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Top 10 Most Expensive Backpacks Money Can Buy

Top 10 Most Expensive Backpacks Money Can Buy

Backpacks are essential items for students and hikers—but they’re also a convenient storage solution for everyday life! But while the average backpack costs about $40, some cost several thousands of dollars. But why are these bags so pricey, and what is the most expensive backpack that money can buy?

The most expensive backpack is the Louis Vuitton 2016 Spring/Summer Collection Christopher PM Crocodile Mat. This crocodile skin backpack initially cost $81,500, and it’s the most extravagant version of Louis Vuitton’s Christopher PM bag.

Let’s take a hard look at the world’s costliest designer backpacks to discover which are the most expensive. That way, you can choose a top-notch luxury-quality bag that suits your style and your budget!

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Backpacks Money Can Buy:

  1. Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Mat – $81,500
  2. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack – $22,432
  3. Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack PM Monogram – $17,600
  4. Hermès Flash Sailor Backpack – $9,150
  5. Berluti Horizon Mini Alligator Leather Backpack – $9,000
  6. Chanel 22 Backpack – $5,300
  7. Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Taurillon – $5,050
  8. Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato – $5,000
  9. Berluti Alessandro Leather Backpack – $4,500
  10. Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Monogram – $4,350
  11. Louis Vuitton Discovery Backpack GM – $4,200

10. Louis Vuitton Discovery Backpack GM – $4,200

photo source: Louis Vuitton

Nearly all Louis Vuitton products are expensive. That’s because this luxury brand has a reputation to uphold! For example, the most affordable Louis Vuitton backpacks cost about $2,200.

But the Discovery Backpack is slightly pricier, costing $4,200. Still, that additional $2,000 might be more than worth it, as this calfskin leather bag features superior durability, exceptional style, and plenty of storage space.

Besides, because the bag is made of black leather and fabric, it complements almost every outfit. The Discovery Backpack is a remnant of the 2018 Fall Pre-collection, so you may want to act fast if you’d like to own one!

Why It’s Expensive

Louis Vuitton products are handmade of some of the world’s finest materials. For example, the Discovery Backpack is calf and cowhide leather, stitched together by hand. The labor and material costs incurred while creating this bag are higher than average.

These above-average production costs are passed onto the consumer via higher product prices. But expert-level craftsmanship and high-quality leather aren’t the only factors influencing this bag’s hefty price tag.

The Louis Vuitton brand name also increases this backpack’s value, as the brand is internationally recognized as one of the most powerful and influential luxury designer brands.

9. Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Monogram – $4,350

photo source: Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack has become one of the most popular LV bags. Introduced as part of the Fall/Winter 2004/2005 Collection, this bag struck a chord with affluent buyers thanks to its spacious interior and convenient side pockets.

Since that time, the Christopher backpack has seen several unique iterations. The Christopher MM Monogram is one of the latest versions. It’s also one of the priciest.

Notably, this pack is one of the few Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpacks to feature monogrammed, reflective canvas. The mirror-like surface of this fabric is distinct and modern, making this backpack an ideal option for trendsetters.

Why It’s Expensive

This backpack is costly because it’s a Louis Vuitton product. As such, it’s a relatively rare (but in-demand) item. The mirror canvas fabric is a unique touch that also contributes to this pack’s price.

8. Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato – $5,000

photo source: Bottega Veneta

This decadent calfskin leather backpack features a suede interior, ensuring that every space is outfitted with high-quality materials. It also features a detachable exterior front pocket, an uncommon feature for a luxury-quality pack.

Made in Italy, the Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato is a stunning men’s backpack that exudes wealth and class. Still, you’ll need to be willing to invest $5,000 (not including taxes or shipping fees) to make this pack yours.

Why It’s Expensive

This backpack is an imported designer bag, a quality that naturally makes it pricier than domestic, everyday backpacks. But the Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato’s multi-thousand-dollar price tag probably results from the pack’s flawless calfskin material.

7. Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Taurillon – $5,050

photo source: Louis Vuitton

Neutral colors like white, gray, and black tend to pair well with almost any outfit. This Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack is a fine example, featuring gorgeous Taurillon cowhide with matching black hardware and leather straps.

In terms of design, this backpack is essentially identical to other LV Christopher Backpacks. The primary difference between this model and others is the subtle monogrammed Taurillon leather.

Why It’s Expensive

This handcrafted backpack is made of rare Taurillon cowhide leather that’s covered in the Louis Vuitton monogram. These two qualities (premium-quality material and branding) make this backpack one of the priciest options money can buy.

6. Chanel 22 Backpack – $5,300

photo source: Chanel

In addition to Cartier and Louis Vuitton, Chanel is one of the most internationally beloved luxury brands. So it’s no surprise that Chanel backpacks consistently rank as some of the most expensive on the planet!

The Chanel 22 Backpack is one of the few women’s packs to earn a spot on this list. It’s made of black, diamond-stitched calfskin leather and features gold-colored metal straps. While this backpack isn’t designed for optimal comfort, it is one of the most fashionable high-priced backpacks available.

One of the best touches is the clearly visible Chanel brand name sewn into the front exterior of the bag. This backpack makes an immediate impression.

Why It’s Expensive

The Chanel 22 Backpack is costlier than other backpacks because it’s part of the Chanel luxury brand. It’s also made of exceptional-quality calfskin leather. This material can last several generations when properly maintained, making this bag an excellent investment.

5. Berluti Horizon Mini Alligator Leather Backpack – $9,000

photo source: Berluti

The Berluti brand might not be as well-known as Louis Vuitton or Chanel, but it’s one of the oldest still-operating purveyors of high-quality leather goods. It produces some of the most exquisite and durable leather backpacks.

The best (and priciest) of these is the Horizon Mini Alligator Leather Backpack. As you might suspect, this backpack features genuine alligator skin. However, most of the body of this pack is made of exceptionally-crafted Vitello Fiore leather.

Though this bag has a drawstring closure, the alligator skin flap also features a discreet magnetic tab that keeps the bag closed while you’re on the move. Still, you’ll need to be willing to spend a massive $9,000 to own this backpack.

Why It’s Expensive

Any item made with alligator skin is bound to cost more than an item made with standard cowhide. For example, tanned cowhide costs about $7 per square foot, but alligator skin costs $200 or more per square foot!

So, this bag’s incredible price might be the result of its rare and expensive materials, particularly the alligator skin flap.

4. Hermès Flash Sailor Backpack – $9,150

photo source: Hermès

Hermès is a French luxury brand well-known for producing some of the world’s most expensive bags. But what you might not know is that this brand also creates some of the priciest backpacks!

The costliest of these packs is the Flash Sailor Backpack, a sleek, simple leather bag with a leather thong drawstring. Made of supple calfskin, this bag only gets softer and shinier over time, making it a long-term investment that only becomes more fashionable with time.

Additionally, this fashionable bag is small enough to qualify as a carry-on bag (for most airlines). So you might want to bring it along the next time you enjoy one of the world’s most expensive travel destinations.

Why It’s Expensive

Shoppers have to expect high prices from Hermès, especially when browsing the brand’s world-famous bags. As such, brand reputation is one of the most significant reasons behind the Flash Sailor Backpack’s $9,000+ price tag.

But the high-quality calfskin leather material also increases this backpack’s price. After all, this material is durable, can last a lifetime, and is elegant enough to pair well with any outfit or style.

3. Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack PM Monogram – $17,600

photo source: Louis Vuitton

As we’ve established, many of the most expensive Louis Vuitton backpacks are part of the Christopher line. But one of the priciest of these packs is the Christopher PM Monogram.

This brown-and-black backpack features a monogrammed canvas body, cowhide leather flaps, and premium leather shoulder straps. Thanks to its monogram pattern, it’s one of the most easily recognizable Louis Vuitton bags, making it an instant fashion statement and status symbol.

Why It’s Expensive

This Louis Vuitton backpack is costly due to its branding, high-quality materials, and relative scarcity. However, the presence of the Louis Vuitton monogram also adds to this pack’s value, as items with this symbol tend to function as status symbols.

2. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack – $22,432

photo source: Farfetch

Like Louis Vuitton, the Supreme brand is known for its high-priced items. So, when Supreme decided to collaborate with Louis Vuitton to create a unique backpack, the final product was fated to become one of the most expensive backpacks.

This 2017 collaboration project features the Supreme branding on the exterior front but has an interior label identifying it as a Louis Vuitton product. This luxurious backpack is incredibly practical, with a spacious interior and two side pockets.

Why It’s Expensive

There are a few reasons why this backpack costs about as much as a brand-new compact sedan. Firstly, it’s a collaboration between two popular luxury brands. As such, it was explicitly designed for the world’s wealthiest shoppers.

Secondly, the Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack is made of high-quality leather. This material isn’t cheap, making the starting price for this backpack comparatively high.

Finally, there’s the issue of scarcity. Supreme doesn’t tend to repeat its designs and products, nor does Louis Vuitton. Consequently, these brands produced only a few of these bags, making them a rare commodity.

But fans of these brands are more than happy to spend big bucks to own one of these backpacks. As a result, demand is high, but supply is low, resulting in an exceptionally high price. Still, this collaborative effort isn’t the most expensive backpack.

1. Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Mat – $81,500

photo source: Louis Vuitton

The most expensive backpack is the Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Mat. This backpack is priced at $81,500, making it pricier than many of the world’s most expensive birthstones!

This backpack is made of premium-quality crocodile skin, one of the priciest types of animal skins. Like other Louis Vuitton backpacks, bags, and purses, it’s hand-sewn.

Still, you might struggle to find and purchase this backpack. It was an exclusive 2016 Spring/Summer Collection release, so it’s no longer available from the online Louis Vuitton store, and it’s unlikely that many storefronts carry it.

But if you’re lucky, you might be able to find a preowned 2016 Christopher PM Crocodile Mat bag.

Why It’s Expensive

This backpack is expensive because it’s made of crocodile skin, is a Louis Vuitton product, and is extremely rare. Unfortunately, the Louis Vuitton craftspeople only made a few of these unique backpacks, and their season is long past.

So, if you’d like to own the world’s most expensive backpack, you’ll likely need to network with the brand’s top buyers. But, if you have Victoria Beckham’s phone number in your contacts list, you might have a great shot at finding this rare backpack.

Why Are Some Backpacks So Expensive?

The average department store backpack might only cost about $40. So why do some bags cost thousands of dollars?

Many of the world’s most expensive backpacks have several shared features or qualities. For example, the priciest backpacks are often:

  • Produced by luxury brands
  • Made of expensive materials
  • Released in limited quantities
  • Easily recognizable status symbols
  • Handmade by expert-level artisans

Luxury brands have to charge higher-than-average prices for their products. Otherwise, the average person would be able to afford those items, negatively impacting the brand’s reputation as a purveyor of luxury-quality products.

The handmade nature of designer backpacks also results in a higher overall price. After all, the talented artisans who produce these items work diligently for days or weeks to create a single bag. This hard work translates into a higher salary, resulting in higher product prices.

Supply is another aspect to consider when discussing the high price of luxury-grade designer backpacks. Many of the most expensive designer bags are exceptionally rare, keeping supply low. This limited availability prevents the bags from becoming commonplace items, increasing their value.

Finally, many of the priciest backpacks are practical status symbols. They fulfill a pragmatic purpose (storing your belongings) while letting those around you know that you’re an affluent and influential member of society.

For example, Louis Vuitton bags that feature the brand’s emblem are easily recognizable status symbols. So, if you walk around town sporting a Chanel, DIOR, Supreme, or Louis Vuitton bag, you’re bound to turn heads in the best possible way.

What Is the Most Expensive Backpack?

So, what is the most expensive backpack money can buy? That honor goes to the elusive $81,500 Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Mat, released as part of the 2016 Spring/Summer Collection.

This backpack was made of rare crocodile leather, differentiating it from top-quality leather backpacks. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find one now, as the limited supply quickly sold out.

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