need to spend more than $1,600 to own a pair.

Why It’s Expensive

The Butterfly Sunglasses by Chanel are pricey because they’re Chanel. However, the brand name alone doesn’t influence this pair’s price. The calfskin material also increases the price of these sunglasses.

Besides, this pair exudes style, making it one of the most elegant examples of designer eyewear currently available to shoppers.

8. The Diplomat I by Maybach Eyewear – $2,160

photo source: Maybach Eyewear

Maybach Eyewear has produced some of the world’s priciest sunglasses, including The Diplomat I, an elegant pair of durable, reflected gold-plated titanium and delicately varnished wood. You can also choose from several different styles, all of which are 18-karat solid gold.

For example, there’s an option featuring diamond-encrusted end pieces. There’s also an ebony-colored pair with dark temples coal-colored lenses. This variation offers buyers the chance to purchase a pair that perfectly suits their preferences.

But if you’d like to own one (or all varieties) of these sunglasses, you’ll need to be willing to spend more than $2,100!

Why It’s Expensive

When you make a pair of sunglasses using gold, titanium, and diamonds, those glasses are bound to feature a higher-than-average price tag. That’s certainly true of The Diplomate I sunglasses and many other luxury-grade options available from Maybach Eyewear.

In fact, The Diplomat I isn’t the priciest pair available from this brand. But we’ll touch on that a little later.

7. Next Generation Mask by Dolce & Gabbana – $2,200

photo source: Dolce & Gabbana

Like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana is one of the world’s most famous luxury brands. As such, it comes as no surprise that their sunglasses are also some of the priciest on the planet.

Still, this brand’s most expensive pair might surprise you. While many luxury brands produce subtle designs for their sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana’s priciest sunglasses are a lot to take in.

The Next Generation Mask sunglasses are a full-head pair, attaching to the back and front of the skull. They feature a wide headband with the brand logo and come in black and white styles.

Though these glasses are made of standard nylon, they feature gold details which elevate them to a high-end pair. Still, you’ll need to feel comfortable rocking an experimental fashion style (and spending more than $2,000) if you’d like to own these distinct sunglasses.

Why It’s Expensive

Dolce & Gabbana is an internationally recognized brand known for its high-end products. This brand name is one of the primary reasons these sunglasses are so costly. However, their experimental design and gold components also contribute to their price.

6. The Dusk I by Maybach Eyewear – $2,390

photo source: Maybach Eyewear

Remember when we mentioned that Maybach Eyewear’s priciest pair isn’t The Diplomat I? We now have the pleasure of revealing the most expensive sunglasses available from this brand: The Dusk I.

This pair costs almost $2,400 and comes in two temple styles: wood and acetate. However, the top bar and rims have a golden finish with a distinct art deco design, no matter the chosen style.

The lenses are also unique, with a boxy square shape that frames the eyes. In addition, the gradient lenses have a plum hue that perfectly complements the shining gold surrounding them.

Still, you’ll need to drop about $2,400 to own a pair of these high-quality specs.

Why It’s Expensive

Aesthetic appeal is one of the primary reasons these sunglasses are so expensive. They’re attractive thanks to their unique design and golden finish. However, the pricey materials used to make these glasses also contribute to their high price tag.

5. Santos De Cartier by Cartier – $2,495

photo source: Cartier

Cartier is infamous for producing some of the world’s most desirable sunglasses. Like the world’s priciest mattresses, these sunglasses are often made of rare and costly materials.

These stylish sunglasses can give the wearer an air of rugged opulence thanks to their oak and carbon lens frames and leather accents. The delicate gold-finished temples gleam in the sunlight, and the green polarized lenses are uniquely colored.

If you enjoy yachting, traveling, golfing, or simply enjoying good times with affluent individuals, these frames might be an ideal pair for you. Still, you’ll need to spend almost $2,500 to own these designer sunglasses.

Why It’s Expensive

These sunglasses are expensive due to their high-quality materials and branding. However, they also feature a unique style that’s not common to most designer eyewear, as they’re made with oak, carbon, and leather.

Still, if you’re looking to invest in the priciest pair of Cartier sunglasses, you’ll likely want to upgrade to Première De Cartier.

4. Première De Cartier by Cartier – $3,195

photo source: Cartier

Cartier introduces new pairs of luxury-grade eyewear every year. While some of their sunglasses have sold for more than $100,000, the priciest pair currently available is Première De Cartier, listed at more than $3,000.

While the burgundy lenses might not be the most exotic component, they perfectly accentuate the gold-finished frames. Still, the white horn temples are the true star. They’re stylish, classic, and incredibly desirable.

Notably, people have been using white horn material to create figurines and items for thousands of years.

Why It’s Expensive

These glasses are pricey for two reasons. Firstly, they’re Cartier sunglasses, and this brand name commands high prices due to its reputation for producing luxury items.

Secondly, these glasses feature white horn temples and a golden frame. White horn, often derived from buffalo horn, is exceptionally rare and valuable. As a result, this pair has a staggering price tag that matches its exquisite materials.

However, Première De Cartier glasses aren’t the only sunglasses made of horn, and they’re not the priciest pair featuring this material.

3. Arden Luxuriator by Franco – $4,900

photo source: Luxuriator

The Luxuriator Collection of eyewear is relatively new, founded in 2004. Its founder, a designer named Franco, has since become associated with some of the world’s priciest and most aesthetically resplendent sunglasses.

Many of the most luxurious pairs created by Franco are so expensive that you’ll have to call the store to inquire about their prices! Still, several high-end sunglasses belonging to the Luxuriator Collection are available for purchase online, including a pair called Arden.

These sunglasses cost almost $5,000 and are available in more than a dozen lens colors. In addition, they’re handmade, with acetate frames made in Germany.

Why It’s Expensive

Designer eyewear will always be more expensive than your standard store-bought sunglasses.

The Arden sunglasses are particularly pricey due to the reputation of their creator, Franco. However, the fact that they’re handmade also adds to their exorbitant price tag.

Still, the Arden sunglasses aren’t the priciest pair in the Luxuriator Collection. That honor goes to the Rome and Naples sunglasses by Franco.

2. Rome Luxuriator by Franco – $25,000

photo source: Luxuriator

Two pairs of sunglasses in the Luxuriator Collection cost $25,000, the Rome and Naples sunglasses. As you might suspect, each of these glasses has Italian influences, but they look incredibly different.

The Naples pair have dark temples and titanium frames encrusted with diamonds. The Rome sunglasses have a more understated look, with buffalo horn frames and end pieces covered in shimmering diamonds.

The flat-topped lenses are smart and aesthetically pleasing, making the Rome by Franco sunglasses an ideal choice for affluent sophisticates worldwide.

Why It’s Expensive

High-quality materials are the primary factors making these glasses so expensive. After all, the Rome and Naples sunglasses feature rows of delicate diamonds and frames made of costly components.

Still, the Rome sunglasses may be the more intrinsically pricey pair, as they’re made of buffalo horn. This rare material doesn’t rust or degrade over time, so it could potentially last centuries. Consequently, those who purchase a pair of Rome by Franco sunglasses are making a solid investment that likely won’t depreciate.

1. Gate of Paradise Spectacles – $3,260,000

photo source: Sotheby’s

The most expensive sunglasses in the world are the Gate of Paradise spectacles from India. These glasses are from a mysterious private collection, and their precise age is unknown. However, there are a few things that we do know about this pair of sunglasses.

Firstly, they have a listed value of between £1.5 million and £2.5 million. That equates to about $1,958,000 to $3,260,000!

Secondly, these spectacles have lenses made of pure emerald gemstone, one of the most expensive birthstones and one of the most prized precious materials. These lenses are surrounded by dozens of large rose-cut diamonds, with the nose bridge also featuring an arch of smaller diamonds.

Why It’s Expensive

It’s not challenging to understand why these sunglasses are so expensive. They’re the only glasses of their kind. These emerald-lensed spectacles were likely designed explicitly for a member of Indian royalty more than a century ago.

But these glasses aren’t only one-of-a-kind. They’re also made of precious materials, including emeralds and diamonds. These materials alone would set the price at thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When you add historical significance and rarity to the mix, you end up with a pair of sunglasses that easily cost several million dollars. And that’s how much you’ll need to spend if you want to make the Gate of Paradise spectacles your own.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Sotheby’s auctions, or contact the brokerage corporation to schedule a private viewing.

What Are the Most Expensive Sunglasses Ever Sold?

The priciest pair of shades to ever hit the market are the De Rigo Vision Chopard sunglasses, a collaboration between Italian and Swiss luxury eyewear retailers. These glasses had an astounding price tag of about $408,000 and debuted way back in 2012.

Consequently, finding a pair of these specs is challenging, even for those with the cash to purchase them. But why were these sunglasses so pricey?

As with many other sunglasses on this list, the answer is luxury materials. These sunglasses had 24-karat gold frames and were made even more dazzling by the addition of dozens of diamonds.

Additionally, the two brands responsible for bringing these sunglasses to life, De Rigo Vision and Chopard, are well-known for producing top-notch luxury eyewear. This reputation may have also helped hoist the De Rigo Vision Chopard sunglasses to new heights in price.

Still, as we mentioned, finding a pair of these well-known sunglasses is almost impossible due to their rarity and age.

What Are the World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses?

The world’s most expensive sunglasses are the Gate of Paradise spectacles, valued between £1.5 million and £2.5 million ($1,958,000 to $3,260,000). The delicately handcrafted sunglasses feature emerald gemstone lenses and diamond-encrusted frames.

The only way to acquire this pair of sunglasses is to contact Sotheby’s, as the glasses only occasionally find themselves on the auction floor. Though these glasses went to auction in October of 2021, it seems bidders weren’t too eager to take them home, so there’s still a chance to make these spectacles yours!

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