Top 10 Most Expensive Espresso Machines to Pull the Perfect Shot


Although espresso was once synonymous with wealth and luxury, nowadays, you can brew the perfect shot of espresso from the comfort of home! Of course, you’ll probably need a high-quality espresso machine. But which of these costly contraptions brews the best shots, and which is the priciest?

The most expensive espresso machine in the world is the Slayer 24-Karat Gold Espresso Machine. This espresso machine costs $75,000 and is covered in gold-plated panels. Its portafilter handle is made of exotic African Padauk wood, adding a touch of warmth and added luxury to the machine.

If you enjoy starting your day with a frothy shot of caffeine-rich espresso, you’ll want to check out these top-notch machines that can help you brew the perfect cup!

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Espresso Machines:

  1. Slayer 24-Karat Gold Espresso Machine – $75,000
  2. Eversys Shotmaster m-pro/ST – $50,000
  3. Eversys Enigma E’4m X-Wide – $36,500
  4. La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle – $33,000
  5. SanRemo OPERA Volumetric Espresso Machine – $29,216
  6. Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric – $29,075
  7. Slayer Espresso Machine (Three Group) – $28,275
  8. SanRemo Café Racer (Renegade) – $27,000
  9. Victoria Arduino Venus Bar Volumetric Espresso Maker – $25,515
  10. Egro One Top Milk XP NMS – $25,500

10. Egro One Top Milk XP NMS – $25,500

photo source: Rancilio Group

The Egro One Top Milk XP NMS by Rancilio isn’t the slimmest or sleekest high-priced espresso machine, but it is insanely powerful. This commercial-grade machine can brew up to 125 cups of espresso per hour!

It’s a must-have addition to any busy cafe kitchen, and the touchscreen display means that in-training baristas don’t need to spend weeks studying to learn how to use it. Besides, thanks to the attached milk fridge, making cappuccinos is as easy as selecting “cappuccino” and letting the machine work its magic.

The only potential drawback is the whopping price tag of $25,500. For the price of this espresso machine, you could afford to buy several pounds of some of the world’s most expensive teas!

Why Is It So Expensive?

This espresso machine is far more advanced than the typical consumer-grade ones you can find at your local department store. It’s made for business, and plenty of it, so it’s packed with convenient features that appeal to restauranteurs and baristas.

There’s an auto-clean function, attached grinders, and a milk fridge for instant milk application. These features, plus its easy-to-read touchscreen, are significant reasons why the price tag for this machine is so high.

9. Victoria Arduino Venus Bar Volumetric Espresso Maker – $25,515

photo source: Majesty Coffee

If you enjoy vintage aesthetics, you’ll probably appreciate the throwback look of the Victoria Arduino Venus Bar Volumetric Espresso Maker. This three-group espresso maker is a contemporary take on a beloved classic, with a shimmering tower-like exterior and an internal espresso cup compartment.

Sure, it might not be compact enough to fit beneath your kitchen cupboards, but you won’t want to hide this beauty once it’s yours. The hammered metal body and top decal are made to be admired, and the brewing capacity makes it a great choice for medium-volume business (or a morning party with friends).

Besides, while this espresso maker might look like it’s been transported from the 1920s, it has all the modern technology that baristas have come to rely on. In addition to an LCD screen, this device features an automatic cleaning cycle and can shut itself off upon reaching the desired espresso dosage.

But how much would you have to spend to make this gorgeous volumetric espresso yours? This machine retails for $25,515.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Like the Egro One Top Milk, this espresso machine was designed for commercial use. This fact alone makes it pricier than most consumer-grade options. When you add its elegance and hi-tech features to the mix, you’re bound to come away with a costly espresso maker!

8. SanRemo Café Racer (Renegade) – $27,000

photo source: Majesty Coffee

SanRemo is one of three companies competing for the honor of making the world’s priciest espresso machine.

Their first contender up to bat is the Café Racer in the Renegade style. This leather-covered three-group espresso maker costs $27,000.

For perspective, this espresso machine is far pricier than the most expensive Starbucks drinks of all time. So, if you’re considering splurging on a single-time espresso extravaganza, it might be better to visit your local Starbucks.

Then again, with this SanRemo machine, you could enjoy years of rich espresso without ever having to leave the house.

Why Is It So Expensive?

The SanRemo Café Racer is a favorite among baristas and discerning at-home espresso drinkers for many reasons. For example, each group head has a built-in screen that allows you to program the perfect drink.

And in terms of stylishness, you can’t go wrong with this machine. The portafilter heads are made of stunning lacquered hardwood that perfectly compliments the leather-clad sides.

In short, this machine excels at being highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.

7. Slayer Espresso Machine (Three Group) – $28,275

photo source: Majesty Coffee

Slayer espresso machines have a well-earned reputation for being some of the world’s most efficient, space-saving, and sophisticated espresso makers. After laying eyes on the Slayer Espresso Machine, you’ll understand why.

Even though this machine costs $28,275, making it about as expensive as a brand-new budget sedan, it’s one of the most sumptuous espresso makers available.

We’re talking about a built-in shot mirror that makes it easy to view liquid flow, an adjustable brew actuator for ideal pressure and flow levels, and a pre-heat tank for plenty of steam. If you’re looking for an espresso machine that could potentially last you a lifetime and produce the ideal shot, every time, look no further than the Slayer Espresso Machine.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Many espresso machines have built-in gadgets and added features. But the Slayer Espresso Machine can produce shots that are the ideal level of thick, thin, syrupy, or light, all at the touch of a few buttons or the pull of a few handles.

Due to its exceptional performance and precision, this three-group machine is one of the most beloved and sought-after espresso makers, making it a worthwhile investment for passionate espresso drinkers and entrepreneurial cafe owners.

But these qualities don’t come cheap. That’s why the Slayer Espresso Machine costs a pretty penny!

That said, it isn’t the costliest Slayer espresso maker available. Still, we’ll touch on that a little later.

6. Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric – $29,075

photo source: Majesty Coffee

The Victoria Arduino Venus Bar might be an ornate work of art that just happens to make espresso, but the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric means serious business.

With a more modern (though no less stylized) design and slimmer, low-to-the-counter profile, this three-group espresso maker would work perfectly on kitchen countertops of all types, from home to high-level cafes. It’s also available in a surprising range of styles, from basic chrome to custom graphics.

Still, the centrally located touchscreen interface, gravimetric technology, and independent brewing temperature options are what make this machine stand out. You can try the Black Eagle Gravimetric for yourself, but only if you’re willing to invest $29,075.

Why Is It So Expensive?

The primary reason this espresso machine is so pricey is because of its hi-tech components and features. Unlike standard espresso machines, this one can handle high-volume business with ease.

5. SanRemo OPERA Volumetric Espresso Machine – $29,216

photo source: Majesty Coffee

If you own or operate a coffee shop, you understand how vital it is to have hardworking machines to help you serve your customers’ needs. The SanRemo OPERA Volumetric Espresso Machine can help you do just that!

Though it’s quite a hefty initial investment, retailing at $29,216, it’s one of the most efficient commercial-grade espresso makers money can buy. SanRemo designers and engineers thought of everything when making this three-group machine.

You can set your desired machine parameters via the connected app, set individual temperature levels for each group head, and much more. And while it doesn’t take an award-winning barista to work this espresso machine, you could spend a whole day exploring its functions without discovering everything this device has to offer.

Why Is It So Expensive?

The SanRemo OPERA Volumetric Espresso Machine is the pinnacle of SanRemo’s espresso technology. It’s built for excellence in every respect. But because it features so much cutting-edge tech, it’s far from inexpensive.

4. La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle – $33,000

photo source: La Marzocco

Without a doubt, three-group espresso machines are pricier than single-group ones. That’s because they allow for heightened productivity, allowing baristas to prepare multiple and diverse shots simultaneously!

But the La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle is one of the priciest three-group espresso makers. Retailing at a hefty $33,000, this machine features an electronic paddle for superior pressure application and offers programmable pressure profiles.

This espresso machine also features shot timers, cool-to-the-touch steam wands, and an automatic cleaning option. Although it’s more industrial-looking than other options, it’s a high-performance device that’s sure to impress.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Comfort is one of the primary qualities that differentiate the La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle from other three-group commercial-grade espresso machines.

Finding an espresso machine that’s this powerful and offers unique safety and comfort features like cool steam wands is challenging. Any barista that’s ever burned their hands or fingers while applying steam will understand just how valuable this feature can be.

3. Eversys Enigma E’4m X-Wide – $36,500

photo source: Eversys

Using an espresso machine shouldn’t be an uphill battle. But some espresso machines aren’t built for convenience. That’s not true of the Eversys Enigma E’4m X-Wide.

Everything about this machine screams convenience. For starters, instead of multiple levels and knobs, this machine has two touchscreen displays. Anything you need to do, you can do using these screens.

It also has a top grinder to ensure all grounds are fresh and aromatic. It’s essentially a coffee machine that can also make a spot-on shot of espresso. Or several dozen shots!

Still, this espresso machine retails at $36,500. So you might need to brew quite a few shots before seeing a return on investment.

Why Is It So Expensive?

This programmable machine could replace any coffee maker or espresso machine. It can do everything from grinding to brewing to adding foam.

Still, the easy-to-use touchscreens might be one of the best aspects of this device. Two baristas (or one very dedicated barista) can utilize this machine to make unique drinks simultaneously.

2. Eversys Shotmaster m-pro/ST – $50,000

photo source: Eversys

Did you look at the Eversys Enigma E’4m X-Wide and think, “What would it be like with an additional screen?” If so, go ahead and turn your attention to the Eversys Shotmaster m-pro/ST.

This $50,000 espresso machine/coffee maker is a technological wonder that also happens to be exceptionally convenient and easy to use. It has three touchscreens for instant brewing functions and two top-side grinding chambers for beans.

So you could store coffee beans on one side and espresso beans on the other, making each drink order a simple delight to achieve! Imagine not having to spend weeks, months, or even years training your baristas and still being able to create perfect espresso shots and cups of coffee. That’s what this machine offers.

Why Is It So Expensive?

When describing why this machine is so expensive, the easiest thing to say would be “everything.” Its large touchscreens, four brewing nozzles, and dual bean chambers are just the tip of the iceberg.

You could fill an entire book with this device’s capabilities, features, and benefits! But while Eversys might have two out of three of the costliest espresso machines, they’re slightly overshadowed by a gilded Slayer.

1. Slayer 24-Karat Gold Espresso Machine – $75,000

photo source: Coffee Store

The most expensive espresso machine is the Slayer 24-Karat Gold Espresso Machine. This gold-plated espresso machine retails for about $75,000 (originally €70,000) and is considered the world’s first gold-covered espresso maker.

But in addition to being a thing of beauty, with its gleaming gold exterior and hardwood accents, this espresso machine pulls quite a few punches in terms of functionality. It’s a three-group machine, so you can prepare three espresso shots simultaneously.

Each portafilter comes with a mirror for easy extraction viewing and customizable temperature controls to ensure that each shot is prepared precisely how you like it. There’s nothing not to love about this machine!

Why Is It So Expensive?

It’s not too difficult to understand why this Slayer espresso machine is about the same price as a 2023 Tesla Model Y.

For starters, it’s plated in 24-karat gold. Practically anything covered in this much gold (especially such high-quality gold) is going to be expensive, and this espresso machine is no exception.

Secondly, you have other luxurious touches like the African Padauk and European Ash hardwood portafilter handles and accents, which elevate the machine to new levels of opulence.

This machine also makes espresso-making super convenient. It features a digital temperature control panel, produces unlimited steam for rapid brewing, and shot mirrors for that up-close view of every droplet.

This gilded espresso machine has everything you need to make the perfect shot (or shots) of espresso!

Espresso Machines vs. Coffee Machines: What’s the Difference?

More than 80% of U.S. households have a coffee machine, but far fewer have espresso machines sitting on their kitchen countertops.

Consequently, understanding the differences between espresso and coffee machines can be a little tricky. If you’re wondering what makes these devices unique, you’ll be glad to know that it pretty much comes down to two things:

  1. Pressure, and
  2. Time

The average coffee machine utilizes an internal heating element that boils water and sends it spilling across a filter full of coffee grounds. After this, gravity pulls the water from the filter into the carafe underneath, giving you a nice pot of coffee (a top-notch one if you’re using the most expensive coffees).

This whole process is generally low-pressure and takes a few minutes from start to finish. It takes even longer if you’re using a pour-over coffee maker!

Espresso machines do things a little differently.

These devices heat and pressurize water, forcing it over deep-roasted grounds quickly to create the thick, slightly frothy beverage we know as espresso. When making espresso, you can expect a faster brewing experience that relies more on pressure for the final result.

What’s the Most Expensive Espresso Machine?

The most expensive espresso machine is the Slayer 24-Karat Gold Espresso Machine. This three-group machine is plated in 24-karat gold and features lavish African Padauk wood portafilter handles.

If you have $75,000 (or €70,000) to spend on an espresso machine, you can add this gleaming golden device to your kitchen today!

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