Top 10 Most Expensive Wallets of All Time


Before you leave home, you likely gather a handful of must-have items, including your wallet. After all, his handy accessory keeps your money safe and within reach. But some wallets cost thousands of dollars, ironically making them wallet-emptying commodities!

The most expensive wallet of all time is the 2nd Earl of Yarmouth’s Wallet, a historically significant handmade wallet dating back to the late 17th century. This wallet sold for $56,868 in 2000. It’s likely worth far more today due to its rarity.

If you’ve been searching for a valuable, one-of-a-kind wallet, you’ll want to check out the high-priced options featured in this ranking.

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Wallets of All Time:

  1. The 2nd Earl of Yarmouth’s Wallet – $56,868
  2. Hermès Jige Duo Wallet-Clutch – $29,250
  3. Hermès Kelly Classique To Go Wallet – $27,999
  4. “Jules Winnfield” Pulp Fiction Leather Wallet – $25,600
  5. Hermès Black Constance Wallet – $25,000
  6. Hermès Constance Long To Go Wallet – $24,565
  7. “Clarice Starling” Silence of the Lambs Wallet – $15,625
  8. Hermès Kelly Long Vert Emeraude Wallet – $15,000
  9. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Leather Wallet – $14,833
  10. Hermès Kelly Long Shiny Graphite Wallet – $13,750

10. Hermès Kelly Long Shiny Graphite Wallet – $13,750

photo source: Christie’s

Hermès is one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world, but the brand is also well-known for producing high-priced bags, purses, and wallets.

This includes the Hermès Kelly Long Shiny Graphite Wallet, which sold for $13,750 in 2016.

Though it’s more of a clutch than a wallet, this shimmering alligator-skin accessory can keep your credit cards and cash secure while accentuating any outfit. Besides, the front-side clasp is made of gold, giving it an undeniably luxurious charm.

Why It’s Expensive

There are two reasons why this graphite-colored wallet sold for thousands of dollars: Brand recognition and precious materials.

Nearly all Hermès products sell for top dollar prices, as the brand is one of the world’s most successful high-end fashion retailers. Their clientele consists of the wealthiest and most fashionable buyers.

But this wallet has another thing going for it—its materials! It’s made of alligator skin and gold hardware, two features that make it more valuable than wallets made of standard cow leather or woven fabric.

9. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Leather Wallet – $14,833

photo source: Christie’s

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most crucial and well-known historical figures, and many of his few remaining belongings sell for thousands. In fact, several of the most expensive hats were once part of the French Emperor’s collection.

But one of his wallets, an ornate brown leather piece decorated with Bonaparte’s first initial (each one featuring a tiny gold crown), is also worth far more than your average fashion accessory. This refined accessory sold for £11,250 (about $14,883) at a Christie’s auction in 2016.

Why It’s Expensive

If you’re a history buff, you’re likely surprised that this wallet didn’t cost far more. After all, Napoleon Bonaparte changed the course of history via his political actions, making him one of the most significant historical figures of the last few centuries.

Anything that once belonged to Bonaparte is an irreplaceable historical artifact, so this initial-covered leather wallet’s incredible price is well-earned.

Notably, items tied to historical figures tend to appreciate in value over time, so the fortunate owner of this wallet may find that they can sell it for a much higher price in the future.

8. Hermès Kelly Long Vert Emeraude Wallet – $15,000

photo source: Christie’s

This emerald-green wallet exudes wealth, intrigue, and quirkiness, with a glossy alligator-skin exterior accented by a shimmering gold clasp. Though it’s slightly too long (and wide) to fit into your back pocket, it fits neatly into most purses and bags, making it a fantastic choice for those hoping to give off an enigmatic, feminine vibe.

Of course, such beauty and style come at a price—$15,000, to be precise.

Why It’s Expensive

Like the graphite-colored Hermès wallet featured above, this gorgeously green wallet is expensive because of its branding and high-priced materials.

7. “Clarice Starling” Silence of the Lambs Wallet – $15,625

photo source: Julien’s Auctions

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the 1991 film Silence of the Lambs, as it’s considered one of the best thrillers ever made. Even if you haven’t seen this movie, you’re likely familiar with it via the endless stream of references made to it on major television shows like The Office, The Simpsons, and Veronica Mars.

But whether you’re a fan of this film or not, at least one thing is true; the props used during the making of Silence of the Lambs sell for amazing prices, especially when they’re put up for auction.

The “Clarice Starling” Wallet that sold for $15,625 in 2021 is a fantastic example. Though it’s just a prototype of the actual prop used during filming, it features a fabricated FBI ID and a picture of the film’s protagonist, Clarice Starling (portrayed by Jodie Foster).

The lucky owner of this unique piece of film history also got a commemorative signed photo and DVD with this wallet, though those two add-on items aren’t nearly as valuable as the wallet itself.

Why It’s Expensive

Silence of the Lambs grossed $272.7 million and became a fixture of pop culture when it debuted. As such, items associated with this film can sell for high prices, including this prototype prop wallet.

Of course, adding a signed picture (courtesy of Jodie Foster) sweetens the deal and makes this item even more valuable.

6. Hermès Constance Long To Go Wallet – $24,565

photo source: 1stDIBS

Neutral colors (like beige, white, and black) pair well with virtually every outfit, making them go-to hues for accessories like purses and wallets. If your tastes lean toward brighter, cleaner color palettes, you’ll likely appreciate the creamy simplicity of this alligator-skin Hermès Constance Long To Go Wallet.

It goes with almost every garment, from casual sweatshirts to couture dresses. It also doubles as a purse thanks to the included shoulder strap (also made of alligator leather). To make this wallet-clutch purse yours, you’ll only need to spend $24,565.

Why It’s Expensive

Not only is this a Hermès-brand item (a fact that makes it instantly pricey), but it’s also an alligator-skin accessory that functions as a wallet, clutch, and purse.

Few high-value wallets have such a multi-purpose design, making this neutral-hued product a rare and fashionable find. Unfortunately, this wallet likely won’t be available for very long, so interested buyers should snap it up before it vanishes!

5. Hermès Black Constance Wallet – $25,000

photo source: Christie’s

At first glance, you might confuse the Hermès Black Constance Wallet with the Hermès Kelly Long Shiny Graphite Wallet. Both are made of dark-hued alligator skin and feature a similar design.

But three noticeable differences set these clutch-like wallets apart.

Firstly, the Hermès Black Constance Wallet has matching black hardware, unlike the Shiny Graphite Wallet, which has a golden clasp. Secondly, this wallet is slightly darker, with a richer black tone.

Lastly, there’s the issue of price. This Hermès wallet costs $25,000, more than $10,000 more than the Shiny Graphite version.

Still, can you imagine how stunning this wallet would look if paired with one of the world’s most expensive dresses?

Why It’s Expensive

This wallet’s high value stems from its branding and alligator-skin material. It’s also pricier than other, similar Hermès wallet-clutches due to its subtle design.

Instead of featuring a gaudy gold clasp, it has a much more refined and elegant black clasp. This design change may appeal to wealthy buyers with a passion for understated yet extravagant fashion.

4. “Jules Winnfield” Pulp Fiction Leather Wallet – $25,600

photo source: Julien’s Auctions

If you’ve ever seen the iconic Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, you’re likely familiar with what is affectionately called “the cafe scene.” This scene has Jules Winnfield (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) confront two would-be burglars, with unforgettable dialogue and results.

The wallet shown in that scene was one of five created for the film. While most of these unique wallets (decorated with a hand-embroidered expletive) now sit in film museums or personal collections, one went to auction in 2022, selling for a whopping $25,600!

Why It’s Expensive

There’s a good chance that Samuel L. Jackson held this wallet at some point during filming.

Though it might not be the wallet that eventually showed up in the 1994 film, the fact that it’s identical to that wallet (and made by the same production crew) makes it fantastically valuable. Consequently, this unique wallet’s ties to film history and pop culture make it a treasure well worth its unusually high auction price.

3. Hermès Kelly Classique To Go Wallet – $27,999

photo source: 1stDIBS

This merlot-colored wallet is similar to the Hermès Constance Long To Go Wallet, but it costs almost $4,000 more than its cream-colored counterpart.

Still, both clutch wallets come with a shoulder strap and feature a decadent alligator-skin construction. So, why is this version so much pricier?

Why It’s Expensive

The main feature that differentiates this dazzling ruby-like wallet from similar options is the solid gold exterior clasp and the interior Cadena lock (which keeps change from falling out). That said, branding and material might be the two most significant factors making this wallet a high-value accessory.

2. Hermès Jige Duo Wallet-Clutch – $29,250

photo source: 1stDIBS

As you’ve likely noticed, a whopping 50% of the wallets featured throughout this ranking thus far have belonged to the Hermès brand. But the Hermès Jige Duo Wallet-Clutch tips the scales even further, making Hermès responsible for creating 60% of the world’s most expensive wallets!

Like the other Hermès wallets discussed here, this particular accessory is more like a clutch than a traditional wallet. Naturally, its design isn’t the only break from tradition.

In addition to its hefty price tag of $29,250, this wallet is made of alligator skin, one of the rarest and most valuable types of animal leather. But unlike other high-value Hermès wallets, this cream-colored clutch is still available.

Still, if you’d like to make it yours, you’ll need to act fast, as it’s a one-of-a-kind item that’s sure to disappear quickly.

Why It’s Expensive

Not to sound like a broken record, but this wallet is expensive because of brand recognition and high-quality, high-value materials. Thanks to its neutral color, it complements every look, which is another quality to consider when gauging its worth.

1. The 2nd Earl of Yarmouth’s Wallet – $56,868

photo source: Christie’s

The most expensive wallet of all time is the 2nd Earl of Yarmouth’s Wallet. This historically significant wallet sold for $56,868 when it went to auction in 2000.

Though it doesn’t benefit from luxury branding or the use of exquisite animal skins, there’s nothing cheap or common about this antique wallet. It’s made of dyed silk threads, some of which feature metallic gold and silver hues, and it once belonged to English nobility.

Why It’s Expensive

This wallet might not be as valuable as royal crown jewels, but that doesn’t mean its value isn’t tied to nobility and English history. Its association with the noble Earl of Yarmouth family line is the primary reason behind its staggeringly high price.

Its age and condition are also significant factors impacting its value, as few handmade wallets from the 17th century exist today, especially ones in such great shape as this one.

Why Are Some Wallets So Expensive?

It might seem strange to spend a small fortune on a wallet. After all, wallets are meant to store your money, so draining your bank account to purchase one is a little counterintuitive.

However, if you have the funds to spend on a high-quality, high-value wallet, the investment could be more than worth it. Still, what makes some wallets so incredibly expensive?

The answer to this question often relies on four significant factors:

  • Historical significance
  • Valuable materials
  • Film memorabilia
  • Brand recognition

Historical Significance

Wallets date back to the 12th century, though they were initially called purses. In fact, calling your money-holding bag a “wallet” didn’t become popular until the 1800s!

Unfortunately, antique wallets (or purses, if you want to be historically accurate) are hard to come by nowadays. After all, most wallets were common, everyday accessories that enjoyed plenty of use. As such, few have survived the passage of time.

The rare few that still exist are inherently valuable due to their age and rarity. But several of the priciest vintage and antique wallets are also valuable because of their historical significance.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Leather Wallet, which sold for more than $14,000 in 2016, is a fantastic example.

This item didn’t change the course of history, but it belonged to someone who did—Emperor Napoleon I of France. Consequently, it’s a unique artifact closely related to a significant historical figure.

Such an irreplaceable item is bound to sell for incredible prices. Unlike modern-day store-bought wallets, Napoleon’s old brown wallet will only become more valuable over time.

So, those hoping to make a wise investment might want to select a historically significant wallet!

Valuable Materials

Another aspect influencing wallet pricing is material.

Plenty of wallets are made of leather, a relatively valuable material. At least, it’s more valuable than cotton, wool, or paper.

But a select handful of wallets are made of much pricier materials like crocodile skin, gold, and silver. These rare materials make them naturally more expensive than wallets made of readily-available materials like aluminum or cotton.

Precious metals and exotic animal skins are also considered fashionable, making them in-demand materials, especially among the world’s most affluent buyers. In short, those hoping to acquire a stylish and pricey wallet may want to select one made of uncommon materials.

Film Memorabilia

Several of the costliest wallets of all time are pieces of film memorabilia. For example, the “Clarice Starling” and “Jules Winnfield” wallets (both priced at more than $15,000) are film props that featured in massive blockbusters—Silence of the Lambs and Pulp Fiction, respectively.

Because these films are considered modern classics, items related to them can sell for jaw-dropping prices. This includes the two wallets featured in this ranking!

Of course, a wallet doesn’t have to be historically significant, made of precious materials, or featured in a major film to fetch thousands of dollars. So long as a luxury brand makes it, it can sell for big bucks.

Brand Recognition

Lastly, there’s the issue of brand recognition.

If you visit your local department store, you’ll likely be able to find a slew of wallets for sale, most priced between $10 and $100. But if you shop for wallets at a high-end retail store, you’re far more likely to see options costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

That’s because luxury brands (like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana) can afford to charge higher-than-average prices for their products. These items are catered to upscale, wealthy buyers and are often incredibly exclusive.

Consequently, the brand of your chosen wallet can significantly impact its retail price and value. If you’re in the market for a top-notch option, you’ll want to focus on selecting a wallet from one of these luxury brands.

What’s the Most Expensive Wallet in the World?

The most expensive wallet in the world is the 2nd Earl of Yarmouth’s Wallet. This 17th-century wallet is a hand-embroidered masterpiece of craftsmanship. It features the coat of arms of the 1st Earl of Yarmouth on one side and a pastoral hunting scene on the other.

This wallet is a delicate artifact from a long-lived noble English family, and it sold for $56,868 at an auction in 2000. It would likely fetch a much higher price if placed up for auction today.

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