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Top 10 Reasons Why Hermès Birkin Bags Are So Expensive

Top 10 Reasons Why Hermès Birkin Bags Are So Expensive

Luxury bags and purses typically cost more than $1,000. But Hermès Birkin bags are some of the costliest bags in the world, with prices that often dwarf high-cost Louis Vuitton bags to shame. But why are Birkin bags so expensive?

Hermès Birkin bags are expensive because they’re exclusive status symbols made of high-quality luxury materials. The supply of Birkin bags is also extremely limited, with only a small selection of shoppers having access to brand-new models. As a result, most buyers can only invest in pre-owned bags.

This guide will explore the most significant reasons Birkin bags are so costly. You can use this information to develop a more refined appreciation for these high-priced accessories.

Here Are the Top 10 Reasons Hermès Birkin Bags Are So Expensive:

  1. They’re ridiculously exclusive
  2. Many of the world’s wealthiest people own Birkin bags
  3. Shoppers can’t buy multiple bags simultaneously
  4. New bags are almost impossible to buy
  5. Bag designs often change
  6. Supply is very limited
  7. Only the most skilled artisans make Birkin bags
  8. Each bag is handmade
  9. Birkin bags are made of high-quality materials
  10. These bags never spill

10. These Bags Never Spill

The origin story of the Hermès Birkin bag starts with a spill. An actress named Jane Birkin struggled with her purse (well, basket) during a flight, inspiring fellow passenger Jean-Louis Dumas (one of the heads of Hermès) to create a more secure bag.

So, Dumas came up with the Birkin bag, a luxurious handbag with plenty of pockets and interior compartments. He designed the bag to remain sealed and keep items safe, even if turned upside down or jostled about. This design feature is standard today.

Consequently, Birkin bags are some of the most secure handbags. Many of them even come with tiny padlocks! But their no-spill design isn’t the only reason why Hermès Birkin bags are so costly.

These accessories are made of some of the world’s priciest and rarest materials.

9. Birkin Bags Are Made of High-Quality Materials

photo source: Sotheby’s

Many of the world’s most expensive handbags and purses feature precious gemstones, metals, or animal skins. This is true of luxury brands like Gucci, and it’s also true of Hermès Birkin bags.

The Hermès Diamond Birkin is an excellent example. Its exterior is covered in sparkling diamonds. One of the priciest versions of this bag is made of alligator skin and gold!

But there are also Birkin bags made of lizard skin and tanned cow leather, with gold or palladium components. These rich materials make these bags far more valuable than standard cloth fabrics and stainless steel bags.

Animal skins are also more challenging to work with than cotton, nylon, or polyester. Skins are typically thicker, rougher, and more textured than fabric. Sewing this material into a stylish and perfectly angular handbag requires skill and time.

That’s why all Hermès Birkin bags are handmade, painstakingly sewn together by high-quality craftspeople with years of training. But handmade items almost always cost more than machine-made products.

8. Each Bag Is Handmade

Hermès only hires the most talented craftspeople to create their Birkin bags. These hard-working individuals pore over fabrics and designs, checking seams constantly while ensuring that each component is perfectly placed.

The brand’s strict quality standards ensure that each bag is designed and put together flawlessly. But though the handmade nature of these bags increases their overall quality, it also affects their prices.

After all, when you’re working with master craftspeople, you’re also incurring higher costs. The most experienced artisans typically charge more for their work than beginner-level designers and crafters.

7. Only the Most Skilled Artisans Make Birkin Bags

Labor costs are influential when it comes to pricing. Items that incur higher labor costs are almost always more expensive than those with low labor costs.

This principle is why mass-made machine-manufactured products are often more affordable than handcrafted items created in small batches. And Hermès Birkin bags are handmade by well-trained artisans, which is one of the many reasons they’re so expensive.

It supposedly takes about two days of sustained effort to create a single Birkin bag. This might not seem like a ton of time, but it’s worth noting that Hermès only employs between 150 and 300 artisans at any given time.

Furthermore, many of these craftspeople spend years training for full-time positions. The cost to train and employ all of these top-notch creators factors into the price of every item, including Birkin bags.

If these bags were machine-made, they’d likely be far less expensive, but they’d probably be far less well-made. Remember, Hermès craftspeople dedicate their full attention to every bag they work on.

They may produce fewer bags than machines, but this limited supply works in the Birkin bag’s favor.

6. Supply Is Very Limited


Restricting supply is a brilliant (and often-practiced) way to increase the price of an item. Firstly, limiting the supply of a high-quality item can increase demand, especially among top spenders.

When these wealthy individuals compete against one another for the opportunity to own a luxurious item (like a Birkin bag), the object’s value increases significantly.

Hermès chooses the shoppers who get to buy brand-new Birkin bags each year, and it also controls the number of bags each buyer can purchase. For example, Hermès only produces one or two Diamond Birkin bags every year, making them an incredibly scarce (and expensive) item.

This carefully constructed scarcity also allows these bags to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the resell market. Many buyers are willing to spend jaw-dropping amounts of money to acquire the precise bag they’ve been looking for.

5. Bag Designs Often Change

Many of the world’s top luxury brands list items online, and they have several of each item available. This option allows consumers to purchase their favorite designs for specific products, including handbags.

But purchasing your favorite Hermès Birkin bag can be incredibly challenging. The brand only releases a handful of bags each year, and designs constantly change.

So, if you see a design you like, you might only have the chance to buy that specific model by shopping the resell market. Unfortunately, it can take months or years for some items to come up for resale.

You might be tempted to act quickly when new bags are available, but it’s also worth noting that Hermès restricts access to their Birkin bags. As such, new bags are incredibly challenging to buy.

4. New Bags Are Almost Impossible to Buy

photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Buying a new Hermès Birkin bag isn’t as simple as visiting a website or Hermès store and selecting your favorite design. Hermès sells a limited number of these bags each year and doesn’t list them online.

The only way to get a brand-new Birkin bag is to contact Hermès and request an invitation to purchase one. Still, the brand typically offers purchase invitations to the world’s most famous fashion designers, celebrities, and affluent individuals.

Fortunately, those with the funds to purchase one of these practical status symbols can buy a like-new bag via one of the many online resell markets. But it’s not the same as buying new.

If you’re serious about owning a one-of-a-kind Hermès Birkin bag, you’ll need to wait for an invite. It’s also crucial to note that you probably won’t be able to buy several of these bags at one time.

3. Shoppers Can’t Buy Multiple Bags Simultaneously

If you’re fortunate enough to receive an invite to purchase a brand-new Hermès Birkin bag, you’ll likely only get to choose one to take home with you. That’s because Hermès limits how many bags you can buy during each calendar year. This practice is similar to how the Supreme brand maintains item prices.

By limiting the number of specific items shoppers can purchase each year, Hermès can control the quantity of Birkin bags that potentially enter the resell market each year. This practice ensures that the supply of Birkin bags remains low, keeping prices high.

It’s also challenging to acquire an invitation to purchase a brand-new bag, so the average upper-middle-income individual might still need to shop the resell market to own a Hermès Birkin bag.

The primary exception to this unwritten rule is if you’re a well-known influencer, celebrity, or fashion icon. If you fall into one of these categories, you’re more likely to get the chance to buy a new Birkin bag. You might also get to purchase several more than the average buyer.

2. Many of the World’s Wealthiest People Own Birkin Bags

Shopping restrictions aren’t the only things that make Hermès Birkin bags a relatively rare and attractive item. Many of the world’s top celebrities and fashion designers own these bags, making them one of the most stylish status symbols money can buy.

Victoria Beckham’s Birkin bag collection is one of the most extensive, with an estimated value of about $2 million. However, these bags are also a popular accessory for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and British royal family members like Pippa Middleton.

Becoming a favorite for the world’s most affluent individuals is a surefire way to increase brand awareness and value. Because these bags are beloved by many of the world’s most influential people, Hermès can charge uncommonly high prices to keep the brand exclusive.

Of course, the quality of each bag also contributes to its price. But the brand’s production and retail practices make it evident that they’re in no hurry to lower prices or release larger quantities of new Birkin bags.

1. They’re Ridiculously Exclusive

The primary reason Hermès Birkin bags are so expensive because they’re some of the most exclusive accessories on the planet. Getting your hands on one of these bags can be a lifelong challenge, especially if you’re not one of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Firstly, there’s the price barrier. The most budget-friendly of these bags costs as much as a gently used car or a small pre-made home. The priciest options can cost more than the most expensive brand-new Lexus!

If you can afford one of these bags, you’ll then need to either purchase a pre-owned model or receive a purchase invite from a Hermès sales associate. The second event is highly unlikely unless you’re a well-known fashion designer or top shopper.

Once you’ve received your invite, you’ll need to choose from a small selection that may or may not include the bag you’d like to own. These factors combine to make Hermès Birkin bags some of the most exclusive items.

Items that are highly desirable (but challenging to acquire) tend to be incredibly expensive, and these handbags are no exception.

How Much Does a Hermès Birkin Bag Cost?

A Hermès Birkin Bag can cost as little as $10,000 or as much as $500,000. As a result, the most expensive Birkin bags cost as much (or more) as the average home in the United States!

The priciest Hermès Birkin bag is the Himalaya Birkin made of albino crocodile skin. The most affordable options tend to be the Birkin Bleu Jean Clemence and Rubis Togo bags. But prices for these models may increase over time.

Due to their rarity and luxury quality, each bag is an investment that’s likely to appreciate with time. The only exception would be bags that see heavy use, which may resell for less due to their condition.

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive?

So, why are Birkin bags so expensive? The primary reason is that these bags are some of the most exclusive accessories in the world. To own a brand-new Hermès Birkin bag, you’ll need to be a celebrity or a dedicated shopper.

Several of the wealthiest individuals own Hermès Birkin bags, boosting their value. However, many of these bags are made with precious or rare materials, including gold and alligator skin. These components naturally make Hermès Birkin bags even more expensive.

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