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The 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Squishmallows Ever Sold

The 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Squishmallows Ever Sold

Squishmallows, a new line of soft plush toys by Kellytoy, have sold more than 100 million plush toys since the brand’s 2017 start. They have been flying off shelves in stores, begging the questions, why are they suddenly so hard to find? And why are some rare Squishmallows so expensive on auction sites such as eBay and Mercari?

With more than 1,000 Squishmallows characters to collect, some of them are ultra-rare and expensive nowadays. Those rare Squishmallows would be the ones that are not in production anymore, produced with a limited quantity or never available for sale. We will go through the 10 rarest and most expensive Squishmallows ever sold on auction sites in this guide, and you might find some Squishmallow names you’ve never heard before.

10. Stacy the Squid

Year: 2019

Squad: Adventure, Valentine

Size: 3.5”, 5”, 7.5”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 24”

List Price: $100-$450

Selling Price: $100-$400

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $380

photo source: Squishmallows Wiki

Stacy the Squid is a blue Squishmallow with a triangular head. She belongs to both Adventure and Valentine squads. According to her character bio, she is a shy squid who enjoys staying at home by herself or with her friends. She tends to get nervous when she is facing big groups of Squishmallows.

Stacy the Squid is a very sought-out Squishmallow and frequently sells for $100-$300 on auction sites like eBay. The Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Stacy with a purple heart and “XOXO” on her white belly often sold for more than $300.

The 24-inch version of Stacy the Squid is exclusive to Canada only and it’s tough to find one available for sale online. So far, there was only one 24-inch Stacy in the used condition sold for $356.69 on eBay.


9. Avery the Mallard

Year: 2019

Squad: Adventure, Farm

Size: 2”, 3.5”, 7”, 8”, 12”, 16”

List Price: $150-$499

Selling Price: $120-$400

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $390

photo source: Squishmallows Wiki

Avery the Mallard is a green and brown duck Squishmallow with fluffy wings and a tan-colored belly. He belongs to both Adventure and Farm squads, Squishmallows official also assigned him to the classic squad.

According to Avery’s character bio, he is a skilled left wingman for the Squishmallows rugby team and he is trying to be a coach!

Avery is not a limited edition Squishmallow, but technically speaking, he is rare because people bought them out so quickly so Avery Squishmallows became hard to find. Sometimes even a used Avery can be sold for more than $400 on eBay, but given there are a reasonable amount of Avery Squishmallows up for auctions, you might still be able to get a brand new one with tags for less than $400.

8. Brina the Bigfoot

Year: 2020

Squad: Fantasy

Size: 3.5”, 5”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”

List Price: $200-550$ (for 5”)

Selling Price: $150-$520 (for 5”)

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $500 (for 5”)

photo source: Squishmallows Wiki

Brina’s favorite sport is snowboarding according to her character bio. Brina looks like a creature living in cold weather because she has fuzzy ears to keep her warm.

Brina the Bigfoot has two different variations according to Squishmallows’ official website:

  1. Pink Bigfoot With Fuzzy Ears
  2. Pink Big Foot

Pink Big Foot, the variation without fuzzy ears is still available for sale on the official website. But the Fuzzy Ears variation is discontinued and became very popular on auction sites because many people love her fluffy look. The 5-inch Brina with Fuzzy Ears is really rare because it’s exclusive to Australia only.


Most of the 5-inch Brina Squishmallows sold on eBay were from Australian resellers for more than $400. There was a used 5-inch Brina sold on eBay after 29 bids for $472.24. Many people are begging for a 5-inch Brina online, if you are looking for a brand new one with tags, be prepared to pay around $500 to win the auction.

7. Philippe the Frog

Year: 2019

Squad: Valentine

Size: 2”, 8”, 16”

List Price: $200-$999

Selling Price: $200-$450

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $550

photo source: Squishmallows Wiki

Philippe is a green frog Squishmallow that belongs to the Valentine Squad. He has a white belly with two bulging eyes sitting on top of his head and a pale pink heart on each side of his cheek.

Philippe is a sought-out Squishmallow that is popular on many auction sites. Philippe is rare because he was a limited edition promo Squishmallow for the holiday. He can fetch more than $500 if the condition is brand new with tags.

Philippe the Frog looks very similar to Wendy the Frog, the main differences are Wendy doesn’t have heart cheeks and some Wendy Squishmallows have flowers on her belly. Wendy the Frog is often priced much cheaper in online auctions. So when you are bidding for a Philippe Squishmallow online, make sure it’s not a Wendy.

A member of the Squishmallows Reddit community shared a story about he was so close to getting Philippe for the price of Wendy because the reseller on eBay got confused between Phillippe and Wendy.

6. Marina the Cow

Year: 2019

Squad: Hug Mees

Size: 11”

List Price: $590-$700

Selling Price: $395-$600

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $700

photo source: Reddit

Marina the Cow is a black and white Squishmallow that is only available as a Hug Mee. Marina is a Sugar Loaf exclusive Squishmallow, which means you can only win it from a Sugar Loaf claw machine and it’s incredibly hard to get one.

Marina is the rarest Squishmallow out of all Hug Mees released to the market, so far there has been only one sold on eBay in brand new condition with tags. Even the used one can be sold for $599.99 on eBay, if you are planning to get a brand-new Marina with tags, be prepared to pay $700 out of pocket to win the auction.

Marina the Cow has two variations available (with or without two flowers on her belly). According to her character bio, Marina is an adorable cow who loves the pink color and spending time with her cousin Connor.

The fun fact is that Marina the Cow looks exactly like Cliff the Cow. A Redditor in the Squishmallows Reddit community was asking about the differences between Marina and Cliff, members in the group mostly believe the only difference is Marina is probably a bit smaller than Cliff. By comparing the tags on Marina and Cliff, the only other difference is that the front of Cliff’s tag shows “Easter Plush” but Marina has a standard Hug Mees tag showing “Hug Mees” on the front of the tag.

5. Heather the Dragonfly

Year: 2020

Squad: Uncategorized

Size: 5”, 7.5”, 11”, 12”, 16”

List Price: $200-$1,000 (for 16”)

Selling Price: $175-$915 (for 16”)

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $800 (for 16”)

photo source: Squishmallows Wiki

Heather is a teal dragonfly Squishmallow with rainbow wings and a purple belly. According to her character bio, she can always find a way to overcome any problems and stay positive when facing obstacles.

Heather has a unique appearance with four holographic rainbow wings with blue stripes and her antennae are sparkly and light purple in color.


Generally speaking, Heather the Dragonfly is not a rare Squishmallow that often sells for a high price tag. But the 16-inch Heather is very rare and exclusive to Canada only, it remains unknown how many 16-inch Heather Squishmallows were made. The 16-inch Heather is hard to find on auction sites so we don’t have a lot of data to fully understand the exact list price range for this Squishmallow. There was a 16-inch Heather sold for $915 on eBay in brand new with tags condition, which proves its value in terms of rarity.

4. Santino the Platypus

Year: 2020

Squad: Down Under

Size: 2”, 12”

List Price: $600-$1,450

Selling Price: $400-$1,425

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $950

photo source: Squishmallows Wiki

Santino the Platypus is a brown Squishmallow with a white belly. Santino is not a limited edition Squishmallow but it’s relatively rare and expensive. According to Santino’s character bio, his dad taught him how to make pancakes and he loves making the best blueberry pancakes for his friend. He also wants to become a goalie someday, that’s why he is playing soccer when he is not making pancakes.

Santino the Platypus belongs to the Down Under squad based on Australian and New Zealand’s iconic animals. Besides the Kellytoy edition Santino, an alternate Squishville edition is available with an updated wooly texture.

Santino is one of the popular Squishmallows on many auction sites like eBay and it’s not uncommon to see Santino lists for $600-$1,450. But with more and more Santino Squishmallows up for auction on sites like Mercari, and most of them in a brand-new condition sold for around $900-$1,000. We estimated the value for Santino is $950. Although the selling price is not as high as before with the increasing supply, $950 is still a lot of money you are paying for a plush toy.

3. Jack the Black Cat

Year: 2020

Squad: Select Series

Size: 12”, 16”

List Price: $700-$2,500

Selling Price: $600-$1,800

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $1,500

photo source: Squishmallows Wiki

Jack the Black Cat (Series 1) is the 500th character and first Selected Series Squishmallow. Jack is a 16-inch black cat that is limited to just 500 pieces. Jack Squishmallow was first to be sold exclusively on the Squishmallows official website on Sep 1, 2020, and it was sold out in less than two hours.

The net proceeds on Squishmallows’ official website were donated to Compton Jr. Equestrians Charity, which was well-aligned with the character bio of Jack the Black Cat: “Jack loves giving back and thinks we should always lend a helping hand.”

You might still find Jack the Black Cat available for sale on auction sites like eBay or Mercari, the selling prices can vary between $600 and $1,800 depending on the condition of the Squishmallow.

However, given rarer Squishmallows like JSK Business Cat has become available in the market and Squishmallows official has also announced a presale on Nov 1, 2020 for Jack Series 2 with 1,000 12-inch Jack the Black Cat plushies available for purchase.

Both factors impact Jack’s rarity and consequently value too. Hence the estimated value has dropped from the previous $2,000 to $1,500. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to find a Jack Squishmallow that was sold for more than $1,500 these days.

2. JSK Business Cat

Year: 2021

Squad: Founder’s Edition

Size: 12”

List Price: More than $850

Selling Price: Around $2,000

Estimated Value (New with Tags): $2,500

photo source: Twitter

The rarity tier of JSK Business Cat is classified as Founder’s Edition, which refers to the rarest tier on the official Squishmallows Rarity Scale. Only 250 JSK Business Cat plushies were ever made. Hunting for 1 out of 250 Founder Redemption Cards randomly distributed in Squishmallows trading card packs is the only way to redeem an exclusive JSK Business Cat.

The chances of getting a Founder Redemption Card in trading card packs are around 1 in 10,000, according to Squishmallows official. Hence JSK Business Cat officially beat Jack the Blank Cat in terms of rarity. The very limited availability of JSK Business Cat has pushed the selling price even higher than $2,000.

The very first JSK Business Cat Squishmallow sold on eBay

Around two months after Squishmallows official started to ship JSK Business Cat plushies to the winners, the very first JSK Business Cat that became available for online auction sold for $2,010 after 16 bids on eBay. The bidding was truly competitive and aggressive. The seller also promised to ship this Squishmallow in the original box and packaging.

Given the very first JSK Business Cat listed in an online auction has already sold for over $2,000 on eBay, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a higher bid price of around $2,500 in the near future due to its rarity and popularity.

According to the character bio tag, this JSK Business Cat is always on the hunt for innovation, quality and lattes. When he’s not growing his business or networking, you’ll find him working out at the gym or playing tennis.

JSK Business Cat also comes with a special Founder’s Edition 2021 tag congratulating the owner with a message on the tag saying: “Congratulations, you are one of the lucky few who have won 1 of the very limited 250 Founder’s Edition JSK Squishmallows produced!”. It’s such a privilege to have a JSK Business Cat in your Squishmallow collection.

1. 24-inch Golden Hans

Year: 2021

Squad: Select Series

Size: 24”

List Price: N/A (never listed on the secondary market)

Selling Price: Around $15,000

Estimated Value (New with Tags): Up to $15,000

24-inch Golden Hans (photo source: Reddit)

The rarest Squishmallow ever created is the 24-inch Golden Hans Squishmallow; only 30 units were produced by Jazwares and these were not for sale. You may only get your hands on them by winning the #GetGoldenHans video contest as part of the celebration held by Squishmallow to commemorate the milestone surpassing 100 million Squishmallows sold in Oct 2021.

Special Golden Ticket with Redeemable Code for the 24-inch Golden Hans

One of the 24-inch Golden Hans Squishmallows that has been identified as the 100 millionth Squishmallow was up for auction on eBay. This 24-inch, one-of-a-kind Squishmallow with an embroidered “100 Millionth” Seal was signed by Kellytoy’s Co-President, Jonathan Kelly. This ultra-rare Squishmallow was sold at auction for around $15,000 and all proceeds were donated to Art in Action. The link to the auction was available on the official Squishmallows website.

Screenshot taken when the Golden Hans auction was already at almost $15,000 (photo source: Reddit)

Similar to the 16-inch Golden Hans, the 24-inch Golden Hans is the classic Squishmallows hedgehog but entirely metallic gold, dons a bow-tie and celebratory top hat. But don’t get confused between these two, the 24-inch Golden Hans Squishmallows are 100 times rarer than the 16-inch ones in terms of numbers produced. 3,000 16-inch Golden Hans Squishmallows were made but the 24-inch version only produced 30. Rarity and exclusivity are the primary reasons why the 24-inch Golden Hans is much more expensive than the 16-inch version.

The Takeaway

Squishmallows have grown into an international phenomenon. They are super soft and huggable, each Squishmallow has its own name and character biography to make them unique. With their growing fandom, Squishmallows’ devoted fans have made these plush toys into a beloved lifestyle brand by sharing their mallows via social media. The collectability factor of Squishmallows also adds more fun for some fans to chase down hard-to-find characters.

For some Squishmallow collectors, hunting for limited edition or high-demand Squishmallows is a never-ending journey. A decent amount of time and effort is required to find and win the auctions for these ultra-rare mallows. But life is short and let’s enjoy the journey. If Squishmallows are something you truly love, don’t wait and regret that you didn’t bid at the auction.

Here’s a recap of the 10 rarest and most expensive Squishmallows ever sold:

  1. 24-inch Golden Hans
  2. JSK Business Cat
  3. Jack the Black Cat
  4. Santino the Platypus
  5. Heather the Dragonfly
  6. Marina the Cow
  7. Philippe the Frog
  8. Brina the Bigfoot
  9. Avery the Mallard
  10. Stacy the Squid