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The 10 Most Expensive Couches in the World and Why

The 10 Most Expensive Couches in the World and Why

The first true couches were invented in the late 1600s, and these early sofas were often called setees. These refined furniture pieces were once relegated to the wealthiest households, but they became more affordable over time. The average sofa costs a few hundred dollars nowadays, but what is the most expensive couch?

The most expensive couch in the world is “D” by Ron Arad. This sofa is a stainless steel art piece with an amorphous design and zero cushions. It sold at auction in 2008 for $206,500. You can find the prototype for this couch in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

This guide will explore the priciest couches ever created and sold and the most expensive couches still available for sale. You can use this list to select a luxury-grade sofa that suits your preferences and opulent lifestyle.

Here Are the Top 10 Most Expensive Couches:

  1. D by Ron Arad – $206,500
  2. Diamond Sofa by PlumeBlanche Furniture – $187,000
  3. Peugeot Onyx Sofa by Pierre Gimbergues – $186,000
  4. Esmeralda Sofa by Colombostile – $120,000
  5. Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera – $84,400
  6. Edra Tatlin Diamond Sofa by Mario Cananzi & Roberto Semprini – $75,000
  7. DS-600 ‘Snake’ by De Sede – $42,800
  8. Versailles Sofa Limited Edition by Boca do Lobo – $40,600
  9. Zephyr Sofa by Maxime Boutillier – $32,700
  10. Kennedee Sectional Sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud – $21,000

10. Kennedee Sectional Sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud – $21,000

photo source: Poltrona Frau

Though the Kennedee Sectional Sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud might be on the low end of this list, that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. This white sofa couch is priced at about $21,000 and is almost as pricey as the average wedding!

But why is this French-designed sofa so expensive?

Why It’s Expensive

There are a few reasons why the Kennedee Section Sofa is so costly. Firstly, it’s made of high-quality white leather, one of the priciest materials in the world. It also features a unique support structure.

Unlike the standard sofas, which either have edges that sit flat on the floor or tiny legs to support the structure, this sofa has multiple foot-like hoists that keep it off the floor.

This sofa’s long, curved design also adds to its overall value. After all, this high-end couch can seat between six and eight adults comfortably while also fitting curved rooms neatly or adding depth to living spaces.

9. Zephyr Sofa by Maxime Boutillier – $32,700

photo source: Chairish

The Zephyr Sofa by Maxime Boutillier is so-called due to its fluid seating design.

The back panel of this couch has a wave-like structure that’s uniquely reflected in the design of the bottom cushions and base. The cream-colored French velvet upholstery is neutral and skin-soft.

The Zephyr Sofa exudes a somewhat vintage appearance that could complement mid-century or vintage decor like a glove. Still, this couch will probably cost you more than $30,000.

Why It’s Expensive

This French sofa by Maximie Boutillier is upholstered in velvet, features a unique and attractive design, and is handmade. The neutral colors and contemporary design can meld into so many different types of decors.

Additionally, only a limited number of these couches are available, making the supply somewhat limited. Essentially, this gorgeous couch likely won’t be available for much longer!

Besides, this groovy couch isn’t quite as costly as the Versailles Sofa Limited Edition.

8. Versailles Sofa Limited Edition by Boca do Lobo – $40,600

photo source: LEDMODERN

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to lounge on blue velvet as a member of French royalty, you might want to take a closer look at this couch.

Though it’ll cost you $40,000+, you’ll receive a couch with a well-decorated backing that features classical busts and designs. You’ll also enjoy deep blue velvet cushions that fit together neatly to produce an undeniably royal appearance.

This couch pairs well with marble floors, neutral colors, and gold decor.

Why It’s Expensive

This sofa’s top-notch quality is why it’s pricier than most sofas. For example, it features a solid wooden frame covered in hand-crafted resin replicas of Roman designs.

The cushions are made of multiple types of deep blue velvet, keeping you supported while also reducing wear and tear on your clothing or chafing your skin.

It’s an ideal couch for anyone hoping to live life like an ancient Roman emperor while also enjoying all the luxuries of today.

7. DS-600 ‘Snake’ by De Sede – $42,800

photo source: 1stDIBS

Lounging on this curvy couch might be just as comfortable as slumbering on the world’s most expensive mattresses. It’s covered in cognac-colored leather and is a purely unique vintage piece from the 1970s in Switzerland.

The only rub? You’ll need to pay more than $42,800, not including transport costs. You’ll also need at least 16ft of space, as this couch is more than 15ft long.

But there’s nothing quite like the real thing, so if you enjoy owning high-quality vintage furniture items, you might want to check out this sofa before it disappears.

Why It’s Expensive

Age and rarity can make almost anything expensive. But this sofa isn’t only vintage and relatively rare; it’s also massive!

Consequently, the primary reasons why this Swiss couch is so expensive are age, rarity, and size. However, it’s also worth noting that this sofa is in good condition, a factor that also increases the price.

6. Edra Tatlin Diamond Sofa by Mario Cananzi & Roberto Semprini – $75,000

photo source: Chaplins

The shell-shaped design of the Edra Tatlin Diamond Sofa is incredibly unique. This couch sits low to the floor, on multiple metal legs, but it’s artistic, inspirational, and entirely covered in Swarovski crystals.

It shimmers and shines beneath any light, inviting household members and guests to take a seat and sit back. But it also somewhat resembles a crystal ball, making it an attractive option for anyone hoping to host fun and affluent parties.

However, there aren’t many of these shimmering sofas available at any given time.

Why It’s Expensive

There are two reasons why this couch is so costly. Firstly, it features an attractive design that’s relatively unique. Secondly, it’s imbued with high-value Swarovski crystals.

These pieces are also somewhat scarce, making them even more expensive. But there are a few animal-shaped chairs and couches that are a bit pricer.

5. Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera – $84,400

photo source: My Modern Met

Have you ever wanted to own a chair that looks like your favorite animal? If so, you might fall in love with the Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera. Created throughout the 2010s, these couches and chairs have unmistakable animal designs, including an octopus, a rhino, a hippo, a frog, a whale, and more.

These pieces vary in price between £35,000 to £65,000, translating to about $45,500 to $84,400. Still, prices may increase over time due to the one-of-a-kind nature of these sofas and chairs.

Why It’s Expensive

These living room furniture pieces are expensive due to their unique designs and high-end origins. However, they’re also made of leather and result from high-quality, large-scale 3D printing.

Overall, these qualities contribute to the comparatively high price tag associated with each Animal Chair Collection piece. If you’re looking to commission a piece of your choosing, you’ll need to contact the Maximo Riera Studio. You might also need to pay a much higher price, as commissioned work is almost always costlier than other types of art.

4. Esmeralda Sofa by Colombostile – $120,000

photo source: Las Tardes con Helena

The Esmeralda Sofa by Colombostile is best known as Michael Jackson’s red velvet sofa. This unique, commissioned sofa cost the Prince of Pop about $120,000, but it sold at auction for just over $70,000 after his death in 2009.

The Esmeralda Sofa may look like it belongs in a royal collection, but its opulent design makes sense when you consider the near-royal status of the artist to whom it once belonged.

Why It’s Expensive

This couch is pricey due to its high-priced materials and celebrity ownership. Not only is it made of decadent red velvet and 24-karat gold, but this sofa once belonged to infamous musician Michael Jackson.

Because this furniture piece belonged to one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century, its value is sure to increase over time.

Though it sold at auction for almost half its initial price, future buyers will likely spend much more to own a small piece of Jackson’s belongings. Still, this couch isn’t nearly as visually striking as some of the other high-cost couches includes in this list, including the Peugeot Onyx Sofa.

3. Peugeot Onyx Sofa by Pierre Gimbergues – $186,000

photo source: Luxurylaunches

As we’ve established, some of the world’s most expensive couches are sculptural art pieces. This is true of the Animal Collection and the Edra Tatlin Diamond Sofa, but it’s also true of the Peugeot Onyx Sofa, created by designer Pierre Gimbergues.

This sofa took over two months to create and features a distinct marriage between ancient practical design and sleek contemporary sensibilities. One sofa end is rough, with a natural aesthetic reminiscent of hand-carved stone age tools.

However, this rough-hewn edge slims down into a fluid, tapered middle that ends in a sharp, angled side that balances delicately on the floor. Overall, this couch draws the eye and adds a conversation-worthy presence to any room.

Why It’s Expensive

This 800lb designer sofa gets its incredible price from its labor-intensive production and one-of-a-kind style. Like many other designer sofas, the Peugeot Onyx is a desirable piece among the world’s most affluent and artistically-inclined individuals.

2. Diamond Sofa by PlumeBlanche Furniture – $187,000

photo source: Luxury Safes

Some of the world’s priciest sofas come from French designers. Just consider the Kennedee Sectional Sofa! Still, the Diamond Sofa by PlumeBlanche Furniture may be the priciest French-designed couches.

This cushioned loveseat is priced at more than $180,000 and features diamond-encrusted buttons and a neutral white-and-black upholstered surface. It complements almost every modern design, making it a natural choice for affluent individuals with refined tastes.

Still, you may need to compete against other buyers, as only about 50 of these couches hit the market.

Why It’s Expensive

It’s not challenging to understand why the Diamond Sofa by PlumeBlanche is so pricey. Its buttons contain half-carat diamonds!

Still, the precious materials used to make this couch aren’t the only reason this piece costs about the same as a small home. The relative scarcity of these couches (PlumeBlanche only created a few dozen) also increases the price per item.

Remember, when supply is low, but demand remains constant (or increases), prices will rise.

1. D by Ron Arad – $206,500

photo source: Christie’s

The most expensive couch in the world is “D” by Ron Arad. This chrome-like stainless steel sofa reflects the world around it, its amorphous shape distorting the shapes and colors cast onto it.

Like the world’s most expensive lounge (the Lockheed Lounge), this couch is just as much an art piece as a place to sit. In fact, due to its stainless steel construction and lack of upholstery, “D” isn’t the comfiest place to rest your legs.

However, it’s the priciest couch or sofa ever created and displayed.

You can check out the prototype now by visiting the New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The final version sold for $206,500 at an auction in 2008. Accounting for inflation, that would be about $275,000 today!

Why It’s Expensive

Though the “D” cough by Ron Arad might not be the fluffiest, softest, or most comfortable couch, it is a unique piece. The only couch somewhat like it is the prototype, now housed at the MoMA.

Still, this prototype isn’t likely to switch hands soon, and it’s not stainless steel like the final model. This makes the final version of the couch absolutely one-of-a-kind. Items that you can’t replicate, especially those created by artists, tend to command much higher prices than industrial-made items available in bulk.

Overall, the “D’ couch is the priciest option due to its rarity and artistic design. Like the costliest Supreme products, this couch is hard to find and aesthetically pleasing. These two factors naturally increase its value.

Notably, the original (and only) stainless steel “D” couch sold more than a decade ago, so it’s unlikely to enter the market until its original owner decides to part ways.

Still, if any of the slightly less expensive couches on this list have caught your eye, then there’s a good chance you can purchase one to elevate the look of your living room.

What Is the Most Expensive Couch?

The most expensive couch in the world is “D” by Ron Arad. It sold at auction for $206,500. However, the world’s priciest lounge, the Lockheed Lounge, sold for a whopping $3.7 million!

Still, these pricey living room furniture pieces aren’t the comfiest options. For example, “D” by Ron Arad doesn’t have upholstery or throw pillows. Still, it is an artistic sculpture that you can sit on, which is unique.

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